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Opulent Temple of Venus2:00 and Esplanade
Cirque Berzerk2:00 and Amnesia
Friends & Family2:00 and Amnesia
SomaFM in your headAmnesia and 2:00
Sound of Mind2:00 and Bipolar
The Messiah Complex2:00 and Bipolar
Get Lost2:00 and Catharsis
Happycamp2:00 and Catharsis
Chamber of Questionable Actions2:00 and Delirium
Musee des Aster (BORG2)2:00 and Delirium
Spock Mountain Research Labs2:00 and Delirium
Crash Land InnDelirium and 2:00
Playa MacGyver2:00 and Ego
1 Tribe...no BridesEgo and 2:00
Hammock HangoutEgo and 2:00
Voodoo shooting galleryEgo and 2:00
Black Rock Cemetery2:00 and Fetish
The Trash Fence2:00 and Fetish
Technoasis2:00 and Gestalt
Trancendance2:00 and Hysteria

Playa Go RoundEsplanade and 2:30
Shady AsylumEsplanade and 2:30
such N suchEsplanade and 2:30
The Temple CrewEsplanade and 2:30
black rock lemonadeAmnesia and 2:30
Contact CampAmnesia and 2:30
Ganesh Hanky Camp by Wizards of IdAmnesia and 2:30
Inferno-CampAmnesia and 2:30
Lucid RevolutionAmnesia and 2:30
ROBOTRONIABipolar and 2:30

Big Craps for Little HandsEsplanade and 3:00
Club VerbotenEsplanade and 3:00
DREAM CAMPEsplanade and 3:00
Dream TreeEsplanade and 3:00
F-SPACE / Savaged RepublicEsplanade and 3:00
LiteBrite CampEsplanade and 3:00
Karma Police, Precinct 373:00 and Esplanade
P"05" (Pepperland)3:00 and Esplanade
Radio Free Burning Man3:00 and Esplanade
summer camp3:00 and Esplanade
Func Schway3:00 Plaza and 1:00
Panty Camp3:00 Plaza and 2:00
Borrachos Y Bicicletas3:00 Plaza and 2:30
Hokey Pokey Awakening3:00 Plaza and 4:00
ESPRESSO CAMP3:00 Plaza and 5:00
Ranger Outposts @ 3 o'clock3:00 Plaza and 5:30
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza and 6:30
Fusion Valley3:00 Plaza and 7:30
Kathanika3:00 Plaza and 8:30
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza and 10:00
Red Rubber Tattoo3:00 Plaza and 11:00
Bubble Bar3:00 Plaza and 11:30
APOKILIPTIKA3:00 and Amnesia
Camp Want It3:00 and Amnesia
Fish Observatory3:00 and Amnesia
Hotel Zombie3:00 and Amnesia
Reincarnation Location3:00 and Amnesia
12 Penguins DreamingAmnesia and 3:00
Camp Self ConsciousAmnesia and 3:00
Children of ChaosAmnesia and 3:00
MASH 4207Amnesia and 3:00
The FringeAmnesia and 3:00
Camp DreamWeaverBipolar and 3:00
Camp GallivantBipolar and 3:00
KAMP Go Fuck Yourself (KAMPGFY)Bipolar and 3:00
Primitive Technology CampBipolar and 3:00
RisaBipolar and 3:00
Fire Camp Station 33:00 and Catharsis
floating oasis3:00 and Catharsis
CRaCKCOoKiEs CampCatharsis and 3:00
Otter OasisCatharsis and 3:00
The House of Ill ReputeCatharsis and 3:00
Thermal Shock VillageCatharsis and 3:00
Campo Alegre3:00 and Delirium
Vertical Camp3:00 and Delirium
Big Fat Pussy CampDelirium and 3:00
Camp PeePotDelirium and 3:00
GREEN PENISDelirium and 3:00
Superego LoungeDelirium and 3:00

HookahdomeEsplanade and 3:30
The Playground formerly the GLOM
→ The Pickle Joint
Esplanade and 3:30
Vortex Casino - CarnEvil TerrorEsplanade and 3:30
Wild Animal Sanctuary SpaceEsplanade and 3:30
The Q3:30 and Amnesia
Camp Klepto3:30 and Amnesia
Camp StupidAmnesia and 3:30
dirtnap campAmnesia and 3:30
Thunkytown cause we thunk of firstAmnesia and 3:30
You Are That PigAmnesia and 3:30
ZaphodAmnesia and 3:30
Guns & Dope3:30 and Bipolar
Liminal Labs' Psycho PsydeshowBipolar and 3:30
Plato's CaveBipolar and 3:30
Tribal ThunderCatharsis and 3:30

