Burningman 2007
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Camp Name Address

Red FlowerEsplanade and 2:00
Opulent TempleEsplanade and 2:00
Coda2:00 and Arctic
BANNED CAMP2:00 and Boreal
El Circo2:00 and Boreal
PolarisBoreal and 2:00
Edge of the World2:00 and Coral Reef
The Last Blast2:00 and Desert
Moonbass2:00 and Estuary
Green Moon2:00 and Freshwater
Lemuria2:00 and Grassland
Cyphertown2:00 and Habitat
Get Lost2:00 and Intertidal
Voted Best Camp2:00 and Jungle
Jub Jub's Plastic Circus2:00 and Kelp Forest

art of such n suchEsplanade and 2:30
Camp I AmEsplanade and 2:30
Playa Go RoundEsplanade and 2:30
Pyronauts of GizaEsplanade and 2:30
AMOArctic and 2:30
Entheon Village2:30 and Arctic
Two LanternsArctic and 2:30
Voodoo Shooting Gallery2:30 and Arctic
Cosmic Elves Inner City CommuneBoreal and 2:30

Androids DungeonEsplanade and 3:00
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade and 3:00
EuphoriaEsplanade and 3:00
Image NodeEsplanade and 3:00
LabworksEsplanade and 3:00
The Mad-Scientists-CollectiveEsplanade and 3:00
OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)Esplanade and 3:00
PrometheatricsEsplanade and 3:00
APOKILIPTIKA3:00 and Arctic
Buddha Camp @the Lotus DomeArctic and 3:00
Club Verboten3:00 and Arctic
Destiny Lounge3:00 and Arctic
Geisha HouseArctic and 3:00
M*A*S*H 4207thArctic and 3:00
Monkey PuzzleArctic and 3:00
People's Art Congress (P.A.C.)3:00 and Arctic
RisaArctic and 3:00
Shuttlecraft "Galileo"Arctic and 3:00
SmoochdomeArctic and 3:00
Wattos Junk Yard3:00 and Arctic
Random; the anti theme3:00 Plaza at 9:30
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza at 10:00
Espresso Camp3:00 Plaza at 10:30
Mutant Audio Outpost3:00 Plaza at 11:00
Sensory Experience3:00 Plaza at 12:30
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Tall Grass3:00 Plaza at 1:00
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza at 2:00
Booby Bar
→ Camp Herring Scale:Burners
Boreal and 3:00
BYBBoreal and 3:00
Fusion ValleyBoreal and 3:00
Gedi PrimeBoreal and 3:00
KathanikaBoreal and 3:00
Mikes Garage and KaraokeBoreal and 3:00
Pee Funnel CampBoreal and 3:00
Starfactory's Garden of HedonBoreal and 3:00
Camp Unofficial / Monk Hug3:00 Plaza at 3:30
Havana Room3:00 Plaza at 4:00
Awesomeville3:00 Plaza at 5:30
Ranger Outpost Berlin3:00 Plaza at 6:30
Ice33:00 Plaza at 7:00
Hokey Pokey Camp Re-Fried Beings3:00 Plaza at 8:00
Cave of the Echo People re-Deux3:00 Plaza at 8:30
BRCVFD, Fire Camp (Station #3)3:00 and Coral Reef
Camp GallavantCoral Reef and 3:00
Cereal ThrillersCoral Reef and 3:00
Northwest MistCoral Reef and 3:00
Pandemonium by SynaesthesiaCoral Reef and 3:00
Ranger Camp Berlin3:00 and Coral Reef
SunvalleyCoral Reef and 3:00
Brigit3:00 and Desert
Collective RegenerationDesert and 3:00
CoolTownDesert and 3:00
Cool TuneDesert and 3:00
Latex and LimesDesert and 3:00
TiticacaDesert and 3:00
Al Gore Presidential Fitness Test3:00 and Estuary
Brenda's Top O' the Playa3:00 and Estuary
DeMentha CampEstuary and 3:00
J.C.M.C.'s Lost City of FlatlantisEstuary and 3:00
S'mores N AmourEstuary and 3:00
Static/Dynamic Band Camp3:00 and Estuary
Burnstream CourtFreshwater and 3:00
Conexus3:00 and Freshwater
HexCampFreshwater and 3:00
Insex3:00 and Freshwater
Oobleck3:00 and Freshwater
AbbessesGrassland and 3:00
B.R.A.T. Camp3:00 and Grassland
Camp Armageddon3:00 and Grassland
Camp WabiGrassland and 3:00
DADA motelGrassland and 3:00
Flow Camp3:00 and Grassland
Ganeshos Afternoon OasisGrassland and 3:00
Snack Food Glory HoleGrassland and 3:00
Wiggle Elf Enchanted ForestGrassland and 3:00
You Are HereGrassland and 3:00
Circus Maximus3:00 and Habitat
Cosmic GiggleHabitat and 3:00
Gang Green3:00 and Habitat
I'm OK, You're OK CorralHabitat and 3:00
The Lost BoysHabitat and 3:00
Outpost 8Habitat and 3:00
Sacred Sound and VisionHabitat and 3:00
Coalition of the ChillingIntertidal and 3:00
The Grand Plan of F.L.U.F.F.Y.3:00 and Intertidal
Gypsy Witch CampIntertidal and 3:00
Horny ToadsIntertidal and 3:00
Moonbow CampIntertidal and 3:00
FrogmaJungle and 3:00
Snowballs in Hell3:00 and Jungle

