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Camp Name AddressSector

Opulent TempleEsplanade And 2:00Alpha
Acousma2:00 And BraveAlpha
Conexus Village
→ Conscious Craving
→ The Cathousian Transcendence
2:00 And BraveAlpha
Friends And Family2:00 And ChanceAlpha
FRIENDSHIP seven2:00 And DestinyAlpha
XEssential2:00 And DestinyAlpha
MaraudersDestiny And 2:00Alpha
Lhasa 20122:00 And EagerAlpha
Camp Fuck You Bitches2:00 And FateAlpha
Lemuria2:00 And FateAlpha
MoonBass - The Space Oasis2:00 And FateAlpha
Badolina2:00 And GuessAlpha

Devil Duck CampEsplanade And 2:30Alpha
Irrational Geographic Society
→ Chillonia
→ FoodLab
→ Word of Mouth BRC
Esplanade And 2:30Alpha
Playa Go RoundEsplanade And 2:30Alpha
Dragon TeahouseAnxious And 2:30Alpha
Vertical CampAnxious And 2:30Alpha

artspaceEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Camp KatrinaEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Camp SunscreenEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Das Grube (The Pit)3:00 And EsplanadeAlpha
HookahdomeEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Mad-Scientists-CollectiveEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Winking LotusEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Booty BarAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Burners' CourtAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Camp APOKILIPTIKA3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
CAMP KLEPTO3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
Club Verboten3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
Damn Fucking TexansAnxious And 3:00Berlin
deBOCCEryAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Eplaya Bar CampAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Ganesh in LimbostanAnxious And 3:00Alpha
InsexAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Ku De Ta3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
Radio Free Burning Man3:00 And AnxiousBerlin
Red Rubber TattooAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Robots Unite!3:00 And AnxiousBerlin
Signs of the TimesAnxious And 3:00Berlin
The future swings on & on & on....Anxious And 3:00Berlin
Borrachos Y Bicicletas3:00 Plaza And 9:30Berlin
Panty Camp3:00 Plaza And 11:30Berlin
Bubble Bar3:00 Plaza And 11:30Berlin
Cave of the Echo People3:00 Plaza And 1:00Berlin
Luna Sanctuary3:00 Plaza And 1:30Berlin
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza And 2:00Berlin
Hokey Pokey Destiny3:00 Plaza And 3:30Berlin
EspressoCamp3:00 Plaza And 5:00Berlin
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza And 6:00Berlin
Ranger Oupost Berlin3:00 Plaza And 6:00Berlin
Fusion Valley3:00 Plaza And 7:30Berlin
Kathanika3:00 Plaza And 8:30Tokyo
Bloop!Brave And 3:00Berlin
Energy RidersBrave And 3:00Berlin
M*A*S*H 4207thBrave And 3:00Berlin
Phoenix Projekt CampBrave And 3:00Berlin
The Bouncy Bouncy ClubBrave And 3:00Berlin
Camp Gallavant3:00 And ChanceBerlin
Camp UnofficialChance And 3:00Berlin
Camp Withering TightsChance And 3:00Berlin
Circus Maximus-Rome in DecayChance And 3:00Berlin
Fire Camp (Station 3)3:00 And ChanceBerlin
Moonshine TavernChance And 3:00Berlin
RisaChance And 3:00Berlin
Thermal Shock3:00 And ChanceBerlin
VesuviusChance And 3:00Berlin
ZuChance And 3:00Berlin
Blazin Raisin3:00 And DestinyBerlin
Campo Alegre3:00 And DestinyBerlin
CoolTownDestiny And 3:00Berlin
De Mentha CampDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Home Free DomeDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Honi Soit Croquet ClubDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Otter Oasis3:00 And DestinyBerlin
SurlyCamp3:00 And DestinyBerlin
Wishing StarDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Burntown3:00 And EagerBerlin
Freedomcommunity - Infinite INquir3:00 And EagerBerlin
Burnstream Court3:00 And FateBerlin
Camp OverkillFate And 3:00Berlin
Garden of SwedenFate And 3:00Berlin
Kamp KammaniwannalayaFate And 3:00Berlin
Nephology3:00 And FateBerlin
People United for Nothing (P.U.N.)3:00 And FateBerlin
VW Bus Camp3:00 And FateBerlin
WigTownFate And 3:00Berlin
Black Rock City Weddingmobile3:00 And GuessBerlin
First Church Of Blistering EvilGuess And 3:00Berlin
oooh!Guess And 3:00Berlin
Peccary StationGuess And 3:00Berlin
Smores N AmourGuess And 3:00Berlin

