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Camp Name AddressSector
40,000 A.D.Guess And 7:30Gamma
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza And 1:00Tokyo
A Path : AnodyneChance And 5:30Center Camp
Abstininthe7:30 Plaza And 3:30Gamma
Acousma2:00 And BraveAlpha
Action Figure CampEager And 9:00Tokyo
AeroNaught Interplayatary Airport4:30 And BraveBeta
Airport - BRC Port of Entry5:00 And FenceBeta
Alien UndergroundWithin New Amsterdam VillageGamma
alQmy CampEager And 7:30Gamma
AlterDomeChance And 6:30Center Camp
Alternative Energy Zone village8:00 And ChanceGamma
Amphibious ArkFate And 7:30Gamma
...and then there's only LOVE.Within Area 2257Center Camp
Anonymous VillageChance And 5:30Center Camp
AOXOMOXOA4:30 Plaza And 2:00Beta
Apocalypse LoungeAnxious And 9:30Delta
Apres on the PlayaChance And 9:00Tokyo
AquaZoneWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Architects of the FutureEager And 4:30Beta
AREA 22577:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
Area 47Esplanade And 8:00Wing
Army of _______(fill in the blank)4:30 And GuessBeta
Art Appreciation CampDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Art Car CampChance And 6:00Center Camp
ARTery HQCenter Camp And 7:00Center Camp
artspaceEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Ascension TribeEsplanade And 4:30Wing
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)Eager And 6:00Center Camp
Astral Headwash4:30 And ChanceBeta
Astral VortexEager And 6:30Center Camp
AstroPups: Year of the Atomic DogWithin Avalon VillageBeta
Asylum Village7:30 And BraveGamma
Atelier RusetteWithin New Amsterdam VillageGamma
Audrey's4:30 And BraveBeta
Avalon Village4:30 And DestinyBeta
Babarist BabylonChance And 7:00Center Camp
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza And 6:00Berlin
Badolina2:00 And GuessAlpha
BALL CampAnxious And 3:30Alpha
Banana CampFate And 4:30Beta
Barbarella BootcampBrave And 4:30Beta
Barbie Death Camp & Wine BistroWithin WheeeVilleBeta
BDR HQWithin WheeeVilleBeta
BedlamWithin Snowflake VillageDelta
Best Camp Ever. Ever.Wheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Big Evil CorporationWithin New Amsterdam VillageGamma
Big Puffy YellowBrave And 4:30Beta
Bike GuildWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
Billion Bunnies: Fur And Loafing iWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
BioluminatiBrave And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Black Rock Arts MuseumWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Black Rock Beacon9:00 Plaza And 11:30Tokyo
Black Rock Body Art GuildAnxious And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Black Rock BookmobileCenter Camp And 10:00Center Camp
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp And 12:30Center Camp
Black Rock City Animal Control4:30 And ChanceBeta
Black Rock City Gym9:00 And FateTokyo
Black Rock City Post OfficeCenter Camp And 3:30Center Camp
Black Rock City Weddingmobile3:00 And GuessBerlin
Black Rock DinerBrave And 7:30Gamma
Black Rock Housing Authority10:00 And ChanceDelta
Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel9:00 And ChanceTokyo
Black Rock JCCChance And 4:30Beta
Black Rock Lemonade7:30 And ChanceGamma
Black Rock Real Estate Corp.Anxious And 4:30Wing
Black Rock Roller DiscoEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryCenter Camp And 3:15Center Camp
