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Burningman 2005

Theme: "Psyche"

768x512 animation (2Mb)
Photos by Red Dawn Media
Click here for my Burningman trip photos 2005

The Icosadome - my shade structure
ThinkTank - my art-bike
• I signed up to be a ranger. I must print and read files on the ranger resources page

Checklist to take:

See camp placement:
sorted by name
sorted by location
Orgasmateria is part of Asylum village, at 8:30 on Esplanade

• Official Burningman maps
• Easier GIF image
• Location of Minneapolis burners
Official maps - click on 2005

• ECMWF 10 day as forecast on 2005-08-23
• Temps mild (60F-90F) until Sun(Aug28) then lows near 50F & highs might reach 100F
• little wind pre-opening, on Sun(Aug28) windy during daytime
• Cloudy only on Thu(Aug25) night & Fri(Aug26)
• No rain - at all

Planned journey:

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