Ascension TribeEsplanade and 4:00
Camp CarpEsplanade and 4:00
cirque de FlambeEsplanade and 4:00
Lawn Games CampEsplanade and 4:00
SurlyCamp4:00 and Amnesia
TreeDwellersAmnesia and 4:00
→ antronia city of boxen
→ Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro
→ DonutLove
→ Dreamtime Dew
→ Smite Camp (with Scurvy Monkey)
Catharsis and 4:00
Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel4:00 and Ego

Death Guild ThunderdomeEsplanade and 4:30
K-Svert 106.5 FM Performance StageEsplanade and 4:30
NAIR (Not Arson Island Resort)
→ Trashistan
Esplanade and 4:30
Space CowboysEsplanade and 4:30
The EnHightened Beings Of LeisureEsplanade and 4:30
Black Rock Roller Disco4:30 and Amnesia
Chain of Thought Video Experiment4:30 and Amnesia
False Profit, LLC4:30 and Amnesia
PARADOX LOUNGE 2005 [Satan Cakes]4:30 and Amnesia
Black Rock JCCAmnesia and 4:30
Cuddle Princess IslandAmnesia and 4:30
HippocampusAmnesia and 4:30
Wake 'n' Reik(i)Amnesia and 4:30
BRC Animal Control4:30 and Bipolar
Euphoria Playaground4:30 and Bipolar
Honi Soit Croquet Club4:30 and Bipolar
The Bouncy Bouncy Club4:30 and Bipolar
Crazy Canadian Cosmic CatsBipolar and 4:30
Cuddle PuddleBipolar and 4:30
Gypsy Witch CampBipolar and 4:30
Lazy Leprechan CampBipolar and 4:30
Love Puddle CampBipolar and 4:30
Radio Free ValhallaBipolar and 4:30
Velvet SoulmineBipolar and 4:30
Furtopia4:30 and Catharsis
→ Alice in Weirder land
→ Mutaytor HQ
→ No Drama Camp
→ Pinewood Derby Camp
→ Pleasure Kitten Army
→ synaptic casualites
4:30 and Catharsis
Paradox Lounge: Dream Awake4:30 and Catharsis
Sanctuary Village
→ Jyoti
→ Pewterman
→ Sorority Row
→ Tazii
4:30 and Catharsis
ChilloniaCatharsis and 4:30
Group WCatharsis and 4:30
Iron RoseCatharsis and 4:30
LiquorInTheFront,PolkaInTheRearCatharsis and 4:30
Catharsis and 4:30
Geisha House4:30 and Ego
Ka Pilina camp4:30 and Ego
Tikidom4:30 and Ego
Astral HeadwashEgo and 4:30
Big Puffy Yellow CampEgo and 4:30
Brand UR Ass, GhotiEgo and 4:30
NephologyEgo and 4:30
oasis of dreamsEgo and 4:30
Zerbo's Ego and 4:30
And then there's only LOVE4:30 and Fetish
Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet4:30 and Fetish
Dr. Carl's House of Head Shrinkin'4:30 and Fetish
White Dragon Noodle Bar4:30 and Fetish
AOXOMOXOAFetish and 4:30
Burning MugFetish and 4:30
Camp Ninja BurgerFetish and 4:30
Citrus CampFetish and 4:30
Confess!Fetish and 4:30
Crazy Dante's Used Soul EmporiumFetish and 4:30
Cypress LoungeFetish and 4:30
Damn Fucking Texans Texas EmbassyFetish and 4:30
goddess wish campFetish and 4:30
LapdanceFetish and 4:30
MST3KampFetish and 4:30
Nuk Fam Power Lounge CampFetish and 4:30
playfully yoursFetish and 4:30
PrometheatricsFetish and 4:30
TempleWhoreFetish and 4:30
The God BoxFetish and 4:30
The TittymanFetish and 4:30
Hair of the Dog Lounge4:30 and Gestalt
Pigmalions:ObsessiveBaconDisorder4:30 and Gestalt
The Golden Cafe4:30 and Gestalt
DALLAS-FT. WORTH & BEYONDGestalt and 4:30
Monkey Fellowship CenterGestalt and 4:30
Rainforest Refugee Camp RRCGestalt and 4:30
ShantytownGestalt and 4:30
TIMI Tribute CampGestalt and 4:30