Black Rock SpringsDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Black Rock Stacking CampWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Black Rock Temp AgencyWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
Black Rock Travel AgencyWithin port of entryBeta
Black Rock University6:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
Blacklight Aquarium, The7:30 And BraveGamma
Blazin Raisin3:00 And DestinyBerlin
Bloop!Brave And 3:00Berlin
Blue Light District4:30 And ChanceBeta
Blue Moon Tea House9:00 And DestinyTokyo
Blue OasisWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
BlunderlandAnxious And 4:30Wing
bmanbuttonChance And 9:00Tokyo
BMTV - "Unfair And Biased"9:00 Plaza And 6:30Tokyo
BohemiaEager And 7:30Gamma
Boonville CAbaretDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Booty BarAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Borrachos Y Bicicletas3:00 Plaza And 9:30Berlin
Brain Freeze/ Got Stickers CampWithin Illumination VillageWing
Brand-UR-Ass 'N MoreEager And 4:30Beta
Brassiere Reclamation CantinaAnxious And 5:00Wing
Bubble Bar3:00 Plaza And 11:30Berlin
Bubble LoungeWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Bump CampFate And 9:00Tokyo
Bumps In The Night10:00 And DestinyDelta
Burn the GeekAnxious And 7:30Gamma
Burners' CourtAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Burning Silicon Collective CampChance And 6:30Center Camp
Burning Tribe's Dancing DragonCenter Camp And 8:15Center Camp
BurningSky6:00 And EagerCenter Camp
Burnstream Court3:00 And FateBerlin
Burntown3:00 And EagerBerlin
C.O.L.D. CampEsplanade And 4:00Wing
C'est la Camp4:30 And AnxiousWing
Cafe Village aka CoffeetownChance And 6:00Center Camp
Cameltoepia4:30 And EagerBeta
Camp 101Guess And 7:30Gamma
Camp 9 From Outer Space4:30 Plaza And 3:30Beta
Camp APOKILIPTIKA3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
Camp ArachnidChance And 4:30Beta
Camp CactiEager And 4:30Beta
Camp CarpEsplanade And 5:30Wing
Camp Cock3:30 And EagerBeta
Camp Evolution7:30 Plaza And 10:00Gamma
Camp Fuck You Bitches2:00 And FateAlpha
Camp Gallavant3:00 And ChanceBerlin
Camp Green Zone6:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
Camp I AmEsplanade And 8:30Delta
Camp In-TentsDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Camp Jonestown AfterlifeEager And 7:30Gamma
Camp KatrinaEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
CAMP KLEPTO3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
camp oneWithin Port of EntryBeta
Camp OverkillFate And 3:00Berlin
Camp ShineEager And 6:00Center Camp
Camp StellaWithin Avalon VillageBeta
Camp SunscreenEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Camp Touch ThisChance And 7:00Center Camp
Camp UnofficialChance And 3:00Berlin
Camp WabiEager And 6:00Center Camp
Camp Withering TightsChance And 3:00Berlin
Campo Alegre3:00 DestinyBerlin
Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)Esplanade And 9:00Delta
Cave of the Echo People3:00 Plaza And 1:00Berlin
Champs & Poms9:00 And FateTokyo
Children of ChaosFate And 9:00Tokyo
ChilloniaWithin Irrational Geographic SocietyAlpha
Circus Maximus-Rome in DecayChance And 3:00Berlin
Cirque de FlambeEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Cirque du Stilte'7:30 And AnxiousWing
Clevian CircularityWithin Snowflake VillageDelta
Club Verboten3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
Coff-It-Up Cafe9:00 And DestinyTokyo
Comfort & Joy7:30 And EagerGamma
Conexus Village2:00 And BraveAlpha
Conscious CravingWithin Conexus VillageAlpha
consensual art camp7:30 And AnxiousWing
Contact CampDestiny And 4:30Beta