Dance Dance ImmolationEsplanade And 3:30Alpha
→ NucFam - the Nuclear Family
Esplanade And 3:30Wing
OutPost AutoSubEsplanade And 3:30Wing
TransmorphagonEsplanade And 3:30Alpha
BALL CampAnxious And 3:30Alpha
hope On A RopeAnxious And 3:30Alpha
Steam Bath ProjectAnxious And 3:30Wing
Two LanternsAnxious And 3:30Alpha
→ DonutLove
→ smitecamp
→ Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro
Chance And 3:30Beta
Wonderlounge3:30 And ChanceBeta
Camp Cock3:30 And EagerBeta
Goddess Wish CampEager And 3:30Beta
Shady Asylum3:30 And EagerBeta

C.O.L.D. CampEsplanade And 4:00Wing
Entheon VillageEsplanade And 4:00Wing
K-Svert 106.5 FM Performance StageEsplanade And 4:00Wing
The Illumination Village
→ Brain Freeze/ Got Stickers Camp
Esplanade And 4:00Wing
Pyronauts CampAnxious And 4:00Wing
→ Lahontan Korps
Chance And 4:00Beta

Ascension TribeEsplanade And 4:30Wing
Deep Heaven: Know hope, Know FearEsplanade And 4:30Wing
False Profit, LLCEsplanade And 4:30Wing
Temple of AtonementEsplanade And 4:30Wing
The Lost Penguin CafeEsplanade And 4:30Wing
Ultra Stunt Danger AcademyEsplanade And 4:30Wing
Black Rock Real Estate Corp.Anxious And 4:30Wing
BlunderlandAnxious And 4:30Wing
C'est la Camp4:30 And AnxiousWing
DeMaTerial Camp4:30 And AnxiousWing
Iron RoseAnxious And 4:30Beta
KAIROSAnxious And 4:30Beta
metaporch4:30 And AnxiousBeta
Planchette Camp4:30 And AnxiousWing
The Oracle at ErowidAnxious And 4:30Beta
The Pink Flamingo Lounge4:30 And AnxiousWing
You Are That Pig4:30 And AnxiousBeta
AeroNaught Interplayatary Airport4:30 And BraveBeta
Audrey's4:30 And BraveBeta
Barbarella BootcampBrave And 4:30Beta
Big Puffy YellowBrave And 4:30Beta
Paradox Lounge: Church of TechBrave And 4:30Beta
Sakénoma4:30 And BraveBeta
Serenity Giant Game Camp4:30 And BraveBeta
Sloth CampBrave And 4:30Beta
The Prisoner Camp 2006:The Village4:30 And BraveBeta
The Q4:30 And BraveBeta
Velvet Soulmine4:30 And BraveBeta
Astral Headwash4:30 And ChanceBeta
Black Rock City Animal Control4:30 And ChanceBeta
Black Rock JCCChance And 4:30Beta
Blue Light District
→ Spock Mountain Research Labs
4:30 And ChanceBeta
Camp ArachnidChance And 4:30Beta
DREAMTIME4:30 And ChanceBeta
GròóvilleChance And 4:30Beta
Punani Trim ParlorChance And 4:30Beta
The Lost Colony4:30 And ChanceBeta
Avalon Village
→ AstroPups: Year of the Atomic Dog
→ Camp Stella
→ Fairyland
→ Montage
→ Quixote's Cabaret Club And Bar
→ Uncharted Territories
→ Vietnamese Iceed Coffee Camp
4:30 And DestinyBeta
Contact CampDestiny And 4:30Beta
Funkee Monkey Camp4:30 And DestinyBeta
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers4:30 And DestinyBeta
→ Tazii
4:30 And DestinyBeta
Architects of the FutureEager And 4:30Beta
Brand-UR-Ass 'N MoreEager And 4:30Beta
Cameltoepia4:30 And EagerBeta
Camp CactiEager And 4:30Beta
Dusty LadyEager And 4:30Beta
Evolutionary Center4:30 And EagerBeta
God Box4:30 And EagerBeta
Yummy RUMInationsEager And 4:30Beta
Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet4:30 Plaza And 11:00Beta
Gypsy Nomads4:30 Plaza And 1:00Beta
AOXOMOXOA4:30 Plaza And 2:00Beta
Camp 9 From Outer Space4:30 Plaza And 3:30Beta
Fallout Shelter4:30 Plaza And 5:00Beta
Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats (C4)4:30 Plaza And 6:30Beta
Hair Of The Dog4:30 Plaza And 8:00Beta
fort wenty4:30 Plaza And 9:30Beta
Banana CampFate And 4:30Beta
Kamp Go Fuck YourselfFate And 4:30Beta
Tricycle AlleyFate And 4:30Beta
Army of _______(fill in the blank)4:30 And GuessBeta
Cosmic ElvesGuess And 4:30Beta
Primitive Technology CampGuess And 4:30Beta
Redwood City Burners (RWC Burners)Guess And 4:30Beta
SOULICIOUS & the HOPIUM DENGuess And 4:30Beta
Tramp, CampGuess And 4:30Beta

