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Houses I lived in:
birth → 07/1978 23 Ravenswood Avenue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
It wasn't pink when I lived there.
Lived here when I went to St Barnabas and Skinners schools.
07/1978 → 11/1983 353 Dereham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Technically, I lived there only 07/1978 → 10/1980 while I attended Bowthorpe school, as 10/1980 → 06/1983 I was at the University of Kent, in Canterbury, Kent, England. Each year was in a different place:
• 10/1980 → 06/1981:Keynes College, University of Kent, Canterbury. CT2 7NP
In halls
• 10/1981 → 06/1982:Rochester Av (I think), Canterbury, Kent, England
In a room of an old lady's house
• 10/1982 → 06/1983:36 Canterbury Road, Herne Bay. CT6 5DJ
In the top room of a family's house (that I rarely saw, since I'd leave to get to classes at 9am, and get home about 11pm or later).
but this was only during the time the university was teaching, ie October to June, and I'd come home for Christmas (for about a month), Easter (a few weeks), and various weekends.
11/1983 → 05/1985 1 Periwinkle Lane, Hitchin, Herts, England
See the blue door - that's it
Again, I actually lived for a few months renting a room in Borehamwood. The sister of the owner was an actress, apparently in Superman I (as an office worker looking out a window as he jumps out for the first time), but she was crazy, and we once had the bomb squad around due to a phonecall she made.
08/1985 → 08/1986 45 Chester Place, New York, NY, USA
The lower left apartment, as you look at it
05/1987 → 03/1988 68 Mount Road, Chatham, Kent, England
However, it took 9 months of trying to buy a different place from a divorcing couple, so we lived with my brother John (at 75 Trafalgar St, Gillingham, Kent, England). Eventually we gave up for that house (on 1 Apr) and immediately found this place, and moved in within 6 weeks. It had a great converted loft.
04/1988 → 10/1994 33 Berkshire Road, Camberley, Surrey, England
An extension was added to the left (as viewed)
11/1994 → 10/1999 8589 W 144th St, Apple Valley, MN, USA
Got repainted (yellow/green) and reroofed (brown)
10/1999 → 10/2003 17726 Hollybrook Trail, Lakeville, MN, USA
Being built | Inside views
10/2003 → 09/2004 421 Van Buren Av N, apt #306, Hopkins, MN, USA
On the 3rd floor, right at the end of a corridor
09/2004 → 12/2005 14518 Karyl Dr, Minnetonka, MN, USA
I had to remove the pool to sell it
03/2006 → 03/2007 568 Sarah Pl, Hayward, CA, USA
Prior to moving in, Google put me up in a very nice apartment building in San Jose for 6 weeks.
This place was rented, very nice, anbut had to move out as my landlord needed to move back in.
03/2007 → 03/2008 2333 Fruitdale Av, San Jose, CA, USA (video)
The rent included the electricity and gas bills.
03/2008 → 08/2008 37073 Locust St, Newark, CA, USA
Moved in with Mona and her boys for a few months until we got our own place.
08/2008 → 08/2010 4942 Hyde Park Dr, Fremont, CA, USA
Rented, and owners were upstairs.
08/2010 → present 3263 Mackenzie Pl, Fremont, CA, USA

Interesting school photos:
Sky shot of Skinners in the 1960
RIP Room J in 1980
yet to make it onto my Skinners page.