Contraptionists7:30 And ChanceGamma
CoolTownDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Cosmic ElvesGuess And 4:30Beta
Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet4:30 Plaza And 11:00Beta
Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats (C4)4:30 Plaza And 6:30Beta
Cuddle Princess IslandEager And 7:30Gamma
Cult of Distraction Cypress LoungeWithin Ka PilinaCenter Camp
CYBORGS & SULTANSEsplanade And 8:00Wing
daliwoodWithin Asylum VillageGamma
Damn Fucking TexansAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Dance Dance ImmolationEsplanade And 3:30Alpha
Danger!Danger!DomeWithin DisorientWing
Das Grube (The Pit)3:00 And EsplanadeAlpha
De Mentha CampDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Death Guild/ThunderdomeEsplanade And 5:00Wing
deBOCCEryAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Deep Heaven: Know hope, Know FearEsplanade And 4:30Wing
DeMaTerial Camp4:30 And AnxiousWing
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade And 8:30Delta
Devil Duck CampEsplanade And 2:30Alpha
Dilated Peoples Eye SpaBrave And 7:30Gamma
Disori6ntEsplanade And 8:00Wing
Diva Boot CampEsplanade And 6:30Wing
Divination NationEsplanade And 5:00Wing
DMT's THE LABEsplanade And 3:30Wing
DMV HQChance And 6:00Center Camp
Domastyle7:30 Plaza And 6:30Gamma
DonutLoveWithin Wheeeee!villleBeta
Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections9:00 And AnxiousDelta
Dr. HST Memorial Gonzo Blue Pig6:00 And EagerCenter Camp
Dr. Le Tawdry's fREAK ShowBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Dragon TeahouseAnxious And 2:30Alpha
DREAMTIME4:30 And ChanceBeta
Duck PondChance And 9:00Tokyo
DUSTFISHEsplanade And 7:00Wing
Dusty LadyEager And 4:30Beta
Earth Guardians, Our LNT Past to the FutureEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Earth TribeEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Ecstacy Massage And DanceEager And 9:00Tokyo
Elders ("The Elders")Chance And 9:00Tokyo
Electra FM 89.97:30 And BraveGamma
Embassy For Extra-TerrestrialsCenter Camp And 2:15Center Camp
Emergency Svcs. Station 9 Camp9:00 And ChanceTokyo
Energy RidersBrave And 3:00Berlin
Entheon VillageEsplanade And 4:00Wing
Eplaya Bar CampAnxious And 3:00Berlin
erogenous zoneAnxious And 9:00Delta
ESD Communications CenterBeta
EspressoCamp3:00 Plaza And 5:00Berlin
Evil Space UnicornsBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Evolutionary Center4:30 And EagerBeta
EZRAFate And 9:00Tokyo
FairylandWithin Avalon VillageBeta
Fallout Shelter4:30 Plaza And 5:00Beta
False Profit, LLCEsplanade And 4:30Wing
FandangoChance And 5:00Center Camp
Faux Forêt Cabaret And Fabularium8:30 And AnxiousWing
Faux Tattoo ParlorDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Fear No MartiniChance And 6:30Center Camp
FiascoDestiny And 7:30Gamma
Fig Leaf Playhouse III9:00 Plaza And 9:30Tokyo
Fimbulvinter7:30 And GuessGamma
Fire Camp (Station 3)3:00 And ChanceBerlin
Fire Conclave ConvergenceCenter Camp And 11:00Center Camp
Firemuse WOW! CircusEsplanade And 6:30Center Camp
First Church Of Blistering EvilGuess And 3:00Berlin
Fixation StationAnxious And 7:30Wing
Flattery CampChance And 5:30Center Camp
Flight to MarsWithin area 47Wing
FlyByNyteWithin port of entryBeta
FoodLabpart of Irrational Geographic SocietyAlpha
Forbidden FruitAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
fort wenty4:30 Plaza And 9:30Beta
Free Photography ZoneCenter Camp And 5:15Center Camp
Freedomcommunity - Infinite INquir3:00 And EagerBerlin