Death Guild/ThunderdomeEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Divination NationEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Shadow ChamberEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Space CowboysEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Zombie Dome / Cockroach TheatreEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Brassiere Reclamation CantinaAnxious And 5:00Wing
FandangoChance And 5:00Center Camp
Hippocampus5:00 And EagerCenter Camp
Airport - BRC Port of Entry
→ Black Rock Travel Agency
→ FlyByNyte
→ camp one
5:00 And FenceBeta

Camp CarpEsplanade And 5:30Wing
Mekka OasisEsplanade And 5:30Center Camp
A Path : AnodyneChance And 5:30Center Camp
Anonymous VillageChance And 5:30Center Camp
Flattery CampChance And 5:30Center Camp
→ Muses' Ark
Chance And 5:30Center Camp
Meet Me HereChance And 5:30Center Camp
Oracle at Black Rock5:30 And ChanceCenter Camp
Tahoe ClanChance And 5:30Center Camp
The Lost Boys5:30 And ChanceCenter Camp
Walk with peaceChance And 5:30Center Camp
IRONICAEager And 5:30Center Camp
Jungle JymEager And 5:30Center Camp
Teletubbies CampEager And 5:30Center Camp
The DumpEager And 5:30Center Camp
The Philadelphia ExperimentEager And 5:30Center Camp

Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp And 12:30Center Camp
The Playa Jazz CafeCenter Camp And 1:00Center Camp
Spike's Vampire barCenter Camp And 1:30Center Camp
Embassy For Extra-TerrestrialsCenter Camp And 2:15Center Camp
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryCenter Camp And 3:15Center Camp
Black Rock City Post OfficeCenter Camp And 3:30Center Camp
Lamplighter L. C. P. aka WorkspaceCenter Camp And 4:00Center Camp
Ranger HQCenter Camp And 4:30Center Camp
REMSA/ESD Station 6Center Camp And 5:00Center Camp
Free Photography ZoneCenter Camp And 5:15Center Camp
Recycle CampCenter Camp And 5:45Center Camp
Playa Info
→V-Spot: Volunteer Here
Center Camp And 6:15Center Camp
Media MeccaCenter Camp And 6:45Center Camp
ARTery HQCenter Camp And 7:00Center Camp
pinholeCenter Camp And 7:15Center Camp
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp And 7:45Center Camp
Burning Tribe's Dancing Dragon Center Camp And 8:15Center Camp
Picasso CampCenter Camp And 8:45Center Camp
True Mirror PalaceCenter Camp And 9:15Center Camp
Black Rock BookmobileCenter Camp And 10:00Center Camp
Fire Conclave ConvergenceCenter Camp And 11:00Center Camp
The Necklace FactoryCenter Camp And 11:45Center Camp
Black Rock Arts Museum
→ Tiny Tiny Camp (ref:BRAF)
→ NOC Nook
Wheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Black Rock Stacking CampWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Future PickleWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Regional Information CenterWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Earth Guardians, Our LNT Past to the FutureEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Further CampEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
H.A.T.S.-Heads are the shitEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
La Dolce VitaEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
AquaZoneWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Best Camp Ever. Ever.Wheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Billion Bunnies: Fur And Loafing iWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Black Rock Body Art GuildAnxious And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Bubble LoungeWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Greeters CampWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Pants Camp! - aka Society of PantsWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
SporositeAnxious And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
The Liver's EndAnxious And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
BioluminatiBrave And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Blue OasisWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Heavenly FeetWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Lamplighter VillageWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Strip JeopardyWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
StarLush LoungeWheel OF Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Lance Land/Black Rock ElectricWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
No Drama CampWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
PlayA Game CampWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
Psychic Taxi Wheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
Bike GuildWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
Black Rock Temp AgencyWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
HOT WheelZ CAMPWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
PISS CLEAR newspaper officesWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
Art Car CampChance And 6:00Center Camp
Black Rock University6:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
Cafe Village aka CoffeetownChance And 6:00Center Camp
Camp Green Zone6:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
DMV HQChance And 6:00Center Camp
Plan 9 - Box Office Meeting Space6:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
The Black Hole (Gate Camp)Chance And 6:00Center Camp
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)Eager And 6:00Center Camp
BurningSky6:00 And EagerCenter Camp
Camp ShineEager And 6:00Center Camp
Camp WabiEager And 6:00Center Camp
Dr. HST Memorial Gonzo Blue Pig6:00 And EagerCenter Camp
Greeters Station6:00 And Fence