Hanuman-villeEsplanade and 5:00
Mekka OutpostEsplanade and 5:00
Mindful Krew of the ManEsplanade and 5:00
The Lost Penguin Cafe'Esplanade and 5:00
TOTEM Massage CampEsplanade and 5:00
The Pink Flamingo Lounge5:00 and Amnesia
Ashram GalacticaAmnesia and 5:00
Alternative Energy Zone village
→ Sustainabilaville
→ The Red Tent
5:00 and Catharsis

Deep Heaven: Heart of the PsycheEsplanade and 5:30
Psyche's Wrinkled WardrobeEsplanade and 5:30
STORM PILOTS5:30 and Amnesia
SynesthesiaAmnesia and 5:30
Anonymous CampCatharsis and 5:30
Blyss Abyss: PsychoasisCatharsis and 5:30
Cafe VillageCatharsis and 5:30
Conscious CravingCatharsis and 5:30
Playatography/Storytelling CampCatharsis and 5:30
Therapeutic Mind ScanCatharsis and 5:30
ZenplicityCatharsis and 5:30
Kidsville5:30 and Ego
→ TaoSite
5:30 and Ego
BurningSkyEgo and 5:30

Center Camp CafeCenter Camp
German Wheel CampCenter Camp and 1:00
Sphericon Labor CampCenter Camp and 1:30
Black Rock City Post OfficeCenter Camp and 2:30
Burning TribeCenter Camp and 2:00
InnerWOW/Virtual PlayaCenter Camp and 3:30
pinholeCenter Camp and 3:45
The Third Inversion Jazz CafeCenter Camp and 3:15
Black Rock Rangers HQCenter Camp and 4:15
Lamplighter Chapel (aka Workspace)Center Camp and 4:00
Free Photography ZoneCenter Camp and 5:15
Recycle CampCenter Camp and 5:30
REMSACenter Camp and 5:00
Media MeccaCenter Camp and 6:45
Playa Info
Center Camp and 6:15
ARTERY HQCenter Camp and 7:00
Black Rock Arts FoundationCenter Camp and 7:45
Regional Information CenterCenter Camp and 7:15
ArcticaCenter Camp and 8:15
Heavenly FeetCenter Camp and 8:35
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp and 8:00
Pancake PlayhouseCenter Camp and 8:30
Spike's Vampire barCenter Camp and 9:30
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp and 10:00
FurGlooCenter Camp and 11:00
the necklace factoryCenter Camp and 11:30
Dream TheatreFeedback loop and Esplanade
Earth Guardian Western PavilionEsplanade and Feedback Loop
JAPANORAMAEsplanade and Feedback Loop
kosmic kabanaFeedback Loop and Esplanade
The Temple of the Quick FixEsplanade and Feedback Loop
Tuttie Fruitie CampEsplanade and Feedback Loop
Winking LotusEsplanade and Feedback Loop
AngoraphobiaFeedback Loop and Amnesia
N-gon's Playground of the MindFeedback loop and Amnesia
BioluminatiAmnesia and Feedback Loop
Black Rock BookmobileAmnesia and Feedback Loop
black rock city temp agencyFeedback Loop and Amnesia
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryFeedback Loop and Amnesia
Camp Narcissism Feedback Loop and Amnesia
Freudian SlipFeedback Loop and Amnesia
Greeters campFeedback Loop and Amnesia
I'm Ok, You're Ok Corral!Amnesia and Feedback Loop
Ordinary/Extraordinary Life StagesFeedback Loop and Amnesia
The Bubble LoungeFeedback Loop and Amnesia
451 bookmobileFeedback Loop and Bipolar
ContraptionistsBipolar and Feedback Loop
KabusFeedback Loop and Bipolar
Lamplighter VillageFeedback Loop and Bipolar
Me & MyselfFeedback Loop and Bipolar
Pyschic TaxiFeedback Loop and Bipolar
Spin til you Win / XanaduFeedback Loop and Bipolar
The G-SpotFeedback Loop and Bipolar
ARTery campFeedback Loop and Catharsis
Blue OasisFeedback Loop and Catharsis
Burningman Bus DepotFeedback Loop and Catharsis
Fire Conclave ConvergenceFeedback Loop and Catharsis
Bike Guild6:00 and Catharsis
Piss Clear alternative newspaper6:00 and Catharsis
Art Car Camp
→ Houston Art Car Camp
Catharsis and 6:00
Black Hole/Gate CampCatharsis and 6:00
Black Rock City Hardware ShoppeCatharsis and 6:00
Bunny Bunz Construction CampCatharsis and 6:00
DMVCatharsis and 6:00
HOT WHEELZ CAMPCatharsis and 6:00
Commissary6:00 and Ego
Burning Silicon Collective Camp
→ Electra FM
Ego and 6:00
Camparctica SateliteEgo and 6:00