Freek FactoryWithin Disori6ntWing
Friends And Family2:00 And ChanceAlpha
FRIENDSHIP seven2:00 And DestinyAlpha
Fundalini RisingAnxious And 6:30Wing
Funkee Monkey Camp4:30 And DestinyBeta
Further CampEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Fusion Valley3:00 Plaza And 7:30Berlin
Future History of Space Flight9:00 And ChanceTokyo
Future PickleWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
Ganesh in LimbostanAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Garden of SwedenFate And 3:00Berlin
Geisha Palace9:00 And AnxiousDelta
Genital Portrait StudioAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Get Lost / City of Lost Children10:00 And FateDelta
GigsvilleChance And 4:00Beta
Gnome CampWithin New Amsterdam VillageGamma
God Box4:30 And EagerBeta
Goddess Wish CampEager And 3:30Beta
Golden Cafe7:30 And ChanceGamma
Gravity pointEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 And EagerDelta
GREEN PENISBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Greeters CampWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Greeters Station
GròóvilleChance And 4:30Beta
Gypsy MonkeysChance And 7:00Center Camp
Gypsy Nomads4:30 Plaza And 1:00Beta
Gypsy Witch Camp9:00 And AnxiousTokyo
H.A.T.S.-Heads are the shitEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Hair Of The Dog4:30 Plaza And 8:00Beta
Hanuman-villeAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Hearts Gone WildAnxious And 7:30Wing
Heaven's Ghetto7:30 And AnxiousWing
Heavenly FeetWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Heavenly SwingDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers4:30 And DestinyBeta
Hippocampus5:00 And EagerCenter Camp
Hokey Pokey Destiny3:00 Plaza And 3:30Berlin
Home Free DomeDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Honi Soit Croquet ClubDestiny And 3:00Berlin
HookahdomeEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
hope On A RopeAnxious And 3:30Alpha
Horny Hut9:00 Plaza And 2:30Tokyo
Hot Monkey SoxEsplanade And 6:30Wing
HOT WheelZ CAMPWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
House of Ill Repute9:00 And EsplanadeDelta
House of Lotus10:00 And BraveDelta
House of Masks IIEsplanade And 8:30Wing
HushvilleChance And 8:30Gamma
Image NodeEsplanade And 6:30Wing
Industrial Waste Adoption Center9:00 Plaza And 2:00Tokyo
InsexAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Inspiratum7:30 And DestinyGamma
Iron RoseAnxious And 4:30Beta
IRONICAEager And 5:30Center Camp
Irrational Geographic SocietyEsplanade And 2:30Alpha
JiffyLube/Penetration VillageEager And 9:00Tokyo
John Couger Melon CampEager And 7:30Gamma
JourneysChance And 9:00Tokyo
JubJub's Plastic CircusEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Jungle JymEager And 5:30Center Camp
K-Svert 106.5 FM Performance StageEsplanade And 4:00Wing
Ka Pilina campChance And 6:30Center Camp
KAIROSAnxious And 4:30Beta
Kamp Go Fuck YourselfFate And 4:30Beta
Kamp KammaniwannalayaFate And 3:00Berlin
Kamp Suckie FuckAYE7:30 And AnxiousGamma
Kathanika3:00 Plaza And 8:30Berlin
KidsVilleChance And 5:30Center Camp
Kostume KultEsplanade And 8:00Wing
Krishna CampEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Ku De Ta3:00 And AnxiousAlpha
La Dolce VitaEsplanade And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
La La LandDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
LAFersDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Lahontan KorpsWithin GigsvilleBeta
