St Barnabas School

Infant and Junior
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I attended St Barnabas primary School in Tunbridge Wells, between 1966 and 1973.

Teachers I remember are:

The school was associated with the church of the same name:

Inside of church
where I was a choirboy (for fun - no pay), but as other boys left I became the only choirboy, there were about 10 adults too, but I'd always do the soprano solos.
Practice was Tuesday and Fridays. Fridays were the best, since there would be a bag of chips (as in "steak fries") after practice. I remember a bag cost 2p, but it was the early-mid 1970's.
Singing in a this style of church, concrete pillars, etc, soprano is an amazing experience, even with a candle in front of my mouth you can sing a single note loud, for minutes with one breath, and make the whole church resonate!
Mass was on Sundays 10am and 11am, and sometimes 6pm.
I stayed with the choir until about 14 or 15. I always wanted to play the church organ! But never got the chance.

I left St.Barnabas, passing the 11+, and went to Skinners' school.

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