Take with you:
→ Camera;
→ Music CD (or two, if car has CD mulitchanger);
→ MP3 player and Aux wire (if car has aux input);

New car checklist (any issues, take photos):
§   Walk around the vehicle several times and look at it from as many angles as possible. Take photos (you may find something later, and photos are proof it was there before).
§   Carefully look along the sides of the car, from front to rear and vice versa, looking for any mark or uneven surface. Take photos (you may find something later, and photos are proof it was there before).
§   Look for paint over-spray on door ledges or around the edges of the engine compartment that might indicate repairs.
§   Make sure the seams and door lines are straight.
§   Check the chassis number on car matches everywhere, including title and loan documentation;
§   Check exterior and engine compartment for operation and in proper condition:
→ Windows (no cracks);
→ Fluid levels:
    + washer;
    + engine oil;
    + coolant;
    + steering;
    + transmission;
    + brake;
→ Electrical wires for splits;
→ Battery (including health check by service staff);
→ No oil leaks;
→ Bumpers not loose, straight, no dents;
→ Muffler loose;
→ Tires (tread depth, wheel bolts, pressure) + spare;
→ Check trunk space to be neat and clean;
→ Carjack and socket (check it fits wheel bolts);
→ Brake wear;
§   Check inside for operation and in proper condition:
→ Doors (open, close, lock - try all keys, remotes, test alarm);
→ Check all the upholstery, which should be neat and clean;
→ All seatbelts;
→ Both front seats adjustments;
→ All demisting controls work;
→ Interior & Exterior mirrors (and adjustments);
→ Horn;
→ With a friend test:
    + Headlight (low and high);
    + Fog lights;
    + Tail lights;
    + Turn signals;
    + Hazard flashing (separately);
    + Stop lights;
    + Fuel door opener;
    + Trunk opener;
    + Rearview camera;
→ Steering adjustment;
→ Emergency/Parking Brake;
→ Manual: Each gear (with engine off) should be smooth;
→ Convertible operation;
→ Radio, CD (multi-changer), Tape, DVD, Aux-input, USB operation & all speakers;
→ Bluetooth connectivity;
→ Sound system: Volume, Left/Right, Front/Back, Tone controls;
→ Other features/controls/buttons
    (ask for description/assistance from sales staff, if necessary);
§   Start car (try all keys):
→ no warning lights;
→ check dials: RPM, voltmeters, oil pressure, or other dials;
→ listen to engine for bad noises while running;
→ no excessive noise or smoke from exhaust;
§   Test drive, check:
→ speedometer;
→ odometer incrementing;
→ other features (eg mpg);
→ all gears (including reverse);
→ no bad noises;
→ no rattles;
→ wipers & washers work;
→ check heater;
→ check A/C and fan (all speeds);
→ steering;
→ drives straight (when hands removed momentarily);
→ no wobbles;
→ brakes have no squeals;
→ test ABS (panic brake at 30mph);
→ check temperture gauge for overheating;
→ expected performance;
§   After drive:
→ check for any fluid leaks;
→ get service schedule;

Other resources:
+ Checklist from Consumer Reports
+ Checklist from CarWale
+ Advice from WikiHow

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