Lake Lahontan Yacht Club9:00 Plaza And 10:30Tokyo
Lamplighter L. C. P. aka WorkspaceCenter Camp And 4:00Center Camp
Lamplighter VillageWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Lance Land/Black Rock ElectricWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
LapdanceEager And 7:30Gamma
Lavender LoungeChance And 7:30Gamma
'Lectric Lizard LoungeDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
Lemuria2:00 And FateAlpha
Lhasa 20122:00 And EagerAlpha
LimboChance And 6:30Center Camp
Love Army HQEager And 7:30Gamma
Love Puddle CampChance And 6:30Center Camp
Luna Sanctuary3:00 Plaza And 1:30Berlin
Lustre4:30 And DestinyBeta
M*A*S*H 4207thBrave And 3:00Berlin
Mad Science9:00 Plaza And 4:00Tokyo
Mad-Scientists-CollectiveEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
MaraudersDestiny And 2:00Alpha
Media MeccaCenter Camp And 6:45Center Camp
Meet Me HereChance And 5:30Center Camp
Mekka OasisEsplanade And 5:30Center Camp
metaporch4:30 And AnxiousBeta
MezzanineFate And 9:00Tokyo
Mile High ClubChance And 7:30Gamma
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp And 7:45Center Camp
Ming' Speakeasy9:00 Plaza And 8:00Tokyo
Mischief CampEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Miss Information Station9:00 And AnxiousTokyo
Mohammeds Mini Martini And Erotica9:00 And AnxiousDelta
MonkeyPuzzleAnxious And 8:30Delta
MontageWithin Avalon VillageBeta
MoonBass - The Space Oasis2:00 And FateAlpha
Mooncake RebellionEager And 6:30Center Camp
MoonlightenmentWithin Asylum VillageGamma
Moonshine TavernChance And 3:00Berlin
Mount OlympusFate And 7:30Gamma
Muses' ArkWithin KidsvilleCenter Camp
Mystical MysfitsAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
N-gon's Play-A-Rama7:30 And BraveGamma
Nephology3:00 And FateBerlin
New Amsterdam Village7:30 And DestinyGamma
Nexus10:00 And BraveDelta
No Drama CampWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
NO MOOP NO DRAMA!Destiny And 9:00Tokyo
NOC NookWithin Black Rock Arts MuseumCenter Camp
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza And 2:00Berlin
NucFam - the Nuclear FamilyWithin DMT'S LABWing
OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)Esplanade And 8:30Delta
oooh!Guess And 3:00Berlin
Operation Camp9:00 Plaza And 8:30Tokyo
Opulent TempleEsplanade And 2:00Alpha
OracleFate And 7:30Gamma
Oracle at Black Rock5:30 And ChanceCenter Camp
Orgasmateria Tactile PlaygroundWith Asylum VillageGamma
Otter Oasis3:00 And DestinyBerlin
Our Lady of Schlongs9:00 And GuessTokyo
OutPost AutoSubEsplanade And 3:30Wing
Outpost23 -AKA "Camp Afterparty"Anxious And 9:00Tokyo
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza And 3:30Tokyo
Pandoras Lounge & Fix It Shoppe9:00 And FateTokyo
Pants Camp! - aka Society of PantsWheel of Fortune And AnxiousCenter Camp
Panty Camp3:00 Plaza And 11:30Berlin
Paradox Lounge: Church of TechBrave And 4:30Beta
Peccary StationGuess And 3:00Berlin
People United for Nothing (P.U.N.)3:00 And FateBerlin
Philthy Phasion Philanthropist7:30 Plaza And 8:00Gamma
Phoenix Projekt CampBrave And 3:00Berlin
PhotoGartho Playa Gallery & Studio9:00 Plaza And 5:00Tokyo
Picasso CampCenter Camp And 8:45Center Camp
Pigmalions:PigsTodayTomorrow4Ever6:30 And EagerCenter Camp
pinholeCenter Camp And 7:15Center Camp
PISS CLEAR newspaper officesWheel of Fortune And 6:00Center Camp
Plan 9 - Box Office Meeting Space6:00 And ChanceCenter Camp
Planchette Camp4:30 And AnxiousWing
Playa Book of RecordsBrave And 7:30Gamma
PlayA Game CampWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