Burners Without BordersEsplanade and 3:30
Burning Roadshow CampEsplanade and 3:30
Sacred Water TempleEsplanade and 3:30
AquaZone3:30 and Arctic
GREEN MANHOODBoreal and 3:30
Imagine-NationBoreal and 3:30
bmanbuttoncamp3:30 and Coral Reef
Kamp Go Fuck Yourself3:30 and Coral Reef
→ Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro
→ Chinchillas
→ DonutLove
→ Loose Nuts
→ Smite
3:30 and Coral Reef
Camp Gratitude3:30 and Estuary
Humanifesto3:30 and Estuary

DeathGuild ThunderdomeEsplanade and 4:00
Lustre Village
→ Astral Lounge
→ blue
→ Cosmic Recess
→ Glittercamp
Esplanade and 4:00
Space CowboysEsplanade and 4:00
Camp PumpArctic and 4:00
Freezing ManArctic and 4:00
MumblevilleArctic and 4:00
Rose/ Sake Watering HoleArctic and 4:00
Sensorium4:00 and Arctic
UBER TUBERSArctic and 4:00
→ Lahontan Korps
→ Tiki Fuckos
Coral Reef and 4:00

False Profit, LLCEsplanade and 4:30
Fern GrottoEsplanade and 4:30
Green Glass Man CampEsplanade and 4:30
The Lost Penguin CafeEsplanade and 4:30
Magic Forest4:30 and Esplanade
Tsunami4:30 and Esplanade
ArtBusArctic and 4:30
Black Rock Diner4:30 and Arctic
The Bouncy Bouncy ClubArctic and 4:30
Camp High FiveArctic and 4:30
CAMP?(questionmark)4:30 and Arctic
Coffee Zombies4:30 and Arctic
C.O.L.D.Arctic and 4:30
DeMaTerialArctic and 4:30
Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections
→ Trashistan is a Clockwork Monkey
4:30 and Arctic
Object Manipulation Concentration4:30 and Arctic
Silk CityArctic and 4:30
Ultra Stunt Danger Academy4:30 and Arctic
Velvet Soulmine4:30 and Arctic
Black Forest HamBoreal and 4:30
BRC Bike Messenger Assoc.Boreal and 4:30
Double D Bike Decor & More4:30 and Boreal
Groove LabsBoreal and 4:30
Playa Q4:30 and Boreal
True ProphetBoreal and 4:30
Vedges & GimpsBoreal and 4:30
Vertical Camp4:30 and Boreal
WonderloungeBoreal and 4:30
Black Rock JCCCoral Reef and 4:30
BRCAC (aka BRC Animal Control)Coral Reef and 4:30
BRC's Bike Recovery CampCoral Reef and 4:30
Camp TrampCoral Reef and 4:30
Kinetic Sculpture Racing Camp4:30 and Coral Reef
RLD4:30 and Coral Reef
You Know You Want It, Want It4:30 and Coral Reef
Contact CampDesert and 4:30
Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet4:30 and Desert
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers4:30 and Desert
HippocampusDesert and 4:30
Hoo Ha Effigy CampDesert and 4:30
Punani Trim ParlorDesert and 4:30
Turtle Island / Tiki Bar CampDesert and 4:30
White Dragon Noodle Bar4:30 and Desert
Why Clothes?Desert and 4:30
54Estuary and 4:30
AOXOMOXOAEstuary and 4:30
Art Car Repellant CampEstuary and 4:30
Astral Headwash4:30 and Estuary
Dilly Dali Camp4:30 and Estuary
Glow Fuck YourselfEstuary and 4:30
GoddesswishcampEstuary and 4:30
