My camp:

 4 x 2' rebar
 Tent light
 Sleeping bag
 Air mattress
 Table & chairs
 Aluminium table
 2 x flip open table
 Stove & gas
 Pots & pans
 Cooking utensils
 Eating utensils
 Paper plates
 Garbage bags & ziplock bags
 Wet Wipes
 10-14gal water
 Water funnel
 Latern & batteries
 Flashlight & batteries
 Shaver & mirror
 Water sprayer
 Toothbrush & paste
 Bio' Toiletpaper
 Food (9 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 9 dinners)
 Deep Frier
 Spare oil
 Sharp knife
 Cutting board
 2 x loaves
 Squeezy jam

Shade structure

 20 x 10' PVC poles
 10 x 5' rebar
 plastic zip ties
 clothes lines
 roof tarp
 wall tarp
 wall plastic
 floor plastic
 2 x rope light
 hanging zodiac

Going around

 First Aid kit
 Camera & batteries
 15min Charger
 Notebook & pen
 People notes
 Gifts: tootsie pops
 Angel, chips & box
 Howler plastic tubes
 Kite (for Thursday afternoon)
 Weather forecast printout
 Iridium flare printout

Getting there and back

 Cell phone
 Wind chimes
 Fur (cold nights)

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