Playa Go RoundEsplanade And 2:30Alpha
Playa InfoCenter Camp And 6:15Center Camp
Playa Security Agency7:30 And ChanceGamma
"playfully yours"7:30 And DestinyGamma
PolyParadise7:30 And EagerGamma
Porn And Eggs7:30 Plaza And 2:00Gamma
Primitive Technology CampGuess And 4:30Beta
Prof. Scientitian's Hypothecary7:30 And AnxiousGamma
PrometheatricsEsplanade And 7:00Wing
Psychic TaxiWheel of Fortune And ChanceCenter Camp
Punani Trim ParlorChance And 4:30Beta
Putting for Pabst9:00 And EagerTokyo
Pyronauts CampAnxious And 4:00Wing
Quixote's Cabaret Club And BarWithin Avalon VillageBeta
Rabble Rouzer Retreat9:00 And FateTokyo
Radio Free Burning Man3:00 And AnxiousBerlin
Radio Free Valhalla7:30 And EagerGamma
Rainforest Refugee Camp RRCGuess And 9:00Tokyo
Ranger HQCenter Camp And 4:30Center Camp
Ranger Oupost Berlin3:00 Plaza And 6:00Berlin
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 Plaza And 6:00Tokyo
Recycle CampCenter Camp And 5:45Center Camp
Red Nose DistrictEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Red Rubber TattooAnxious And 3:00Alpha
Redwood City Burners (RWC Burners)Guess And 4:30Beta
Regional Information CenterWheel of Fortune And EsplanadeCenter Camp
REMSA/ESD Station 6Center Camp And 5:00Center Camp
RisaChance And 3:00Berlin
Roarshack9:00 And EagerTokyo
Robots Unite!3:00 And AnxiousBerlin
ROOT SOCIETYEsplanade And 10:00Delta
Rotten Island9:00 And EagerTokyo
Sacred Space9:00 And FateTokyo
Safer Sex CampEager And 6:30Center Camp
Sakénoma4:30 And BraveBeta
Salon SoleilEager And 6:30Center Camp
Satan's LairWithin Asylum VillageGamma
SCARAB7:30 And BraveGamma
Secret ExchangeChance And 7:00Center Camp
Serenity Giant Game Camp4:30 And BraveBeta
Shadow ChamberEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Shady Asylum3:30 And EagerBeta
Signs of the TimesAnxious And 3:00Berlin
Sloth CampBrave And 4:30Beta
smitecampWithin Wheeeee!villleBeta
SmoochdomeWithin New Amsterdam VillageGamma
Smores N AmourGuess And 3:00Berlin
Snheath Factory & Employee LoungeChance And 7:30Gamma
Snow Koan CampGuess And 7:30Gamma
Snowflake VillageEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Snuggletown!Eager And 6:30Center Camp
Sophisticated Dare DeliveryFate And 10:00Delta
SOULICIOUS & the HOPIUM DENGuess And 4:30Beta
Sounding Spaces7:30 And DestinyGamma
Space CowboysEsplanade And 5:00Wing
Space IslandEsplanade And 7:30Wing
Space Virgins Light ContinuumWithin Area 47Wing
Spank the Monkey And the Wet Spot7:30 And ChanceGamma
Spike's Vampire barCenter Camp And 1:30Center Camp
Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe9:00 And DestinyTokyo
Spock Mountain Research LabsWithin Blue Light DistricBeta
SporositeAnxious And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
Starlight Express7:30 Plaza And 2:30Gamma
StarLush LoungeWheel OF Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Station 5Beta
Stay Puft9:00 And EsplanadeDelta
Steam Bath ProjectAnxious And 3:30Wing
Strip JeopardyWheel of Fortune And BraveCenter Camp
Super Lucky CampFate And 7:30Gamma
SurlyCamp3:00 And DestinyBerlin
SustainabilavilleWithin Alternative Energy ZoneGamma
Tahoe ClanChance And 5:30Center Camp
Takilma Tribe/Illuminated FoolsBrave And 9:00Tokyo
TaoseñosPart of HushvilleGamma
TaziiWithin LustreBeta
Teletubbies CampEager And 5:30Center Camp
Temple of AtonementEsplanade 4:30Wing
Temple of Venus7:30 Plaza And 5:00Gamma
TempleWhoreWithin Area 2257Center Camp
Terra NovaDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