Diva Boot CampEsplanade And 6:30Wing
Firemuse WOW! CircusEsplanade And 6:30Center Camp
Hot Monkey SoxEsplanade And 6:30Wing
Image NodeEsplanade And 6:30Wing
!Zoom!Esplanade And 6:30Wing
Fundalini RisingAnxious And 6:30Wing
Tribe of the Crescent StarAnxious And 6:30Wing
AlterDomeChance And 6:30Center Camp
Burning Silicon Collective CampChance And 6:30Center Camp
Fear No MartiniChance And 6:30Center Camp
Ka Pilina camp
→ Cult of Distraction Cypress Lounge
Chance And 6:30Center Camp
LimboChance And 6:30Center Camp
Love Puddle CampChance And 6:30Center Camp
Astral VortexEager And 6:30Center Camp
Mooncake RebellionEager And 6:30Center Camp
Pigmalions:PigsTodayTomorrow4Ever6:30 And EagerCenter Camp
Safer Sex CampEager And 6:30Center Camp
Salon SoleilEager And 6:30Center Camp
Snuggletown!Eager And 6:30Center Camp

DUSTFISHEsplanade And 7:00Wing
PrometheatricsEsplanade And 7:00Wing
AREA 2257
→...and then there's only LOVE
→The Dusty Goddess
→The Scissor Farm
7:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
Babarist BabylonChance And 7:00Center Camp
Camp Touch ThisChance And 7:00Center Camp
Gypsy MonkeysChance And 7:00Center Camp
Secret ExchangeChance And 7:00Center Camp

