Bryan's Burningman 2002 experience

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My camp, and my (hire) car.

What I learned (unlike what I'm doing here) is to keep anything in the car, that you do not want to not get dusty, and to open the car doors and windows for as little as time as possible. Also if you value your cars interior, keep the doors and windows closed, and never get in the car - for any reason. Remember when you leave to have a good wash first, and put on those clean clothes you've kept just for the journey!

My tent is claimed to be a one (maybe two) man tent, but being only 6 feet long, my head touched one end, and my feet touched the other, not that I slept in it much, I mostly stayed out all night, because there was much to do, and so little time! But if I did make it back to camp to a a short nap, I'd wake up by about 8:30, as by then the sun was making the tent into an oven - a natural alarm clock!

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