RhythmWaveEstuary and 4:30
SakanomaEstuary and 4:30
Tierra del Fuego4:30 and Estuary
The Tittyman CampEstuary and 4:30
Apocalypse LoungeFreshwater and 4:30
Blazin RaisinFreshwater and 4:30
Brand-UR-Ass 'N MoreFreshwater and 4:30
God BoxFreshwater and 4:30
Habitchual RitualFreshwater and 4:30
Paradox Lounge Corner Store4:30 and Freshwater
Summer CampFreshwater and 4:30
WHO-VILLE4:30 and Freshwater
Radio Free Valhalla4:30 Plaza at 10:00
The Messiah Complex4:30 Plaza at 11:00
Deviant Playground4:30 Plaza at 1:00
Cypress Lounge Bingo4:30 Plaza at 2:00
Broom ClosetGrassland and 4:30
Fried Green BurnersGrassland and 4:30
The Little Black DressGrassland and 4:30
Otter OasisGrassland and 4:30
Shine BrothersGrassland and 4:30
Fallout Shelter4:30 Plaza at 4:00
New Jersey4:30 Plaza at 5:00
Iron Rose4:30 Plaza at 7:00
Itakeosa Village4:30 Plaza at 8:00
Camp MysticHabitat and 4:30
Children of ChaosHabitat and 4:30
The Chill ZoneHabitat and 4:30
Ka Pilina CampHabitat and 4:30
Mile High Club4:30 and Habitat
Ninjas Anonymous/ BonanzalandHabitat and 4:30
Pigmalions: Earth 2nd. Bacon 1st!4:30 and Habitat
Volcano WorshipersHabitat and 4:30
Above the Limit4:30 and Intertidal
Big Puffy YellowIntertidal and 4:30
Camp ManifestationIntertidal and 4:30
Clan DestinyIntertidal and 4:30
Coff-It-Up CafeIntertidal and 4:30
Displacement4:30 and Intertidal
The EldersIntertidal and 4:30
Gypsy Nomads4:30 and Intertidal
Pan's GardenIntertidal and 4:30
We Come in PiecesIntertidal and 4:30
Black Rock Travel Agency4:30 and Jungle
Carbon DioxideJungle and 4:30
Kamp KammaniwannalayaJungle and 4:30

Cirque de FlambeEsplanade and 5:00
Dance Dance ImmolationEsplanade and 5:00
The Devil's Workshop & Day Spa
→ Wallace Camp - Solar Bears
Esplanade and 5:00
The Illumination Village
→ Biscuit
Esplanade and 5:00
SHIFTEsplanade and 5:00
IRONICAArctic and 5:00
Accessory AlleyBoreal and 5:00
Camp BA-BAH-BU-BAH!Coral Reef and 5:00
DivaNationCoral Reef and 5:00
FLARETERIACoral Reef and 5:00
Flattery CampCoral Reef and 5:00
Metaporch : Purtico Verde5:00 and Coral Reef
Moishe MobileCoral Reef and 5:00
SurlyCamp5:00 and Coral Reef
Black Rock LemonadeEstuary and 5:00
MezzanineEstuary and 5:00
Shady AsylumEstuary and 5:00

Ant ColonyEsplanade and 5:30
K-Svert 106.5FM Community RadioEsplanade and 5:30
Playa SurfersEsplanade and 5:30
Liminal LabsArctic and 5:30
You Are That PigArctic and 5:30
1,000 GreenmenCoral Reef and 5:30
Cafe Village5:30 and Coral Reef
The DumpCoral Reef and 5:30
FrozoneCoral Reef and 5:30
JourneysCoral Reef and 5:30
→ Cocoon Camp
→ Curmudgeons Camp
→ LittleMissMayaMonster'sMagicForest
→ Pink Purl
Coral Reef and 5:30
Camp Shrunken HeadsEstuary and 5:30
Hot Monkey SoxEstuary and 5:30