Krishna CampEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Mischief CampEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Red Nose DistrictEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Space IslandEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Burn the GeekAnxious And 7:30Gamma
Cirque du Stilte'7:30 And AnxiousWing
consensual art camp7:30 And AnxiousWing
Fixation StationAnxious And 7:30Wing
Hearts Gone WildAnxious And 7:30Wing
Heaven's Ghetto7:30 And AnxiousWing
Kamp Suckie FuckAYE7:30 And AnxiousGamma
Prof. Scientitian's Hypothecary7:30 And AnxiousGamma
The Fringe7:30 And AnxiousGamma
Tribal Thunder7:30 And AnxiousWing
Asylum Village
→ daliwood
→ Moonlightenment
→ Orgasmateria Tactile Playground
→ Satan's Lair
→ Whiskey And Whores Saloon
7:30 And BraveGamma
Black Rock DinerBrave And 7:30Gamma
Blacklight Aquarium, The7:30 And BraveGamma
Dilated Peoples Eye SpaBrave And 7:30Gamma
Electra FM 89.97:30 And BraveGamma
N-gon's Play-A-Rama7:30 And BraveGamma
Playa Book of RecordsBrave And 7:30Gamma
SCARAB7:30 And BraveGamma
Wattos Junk Yard7:30 And BraveGamma
Black Rock Lemonade7:30 And ChanceGamma
Contraptionists7:30 And ChanceGamma
Golden Cafe7:30 And ChanceGamma
Lavender LoungeChance And 7:30Gamma
Mile High ClubChance And 7:30Gamma
Playa Security Agency7:30 And ChanceGamma
Snheath Factory & Employee LoungeChance And 7:30Gamma
Spank the Monkey And the Wet Spot7:30 And ChanceGamma
Twisted TwisterChance And 7:30Gamma
Art Appreciation CampDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Camp In-TentsDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Faux Tattoo ParlorDestiny And 7:30Gamma
FiascoDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Inspiratum7:30 And DestinyGamma
New Amsterdam Village
→ Alien Underground
→ Atelier Rusette
→ Big Evil Corporation
→ Gnome Camp
→ Smoochdome
7:30 And DestinyGamma
"playfully yours"7:30 And DestinyGamma
Sounding Spaces7:30 And DestinyGamma
The Sprawl7:30 And DestinyGamma
White Dragon Noodle Bar7:30 And DestinyGamma
alQmy CampEager And 7:30Gamma
BohemiaEager And 7:30Gamma
Camp Jonestown AfterlifeEager And 7:30Gamma
Comfort & Joy7:30 And EagerGamma
Cuddle Princess IslandEager And 7:30Gamma
John Couger Melon CampEager And 7:30Gamma
LapdanceEager And 7:30Gamma
Love Army HQEager And 7:30Gamma
PolyParadise7:30 And EagerGamma
Radio Free Valhalla7:30 And EagerGamma
Tierra delFuego7:30 And EagerGamma
Troglodyte7:30 And EagerGamma
Porn And Eggs7:30 Plaza And 2:00Gamma
Starlight Express7:30 Plaza And 2:30Gamma
Abstininthe7:30 Plaza And 3:30Gamma
Temple of Venus7:30 Plaza And 5:00Gamma
Domastyle7:30 Plaza And 6:30Gamma
Philthy Phasion Philanthropist7:30 Plaza And 8:00Gamma
We're Next to the Blinky Thing7:30 Plaza And 9:00Gamma
Camp Evolution7:30 Plaza And 10:00Gamma
Whiskey & Insults7:30 Plaza And 11:30Gamma
Amphibious ArkFate And 7:30Gamma
Mount OlympusFate And 7:30Gamma
OracleFate And 7:30Gamma
Super Lucky CampFate And 7:30Gamma
40,000 A.D.Guess And 7:30Gamma
Camp 101Guess And 7:30Gamma
Fimbulvinter7:30 And GuessGamma
Snow Koan CampGuess And 7:30Gamma
touch of fear villageGuess And 7:30Gamma
Triangle7:30 And GuessGamma

Area 47
→ Flight to Mars
→ Space Virgins Light Continuum
Esplanade And 8:00Wing
CYBORGS & SULTANSEsplanade And 8:00Wing
→ Freek Factory
→ The Hut of the Glam-Tech Warrior
→ Danger!Danger!Dome
Esplanade And 8:00Wing
Kostume KultEsplanade And 8:00Wing
Alternative Energy Zone village
→ Sustainabilaville
8:00 And ChanceGamma

Camp I AmEsplanade And 8:30Delta
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade And 8:30Delta
House of Masks IIEsplanade And 8:30Wing
OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)Esplanade And 8:30Delta
The playgroundEsplanade And 8:30Wing
Faux Forêt Cabaret And Fabularium8:30 And AnxiousWing
MonkeyPuzzleAnxious And 8:30Delta
→ Taoseños
Chance And 8:30Gamma

