Burningman Minnesota Decompression (Fire circle) 2004

Oct 23, 2004
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In the second photo above are:
Jennifer, Eddy "Freedom", Mary Jane, Steve "Zulegoona", Christi, Gary,
as seen left to right. Bryan was behind the camera.

At the Minneapolis & St.Paul (Twin Cities) decompression 2004 gathering, also known as the "Fire Circle" event, we met up at Mounds Park, St.Paul, MN. The temperature was 43° so felt much like the nighttime temperatures on the Playa.
With drumbeating, an occarina played, and everyone had a good evening. We ate some chips, playa dusty tootsie pops, drank sodas and something a little stronger. We shared some gifts, and we even had some playa dust in a jar to experience/remember, as well as recounting our stories of this year, and years past. We got to play Horsehoe too.

By 11pm the fire had burned down to a few smoldering embers, and the local police stopped by to make sure everything was ok (and time to go home).

Some people went to a local "Heaven & Hell" themed party afterwards.

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