The Necklace FactoryCenter Camp at 12:30
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp at 1:00
Secret ExchangeCenter Camp at 1:45
Black Rock City Post OfficeCenter Camp at 2:15
PICASSO CAMPCenter Camp at 2:45
Lamp Lighter Chapel & Work SpaceCenter Camp at 3:45
Turning Inspiration WorkshopCenter Camp at 3:15
MedicalCenter Camp at 4:45
Ranger HQCenter Camp at 4:15
Black Rock City Recycle CampCenter Camp at 5:45
The Pickle JointCenter Camp at 5:00
Media MeccaCenter Camp at 6:45
Playa Info
→ The V-Spot
Center Camp at 6:15
ArcticaCenter Camp at 7:45
ARTeryCenter Camp at 7:15
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp at 8:15
Spike's Vampire BarCenter Camp at 8:30
Interaction CafeCenter Camp at 9:30
Psychic TaxiCenter Camp at 9:15
Bubble LoungeCenter Camp at 10:15
GREEN vs. GREEDCenter Camp at 10:45
H.A.T.S. 2.0 Heads are the shitCenter Camp at 11:15
Black Forest BarEvolution and Esplanade
Black Rock Arts FoundationEsplanade and Evolution
Black Rock Roller DiscoEsplanade and Evolution
Camp TV Free Burning ManEvolution and Esplanade
Dhyan's Green MonkeyEvolution and Esplanade
Earth GuardiansEsplanade and Evolution
Fire Conclave ConvergenceEsplanade and Evolution
HARE-itics LoungeEvolution and Esplanade
PISS CLEAR newspaper officesEvolution and Esplanade
Regional Info CenterEsplanade and Evolution
SagradaEsplanade and Evolution
Spoon Return CenterEvolution and Esplanade
The Man - A MuseumEsplanade and Evolution
Best Camp Ever. Ever.Evolution and Arctic
BioluminatiEvolution and Arctic
Black Rock BookmobileEvolution and Arctic
Blue OasisEvolution and Arctic
Free Photography ZoneEvolution and Arctic
Greeters CampEvolution and Arctic
HOT WHEELZ CAMPEvolution and Arctic
Spike's InfernoEvolution and Arctic
Wishing StarEvolution and Arctic
!Zoom!Evolution and Arctic
Lamp Lighter VillageEvolution and Boreal
Strip JeopardyBoreal and Evolution
Shuttle Bus Ticket Booth/Bus StopEvolution and Coral Reef
Black Rock City HardwareEvolution and 6:00
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryEvolution and 6:00
BMIR6:00 and Evolution
Art Car Camp
→ Houston Art Car Camp
Coral Reef and 6:00
BurningSkyCoral Reef and 6:00
Faux Fort Cabaret and FabulariumCoral Reef and 6:00
Mutts BuroghCoral Reef and 6:00
Anonymous VillageEstuary and 6:00
Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner HostelEstuary and 6:00
Black Rock Yearbook6:00 and Estuary
Camp Green ZoneEstuary and 6:00
Couch Surfing CampEstuary and 6:00

AmphibiaEsplanade and 6:30
Ascension TribeEsplanade and 6:30
DMVEsplanade and 6:30
Pirates of the CarbonGreen6:30 and Esplanade
Camp Suckie FuckieArctic and 6:30
Olive's Guardians6:30 and Arctic
Tarwater6:30 and Arctic
Green Tortoise CampBoreal and 6:30
Alternative Energy Zone village
→ Cult of Levitating Plywood
→ hOodville
Coral Reef and 6:30
Silicon Village
→ Temple of All Gods
Coral reef and 6:30

AnticampEsplanade and 7:00
Deep Heaven: Green at HeartEsplanade and 7:00
Snowflake Village
→ Bear Liberation Front
→ Bedlam
→ Clevians (Speed Dating dome)
→ Tell Me
→ Videogasm
Esplanade and 7:00
Birds of Playadise WVO station7:00 and Arctic
Bloop!Arctic and 7:00
LAFers7:00 and Arctic
Mooncake Rebellion7:00 and Arctic
HushvilleCoral Reef and 7:00
Camp Junto7:00 and Estuary

