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Generally useful shortcuts

A note on Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Ctrl + Alt + Del now brings up a 'lock this computer' dialog on Vista/7, so I suggest you learn this one. Another perk is that on a VM or a remote control app, this will open the remote (client) machine's task manager.

New Windows 7 tricks Note: Some of these tips work on Vista too

If all your apps disappear for no reason, DON'T PANIC. Move your mouse away from the bottom right corner. If this bugs you, right click the bottom right corner & turn off 'peek at desktop'

Right-click key

To the right of your space bar, there's a little 'right click' key. This thing is powerful on any PC. It's excellent for fixing typos in docs, renaming files, etc.

Command line utilities (Winkey+R):


Borderline 'actually useful'

Lost a window? Right click the taskbar, click 'cascade windows'.

That's not everything, but it should keep you busy for a while. =)