That Bloody CampDestiny And 9:00Tokyo
The AlterVision Black Light Lounge9:00 Plaza And 7:00Tokyo
The Black Hole (Gate Camp)Chance And 6:00Center Camp
The Bouncy Bouncy ClubBrave And 3:00Berlin
The Cathousian TranscendenceWithin Conexus VillageAlpha
The Deep End9:00 And EagerTokyo
The DumpEager And 5:30Center Camp
The Dusty GoddessWithin Area 2257Center Camp
The Fringe7:30 And AnxiousGamma
The future swings on & on & on....Anxious And 3:00Berlin
The Hut of the Glam-Tech WarriorWithin Disori6ntWing
The IHBKGuess And 10:00Delta
The Illumination VillageEsplanade And 4:00Wing
The Liver's EndAnxious And Wheel of FortuneCenter Camp
The Lost Boys5:30 And ChanceCenter Camp
The Lost Colony4:30 And ChanceBeta
The Lost Penguin CafeEsplanade And 4:30Wing
The Necklace FactoryCenter Camp And 11:45Center Camp
The Oracle at ErowidAnxious And 4:30Beta
The Philadelphia ExperimentEager And 5:30Center Camp
The Pink Flamingo Lounge4:30 And AnxiousWing
The Pink Pussy Cats10:00 And HopeDelta
The Pink SpotEager And 9:00Tokyo
The Playa Jazz CafeCenter Camp And 1:00Center Camp
The playgroundEsplanade And 8:30Wing
The Prisoner Camp 2006:The Village4:30 And BraveBeta
The Q4:30 And BraveBeta
The Scissor FarmWithin Area 2257Center Camp
The Sprawl7:30 And DestinyGamma
The Tittyman campEager And 9:00Tokyo
The_Many9:00 And GuessTokyo
Thermal Shock3:00 And ChanceBerlin
Those Damn kids: JeeHawd!!9:00 FateTokyo
Tierra delFuego7:30 And EagerGamma
Tiny Tiny Camp (ref:BRAF)Within Black Rock Arts museumCenter Camp
Tokyo Lo-ProsChance And 9:00Tokyo
touch of fear villageGuess And 7:30Gamma
Tramp, CampGuess And 4:30Beta
TransmorphagonEsplanade And 3:30Alpha
TrashistanEsplanade And 9:00Delta
Triangle7:30 And GuessGamma
Tribal Thunder7:30 And AnxiousWing
Tribe of the Crescent StarAnxious And 6:30Wing
Tricycle AlleyFate And 4:30Beta
Troglodyte7:30 And EagerGamma
True Mirror PalaceCenter Camp And 9:15Center Camp
Tuna GuysAnxious And 9:00Tokyo
Twisted TwisterChance And 7:30Gamma
Two LanternsAnxious And 3:30Alpha
Ultra Stunt Danger AcademyEsplanade And 4:30Wing
Uncharted TerritoriesWithin Avalon VillageBeta
undecidedGuess And 9:00Tokyo
V-Spot: Volunteer HereWithin playa infoCenter Camp
VAMP CAMPEsplanade And 9:30Delta
Velvet Soulmine4:30 And BraveBeta
Vertical CampAnxious And 2:30Alpha
VesuviusChance And 3:00Berlin
VideogasmWithin Snowflake VillageDelta
Vietnamese Iceed Coffee CampWithin Avalon VillageBeta
Voted Best Camp10:00 And GuessDelta
VW Bus Camp3:00 And FateBerlin
Walk with peaceChance And 5:30Center Camp
Wattos Junk Yard7:30 And BraveGamma
We're Next to the Blinky Thing7:30 Plaza And 9:00Gamma
Wheeeee!villleChance And 3:30Beta
Whiskey & Insults7:30 Plaza And 11:30Gamma
Whiskey And Whores SaloonWithin Asylum VillageGamma
White Dragon Noodle Bar7:30 And DestinyGamma
WigTownFate And 3:00Berlin
Winking LotusEsplanade And 3:00Alpha
Wishing StarDestiny And 3:00Berlin
Wonderlounge3:30 And ChanceBeta
Word of Mouth BRCWithin Irrational Geographic SocietyAlpha
XEssential2:00 And DestinyAlpha
Yes! Have SomeBrave And 9:00Tokyo
You Are That Pig4:30 And AnxiousBeta
Yummy RUMInationsEager And 4:30Beta
Yurt CafeBrave And 9:00Tokyo
Zombie Dome / Cockroach TheatreEsplanade And 5:00Wing
!Zoom!Esplanade And 6:30Wing
ZuChance And 3:00Berlin

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Official Burningman map 2006

Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/FinalCampList_06.htm on Jul 27, 2006

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