The Manifest StationEsplanade and 7:30
PEX-The Philadelphia ExperimentEsplanade and 7:30
Space VirginsEsplanade and 7:30
TransmorphagonEsplanade and 7:30
Tribal Thunder7:30 and Esplanade
VegCamp7:30 and Esplanade
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)Arctic and 7:30
Astral Photo Project7:30 and Arctic
Bob Barker's Fun & Games CampArctic and 7:30
Bohemian Blacksmith of Space.....7:30 and Arctic
Camp P.E.R.I.N.E.U.M.7:30 and Arctic
Clusterfork7:30 and Arctic
Dos Leches CampArctic and 7:30
Heaven's Ghetto7:30 and Arctic
Knarly carnivalArctic and 7:30
MisfitIsland7:30 and Arctic
PlayaHero MegaStarsArctic and 7:30
Playfully YoursArctic and 7:30
Primitive TechnologiesArctic and 7:30
Salon Soleil7:30 and Arctic
A Very Merry Unbirthday CampBoreal and 7:30
Babarist BabylonBoreal and 7:30
BRC Endangered Species CouncilBoreal and 7:30
Dusty WheelBoreal and 7:30
Electra FMBoreal and 7:30
Hang-OutBoreal and 7:30
Lavender LoungeBoreal and 7:30
Mystical Misfits7:30 and Boreal
Playa Book of Records7:30 and Boreal
Toxic MartiniBoreal and 7:30
The Tribe Tree7:30 and Boreal
Yummy RUMInationsBoreal and 7:30
ZanzibarBoreal and 7:30
alQmy CampCoral Reef and 7:30
Asylum Village
→ Frozen Wet Spot
→ Jaded Camp
→ King Of America
→ NYC Container Camp
→ Orgasmateria Pleasure Lab
→ Tillie's Service Station
Coral Reef and 7:30
Busted!Coral Reef and 7:30
camp Mist7:30 and Coral Reef
Dr. Le Taudrie's Freak Show7:30 and Coral Reef
Gnome Camp7:30 and Coral Reef
ILL NA NACoral Reef and 7:30
LAFC CampCoral Reef and 7:30
Orgasmic Carrot CampCoral Reef and 7:30
SCARABCoral Reef and 7:30
Audrey's Jungle LoveDesert and 7:30
Avalon Village
→ Astropups
→ Fluffer
→ Montage
→ Quixotes Presents The Green Man
→ Stella
→ The Uncharted Territories
→ Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp
7:30 and Desert
Contraptionists7:30 and Desert
Mangusta/LAFCO VideoScreening ParkDesert and 7:30
Pleasure Garden7:30 and Desert
Rounds of RidiculumDesert and 7:30
Snow Koan SolarDesert and 7:30
Aluminum PansyEstuary and 7:30
Black Rock University7:30 and Estuary
Caberet de Ernst7:30 and Estuary
Golden CafeEstuary and 7:30
Love Puddle PlaygroundEstuary and 7:30
N-Gon but Not ForgottenEstuary and 7:30
WigTownEstuary and 7:30
Yurt CafeEstuary and 7:30
Zen Methodist ChurchEstuary and 7:30
Altered Art CampFreshwater and 7:30
B CampFreshwater and 7:30
Cartoon CommuneFreshwater and 7:30
Dusty PalmsFreshwater and 7:30
FiascoFreshwater and 7:30
Gypsy MonkeysFreshwater and 7:30
Hedonic Sensuous MassageFreshwater and 7:30
KioskFreshwater and 7:30
Raggedy AnneXFreshwater and 7:30
Random Reality CampFreshwater and 7:30
Sophisticated Dare DeliveryFreshwater and 7:30
Shoe Spray Shack7:30 Plaza at 9:30
HO*OP Camp7:30 Plaza at 10:00
Operation Camp7:30 Plaza at 11:00
Heavenly Swing7:30 Plaza at 1:00
VAMP CAMP7:30 Plaza at 2:30
Camp Withering TightsGrassland and 7:30
Garden of the Holy MomentGrassland and 7:30
Hotel ZombieGrassland and 7:30
open rangeGrassland and 7:30
The Relaxomatic PlushitoriumGrassland and 7:30
Right Foot RedGrassland and 7:30
Starlight Express7:30 Plaza at 4:00
Abstininthe7:30 Plaza at 5:00
camp hookup7:30 Plaza at 7:00
camp understanding7:30 Plaza at 8:30
The Blacklight AquariumHabitat and 7:30
Body Temple CampHabitat and 7:30
Camp Do Nothing7:30 and Habitat
Camp FishyHabitat and 7:30
Green Note Tarot and TeaHabitat and 7:30
Green Society VillageHabitat and 7:30
Ice PatrolHabitat and 7:30
Tree Huggers CampHabitat and 7:30
ZooTownHabitat and 7:30
BRAINS - A Concentration Camp7:30 and Intertidal
Fiesta de los MuertosIntertidal and 7:30
→ Camp Beaverton
→ Camp Freedom
→ Camp Kinky Queer
→ Freedom Community College
Intertidal and 7:30
LapdanceIntertidal and 7:30
Math Camp @ Group WIntertidal and 7:30
Pod ClusterIntertidal and 7:30
Slumber MarshalsIntertidal and 7:30
SmurfNutzIntertidal and 7:30