Automatic SubconsciousEsplanade and 6:30
Brain Damaged Cockroach CampEsplanade and 6:30
House of Masks / Masqerade LoungeEsplanade and 6:30
Cheese Id CampAmnesia and 6:30
Pop ScienceAmniesia and 6:30
Cat Herder's Union, Local 451Catharsis and 6:30
BLD: Blue Light District
→ ThornyVille
Catharsis and 6:30
Black Rock University at DeNile6:30 and Ego
→ HeavenlyBody
Ego and 6:30
Third Person FallibleEgo and 6:30

Cyborgs & SamuraisEsplanade and 7:00
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade and 7:00
jubjub's plastic circusEsplanade and 7:00
OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)Esplanade and 7:00
Monkey Puzzle7:00 and Amnesia
FandangoCatharsis and 7:00
Salon SoleilEgo and 7:00
Action Figure Camp7:00 and Gestalt

Area 47
→ Alien Monkey Love Nest
→ Flight to Mars
→ Space Virgins Light Continuum
Esplanade and 7:30
Diva Boot CampEsplanade and 7:30
DUSTFISHEsplanade and 7:30
PangeaEsplanade and 7:30
BALL Camp7:30 and Amnesia
SGomonker's Lounge7:30 and Amnesia
Desires & InhibitionsAmnesia and 7:30
Energy Riders of Aromatherapy loveAmnesia and 7:30
FreedomCommunity Village - Inizio7:30 and Bipolar
Playa World Records7:30 and Bipolar
WOOmb7:30 and Bipolar
Bicycle Refreshment Unit (BRU)Bipolar and 7:30
Birds of PlayadiseBipolar and 7:30
Camp 101Bipolar and 7:30
Dilated PeoplesBipolar and 7:30
Gypsy NomadBipolar and 7:30
Pizza SmutBipolar and 7:30
Vogon Sake BarBipolar and 7:30
Avalon Synapse Station
→ AstroPups Psychedelicatessen
→ Camp Stella
→ Fairyland
→ Quixote's Cabaret Club and Bar
→ Temple of Poi
→ Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp
7:30 and Catharsis
BlackLight Aqurium - Dreamscape7:30 and Catharsis
Lustre7:30 and Catharsis
Stoke 'n' Poke's Game-a-Lot7:30 and Catharsis
The Oedible Complex7:30 and Catharsis
Camp WabiCatharsis and 7:30
Camp Withering TightsCatharsis and 7:30
cheeze & Lemonade Catharsis and 7:30
OracleCatharsis and 7:30
Punani Trim ParlorCatharsis and 7:30
Sloth CampCatharsis and 7:30
Camp I Am
→ Fast Furnishings
→ Oasis Dome
7:30 and Ego
Comfort & Joy7:30 and Ego
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers7:30 and Ego
Burning Men Present: Audrey's Brain Wash & SetEgo and 7:30
Burnstream CourtEgo and 7:30
Camp Jonestown & Creepy GuyEgo and 7:30
Chi Chi's PanocharamaEgo and 7:30
Genital Portrait StudioEgo and 7:30
Heavenly SGomonkEgo and 7:30
wdydwyd?Ego and 7:30
Shangri-La Village
→ PolyParadise
→ The Fire Station
7:30 and Fetish
Baggage CheckFetish and 7:30
Camp ArachnidFetish and 7:30
Camp FUCKFetish and 7:30
Camp SkullfuckFetish and 7:30
Snuggletown!Fetish and 7:30
The ProviderFetish and 7:30
VW Bus CampFetish and 7:30
Waking GroundsFetish and 7:30
DPW Rodeo7:30 and Gestalt
Funky City Hats7:30 and Gestalt
Burning BreadGestalt and 7:30
CoolTownGestalt and 7:30
JoycampGestalt and 7:30
NaughtyGestalt and 7:30
The EldersGestalt and 7:30

Astral VortexEsplanade and 8:00
→ Dragon's Den
Esplanade and 8:00
Kostume KultEsplanade and 8:00
Heaven's Ghetto8:00 and Amnesia
Camp Power ExchangeAmnesia and 8:00
Mind SublimeAmnesia and 8:00
Nancy'z Army of RedheadzAmnesia and 8:00
The BRANE VillageCatharsis and 8:00
NODEgo and 8:00