Black Rock Roller DiscoEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)Esplanade And 9:00Delta
Cirque de FlambeEsplanade And 9:00Delta
House of Ill Repute9:00 And EsplanadeDelta
JubJub's Plastic CircusEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Stay Puft9:00 And EsplanadeDelta
TrashistanEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections9:00 And AnxiousDelta
erogenous zoneAnxious And 9:00Delta
Forbidden FruitAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Geisha Palace9:00 And AnxiousDelta
Genital Portrait StudioAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Gypsy Witch Camp9:00 And AnxiousTokyo
Hanuman-villeAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Miss Information Station9:00 And AnxiousTokyo
Mohammeds Mini Martini And Erotica9:00 And AnxiousDelta
Mystical MysfitsAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Outpost23 -AKA "Camp Afterparty"Anxious And 9:00Tokyo
Tuna GuysAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza And 3:30Tokyo
Mad Science9:00 Plaza And 4:00Tokyo
PhotoGartho Playa Gallery & Studio9:00 Plaza And 5:00Tokyo
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 Plaza And 6:00Tokyo
BMTV - "Unfair And Biased"9:00 Plaza And 6:30Tokyo
The AlterVision Black Light Lounge9:00 Plaza And 7:00Tokyo
Ming' Speakeasy9:00 Plaza And 8:00Tokyo
Operation Camp9:00 Plaza And 8:30Tokyo
Fig Leaf Playhouse III9:00 Plaza And 9:30Tokyo
Lake Lahontan Yacht Club9:00 Plaza And 10:30Tokyo
Black Rock Beacon9:00 Plaza And 11:30Tokyo
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza And 1:00Tokyo
Industrial Waste Adoption Center9:00 Plaza And 2:00Tokyo
Horny Hut9:00 Plaza And 2:30Tokyo
Dr. Le Tawdry's fREAK ShowBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Evil Space UnicornsBrave And 9:00Tokyo
GREEN PENISBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Takilma Tribe/Illuminated FoolsBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Yes! Have SomeBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Yurt CafeBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Apres on the PlayaChance And 9:00Tokyo
Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel9:00 And ChanceTokyo
bmanbuttonChance And 9:00Tokyo
Duck PondChance And 9:00Tokyo
Elders ("The Elders")Chance And 9:00Tokyo
Emergency Svcs. Station 9 Camp9:00 And ChanceTokyo
Future History of Space Flight9:00 And ChanceTokyo
JourneysChance And 9:00Tokyo
Tokyo Lo-ProsChance And 9:00Tokyo
Black Rock SpringsDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Blue Moon Tea House9:00 And DestinyTokyo
Boonville CAbaretDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Coff-It-Up Cafe9:00 And DestinyTokyo
Heavenly SwingDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
LAFersDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
La La LandDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
'Lectric Lizard LoungeDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
NO MOOP NO DRAMA!Destiny And 9:00Tokyo
Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe9:00 And DestinyTokyo
Terra NovaDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
That Bloody CampDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Action Figure CampEager And 9:00Tokyo
Ecstacy Massage And DanceEager And 9:00Tokyo
JiffyLube/Penetration VillageEager And 9:00Tokyo
Putting for Pabst9:00 And EagerTokyo
Roarshack9:00 And EagerTokyo
Rotten Island9:00 And EagerTokyo
The Deep End9:00 And EagerTokyo
The Pink SpotEager And 9:00Tokyo
The Tittyman campEager And 9:00Tokyo
Black Rock City Gym9:00 And FateTokyo
Bump CampFate And 9:00Tokyo
Champs & Poms9:00 And FateTokyo
Children of ChaosFate And 9:00Tokyo
EZRAFate And 9:00Tokyo
MezzanineFate And 9:00Tokyo
Pandoras Lounge & Fix It Shoppe9:00 And FateTokyo
Rabble Rouzer Retreat9:00 And FateTokyo
Sacred Space9:00 And FateTokyo
Those Damn kids: JeeHawd!!9:00 FateTokyo
Our Lady of Schlongs9:00 And GuessTokyo
Rainforest Refugee Camp RRCGuess And 9:00Tokyo
The_Many9:00 And GuessTokyo
undecidedGuess And 9:00Tokyo

Earth TribeEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Gravity pointEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Snowflake Village
→ Bedlam
→ Clevian Circularity
→ Videogasm
Esplanade And 9:30Delta
VAMP CAMPEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Apocalypse LoungeAnxious And 9:30Delta

ROOT SOCIETYEsplanade And 10:00Delta
House of Lotus10:00 And BraveDelta
Nexus10:00 And BraveDelta
Black Rock Housing Authority10:00 And ChanceDelta
Bumps In The Night10:00 And DestinyDelta
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 And EagerDelta
Get Lost / City of Lost Children10:00 And FateDelta
Sophisticated Dare DeliveryFate And 10:00Delta
The IHBKGuess And 10:00Delta
Voted Best Camp10:00 And GuessDelta
The Pink Pussy Cats10:00 And HopeDelta

ESD Communications CenterBeta
Station 5Beta

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Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/FinalCampList_06.htm on Jul 27, 2006

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