The Hive
→ Apocalypse How
→ Automatic Subconscious
→ Camp Blank
→ Camp Here
→ Kamp Kaos
Esplanade and 8:00
Putt-Putt PlayaEsplanade and 8:00
SouliciousArctic and 8:00
FandangoCoral reef and 8:00

Astor Place ImaginedEsplanade and 8:15
→ Hut of the GlamTech Warrior
→ Pornj Lane Gang
→ Refuge
→ Space Bass
→ Turqs and Cocos
Esplanade and 8:30
Konsortium Village
→ Kostume Kult
Esplanade and 8:30
MonticelloArctic and 8:30
Running ManArctic and 8:30
Steam Bath Project8:30 and Arctic
Blue Light District8:30 and Boreal
Cardboardhouse ProjectBoreal and 8:30
Fixxxation station8:30 and Coral Reef
Playa Security Agency8:30 and Estuary

A CavalloEsplanade and 9:00
Boogie Universal ARTS CollectiveEsplanade and 9:00
Colibri9:00 and Esplanade
Dayzed & aMazedEsplanade and 9:00
Flight To Mars9:00 and Esplanade
Full Shade and ClimbingEsplanade and 9:00
Misonaught9:00 and Esplanade
Nexxus MobilEsplanade and 9:00
CarboFuckiNation9:00 and Arctic
furniture car rally camp9:00 and Arctic
The Lost ColonyArctic and 9:00
Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica9:00 and Arctic
Omusubi Engine CampArctic and 9:00
Pizza SmutArctic and 9:00
Blood Vessel-Rue Morgue9:00 Plaza at 9:15
Lacertilia9:00 Plaza at 9:45
Photogartho9:00 Plaza at 10:15
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza at 11:15
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza at 12:45
Body Art Guild9:00 Plaza at 1:30
Green Queens9:00 Plaza at 2:15
Disgraceland9:00 Plaza at 2:45
BALL CampBoreal and 9:00
Camp CactiBoreal and 9:00
Chia Pussy CampBoreal and 9:00
FlufferNutter CampBoreal and 9:00
LaplacetopusBoreal and 9:00
Luna SanctuaryBoreal and 9:00
Qube Qamp9:00 Plaza at 3:30
pinhole9:00 Plaza at 4:00
Ice 99:00 Plaza at 4:45
Moonshine Tavern9:00 Plaza at 5:15
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 Plaza at 6:30
Pink Chair Initiative9:00 Plaza at 7:15
Black Rock Beacon9:00 Plaza at 7:45
TangoBeso9:00 Plaza at 8:45
Boxxus NexusCoral Reef and 9:00
FimbulvinterCoral Reef and 9:00
Forbidden TechnologiesCoral Reef and 9:00
Ranger Camp TokyoCoral Reef and 9:00
Sacred SpaceCoral Reef and 9:00
Station 9 Medical Station and Camp9:00 and Coral Reef
Summer of LoveCoral Reef and 9:00
Burntown9:00 and Desert
Camp SunscreenDesert and 9:00
Genital Portrait StudioDesert and 9:00
Oasis 47Desert and 9:00
Oral Moistening at Gaia ResolutionDesert and 9:00
Rainforest Refugee Camp RRCDesert and 9:00
Yes! Have SomeDesert and 9:00
...and then there's only LOVE.Estuary and 9:00
Apres Ski B.R.C.Estuary and 9:00
Arachne's WebEstuary and 9:00
Bat CountryEstuary and 9:00
camp carribeanEstuary and 9:00
Camp over thereEstuary and 9:00
Comfort & Joy9:00 and Estuary
Crazy-Baldhead Dub Sound SystemEstuary and 9:00
ExaltedEstuary and 9:00
Krishna CampEstuary and 9:00
Libido LoungeEstuary and 9:00
Party Naked Tiki BarEstuary and 9:00
Playaball Hoops Madness9:00 and Estuary
sexodomeEstuary and 9:00
Spirit Dream Interpretation CafeEstuary and 9:00
Yes PleaseEstuary and 9:00
Camp ... in BedFreshwater and 9:00
Campo AlegreFreshwater and 9:00
FigMint Cafe'9:00 and Freshwater
Get Nailed9:00 and Freshwater
Independent Bitches CampFreshwater and 9:00
PorndogFreshwater and 9:00
Reno Housewives9:00 and Freshwater
SlutgardenFreshwater and 9:00
StiffyLube/Penetration Village9:00 and Freshwater
BRC FPD9:00 and Grassland
The Deep End9:00 and Grassland
The Pink Spot9:00 and Grassland
PolyParadiseGrassland and 9:00
Unicornios Satunicos9:00 and Grassland
Duck PondHabitat and 9:00
EZRA Presents: Recycled Game CampHabitat and 9:00
FreeStyle Palace9:00 and Habitat
Funkee Monkey CampHabitat and 9:00
LostHabitat and 9:00
Magique BazaarHabitat and 9:00
MootopiaHabitat and 9:00
No Moop No Drama!Habitat and 9:00
Pandora's Lounge & Fix It Shoppe9:00 and Habitat
Kanuckistan 2.0Intertidal and 9:00
Lip ServiceIntertidal and 9:00
neverlandIntertidal and 9:00
Poppycock9:00 and Intertidal
Safer Sex Camp9:00 and Intertidal
Sunrise Coffee CampIntertidal and 9:00
VW Bus CampIntertidal at 9:00
Roar ShackJungle and 9:00
Venice Beach Drum Circle Camp9:00 and Jungle
Disco Headhunters: A 10-year-oldLandfill and 9:00
Tequila ShackLandfill and 9:00

