Bicycles parts

Think tank:

 Frame & wheels
 Connection front
 Connection rear
 8 x 8' verticals
 8 x 4' horizontals
 Fishing line
 Blue material
 Nuts, bolts, screws
 Left brain
 Right brain
 Eyes & optic nerves
 Grey matter

Light system:

 2 x wheel blinkies
 4 x drivers
 Wire: 12v to drivers
 Wire: drivers to ELwire
 100W inverter
 Think lamp
 2 x clamp lamp
 5 x Flourscent bulbs
 Wire to lamps

Sound system:

 60W inverter
 110v 3 way
 MP3 player + PSU
 Wire to speakers
 headphone to RCA connector
 Big Amp/Bass
 2 x 1-2 speaker jack
 2 x big speakers
 2 x small speakers
 CPU speakers


 2 x 12v Battery
 Superfast charger
 Battery to cigarette lighter
 2 x Cigarette lighter splitter
 Ziplock bags
 Soldering Iron & Solder
 Wire cutters
 Insulating tape
 Electrical tester
 Duct tape
 Utility knife
 Drill & bits
 Sound suppressing box
 100' Extension cords
 Big hammer
 Rebar (natural gas) fitting
 Big wire cutters
 Step ladder
 long ladder

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