Asylum Village
→ Loose Monks
→ Lost Camp
→ Mindwarp
→ Moonlightenment
→ New Days Eve
→ Orgasmateria
→ Whiskey and Whores Saloon
Esplanade and 8:30
Image NodeEsplanade and 8:30
The Illumination VillageEsplanade and 8:30
Camp CactiAmnesia and 8:30
The Philadelphia ExperimentAmnesia and 8:30
Earth TribeAmnesia and 8:30
Liquid Latex Lounge8:30 and Bipolar
camp kabala Bipolar and 8:30
LAFers aka Burning FriendsBipolar and 8:30

Stay Puff9:00 and Esplanade
World Domination Headquarters9:00 and Esplanade
Camp Papillon (Camp Butterfly)Esplanade and 9:00
MOUSETRAP CAMPEsplanade and 9:00
→ Camp Orange
→ Johnny and the Playa Cruizers
→ Naughty Backwoods Ranch
Esplanade and 9:00
Pamper Camp9:00 Plaza and 1:00
Fig Leaf Playhouse II9:00 Plaza and 2:00
StarLush Lounge9:00 Plaza and 4:00
Camp Stimulation9:00 Plaza and 5:00
Ranger Outpost Double Shot (9 o'clock)9:00 Plaza and 5:30
Black Rock Body Art Guild9:00 Plaza and 7:00
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza and 8:00
Lake Lahontan Yacht Club9:00 Plaza and 8:30
Sloburn9:00 Plaza and 10:00
QUBE LITE9:00 Plaza and 11:00
Operation Camp9:00 Plaza and 11:30
Black Rock Beacon9:00 and Amnesia
Camp Amazon9:00 and Amnesia
Elation Station9:00 and Amnesia
Mohammeds Mini Martini & Erotica9:00 and Amnesia
The Faces of Burning Man9:00 and Amnesia
Twilight of the Gods9:00 and Amnesia
Bad Advice BearAmnesia and 9:00
People United for Nothing (P.U.N.)Amnesia and 9:00
SakenomaAmnesia and 9:00
The Theta StateAmnesia and 9:00
Black-Rock Animul Reasurch FarmBipolar and 9:00
DeMaTerialBipolar and 9:00
Hell's Poodles/The Produce AisleBipolar and 9:00
JiffyLube/Penetration VillageBipolar and 9:00
Emergency Svcs. Station 9 Camp
→ N7B ('Nevada-7-Burn')
9:00 and Catharsis
Funkee Monkey Camp9:00 and Catharsis
Akashic DepotCatharsis and 9:00
Double Shot Lo-ProsCatharsis and 9:00
PORN & EGGSCatharsis and 9:00
Spirit Dream Interpretation CafeCatharsis and 9:00
The Deep EndCatharsis and 9:00
Pandora's Secret Dream Lounge9:00 and Delirium
Pink Funk9:00 and Delirium
Alien Nathan's RoadhouseDelirium and 9:00
That Bloody CampDelirium and 9:00

GOOFERVILLEEsplanade and 9:30
Irrational Geographic Society
→ FoodLab
→ Kamp Krotus
Esplanade and 9:30
Snowflake Village
→ Bedlam
→ Camp Videogasm
→ Clevian Circularity
→ Film Corps Camp
→ Ubercarney's (un)Safety Town
Esplanade and 9:30
PlayaGroundAmnesia and 9:30
Mystical MisfitsAmnesia and 9:30
mythemeBipolar and 9:30

House of Lotus10:00 and Esplanade
El Circo10:00 and Amnesia
Nexus 10:00 and Amnesia
The MadnessAmnesia and 10:00
Apollo By Day Dionysus By Night10:00 and Bipolar
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 and Bipolar
Clan DestinoBipolar and 10:00
Camp Root10:00 and Catharsis
Melba Camp10:00 and Catharsis
ROOT SOCIETY10:00 and Delirium
The Bush10:00 and Delirium
Disco Head Fixers10:00 and Ego
Sol System::Solarium II10:00 and Ego
Hanging Giraffe10:00 and Fetish
Synapse Village10:00 and Fetish
Pink Pussycat Tribe10:00 and Gestalt
slipmat science10:00 and Hysteria

Box Office crew camp and meeting p
Box Office
ESD Comm Center
ESD Station 5
Greeters Station
LEAL Trailer - Duane
Port of Entry5:00 and Fence

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