Diva Boot CampEsplanade and 9:30
DUSTFISHEsplanade and 9:30
Red Nose District
→ TOTEM Massage & Chill
Esplanade and 9:30
Astral VortexArctic and 9:30
EverWOWArctic and 9:30
fringecampArctic and 9:30
PartytimeArctic and 9:30
Outpost23Boreal and 9:30
psychonautilus mutantes of theDEEPDesert and 9:30
Wheelie CampDesert and 9:30

Root SocietyEsplanade and 10:00
Twilight of Time10:00 and Esplanade
Camp PLAYABOY10:00 and Arctic
Earth TribeArctic and 10:00
Gravitypoint10:00 and Arctic
Midwest Mayhem10:00 and Arctic
Church of Stop Shopping10:00 and Boreal
GlowFurnatics10:00 and Boreal
The Paddy Mirage10:00 and Boreal
Temple CrewCoral Reef and 10:00
CampoSanto10:00 and Desert
Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)10:00 and Desert
TahopiaDesert and 10:00
Buddha Belly10:00 and Estuary
NautileoEstuary and 10:00
Zombies United10:00 and Estuary
Crazy Horse10:00 and Freshwater
Garage MahalFreshwater and 10:00
Official Evil Empire of BurningMan10:00 and Freshwater
Funky Town10:00 and Grassland
Greentable Evangelism10:00 and Grassland
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 and Habitat
Space Elevator10:00 and Habitat
Psycircle - Greenman10:00 and Intertidal
Energy Riders10:00 and Jungle
PINK PUSSY CATS10:00 and Jungle
pink elephants10:00 and Landfill

FlyByNyte CampBRC Airport

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Color coding:

Center Camp
Coral Reef
Kelp Forest
These colors were chosen so the closest street to The Man (ie Esplanade) represented flames, heat, ie red, then going through the rainbow until the outermost street (ie Landfill).

This has a side-effect of enabling easy navigation as you travel along the (circular) streets: just keep referring to the same color.

Official Burningman map 2007

Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/placement07.html on Aug 3, 2007 (it's possible they might update it).

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