Burningman 2007
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Camp Name Address
54Estuary and 4:30
!Zoom!Evolution and Arctic
...and then there's only LOVE.Estuary and 9:00
1,000 GreenmenCoral Reef and 5:30
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza at 12:45
A CavalloEsplanade x 9:00
A Very Merry Unbirthday CampBoreal and 7:30
AbbessesGrassland and 3:00
Above the Limit4:30 and Intertidal
Abstininthe7:30 plaza at 5:00
Accessory AlleyBoreal and 5:00
Al Gore Presidential Fitness Test3:00 and Estuary
alQmy CampCoral Reef and 7:30
Altered Art CampFreshwater and 7:30
Alternative Energy Zone villageCoral Reef and 6:30
Aluminum PansyEstuary and 7:30
AMOArctic and 2:30
AmphibiaEsplanade and 6:30
Androids DungeonEsplanade and 3:00
Anonymous VillageEstuary and 6:00
Ant ColonyEsplanade and 5:30
AnticampEsplanade & 7:00
AOXOMOXOAEstuary and 4:30
Apocalypse Howwithin The Hive
Apocalypse LoungeFreshwater and 4:30
APOKILIPTIKA3:00 and Arctic
Apres Ski B.R.C.Estuary and 9:00
AquaZone3:30 and Arctic
Arachne's WebEstuary and 9:00
ArcticaCenter Camp at 7:45
Art Car CampCoral Reef and 6:00
Art Car Repellant CampEstuary and 4:30
art of such n suchEsplanade and 2:30
ArtBusArctic and 4:30
ARTeryCenter Camp and 7:15
Ascension TribeEsplanade and 6:30
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)Arctic and 7:30
Astor Place ImaginedEsplanade and 8:15
Astral Headwash4:30 & Estuary
Astral Loungewithin Lustre Village
Astral Photo Project7:30 and Arctic
Astral VortexArctic and 9:30
Astropupswithin Avalon Village
Asylum VillageCoral Reef and 7:30
Audrey's Jungle LoveDesert and 7:30
Automatic Subconsciouswithin The Hive
Avalon Village7:30 and Desert
Awesomeville3:00 plaza at 5:30
B CampFreshwater and 7:30
B.R.A.T. Camp3:00 and Grassland
Babarist BabylonBoreal and 7:30
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza at 2:00
BALL CampBoreal and 9:00
BANNED CAMP2:00 and Boreal
Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistrowithin Wheeeee!Ville
Bat CountryEstuary and 9:00
Bear Liberation Frontwithin Snowflake Village
Bedlamwithin Snowflake Village
Best Camp Ever. Ever.Evolution and Arctic
Big Puffy YellowIntertidal and 4:30
BioluminatiEvolution and Arctic
Birds of Playadise WVO station7:00 and Arctic
Biscuitwithin Illumination Village
Black Forest BarEvolution and Esplanade
Black Forest HamBoreal and 4:30
Black Rock Beacon9:00 Plaza at 7:45
Black Rock BookmobileEvolution and Arctic
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp at 1:00
Black Rock City HardwareEvolutiojn and 6:00
Black Rock City Post OfficeCenter Camp and 2:15
Black Rock City Recycle CampCenter Camp and 5:45
Black Rock Diner4:30 and Arctic
Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner HostelEstuary and 6:00
Black Rock JCCCoral Reef and 4:30
Black Rock LemonadeEstuary and 5:00
Black Rock Roller DiscoEsplanade and Evolution
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryEvolution and 6:00
Black Rock Travel Agency4:30 and Jungle
Black Rock University7:30 and Estuary
Black Rock Yearbook6:00 and Estuary
Blacklight Aquarium, TheHabitat and 7:30
Blazin RaisinFreshwater and 4:30
Blood Vessel-Rue Morgue9:00 Plaza at 9:15
Bloop!Arctic and 7:00
bluewithin Lustre Village
Blue Light District8:30 and Boreal
Blue OasisEvolution and Arctic
bmanbuttoncamp3:30 and Coral Reef
BMIR6:00 and Evolution
Bob Barker's Fun & Games CampArctic and 7:30
Body Art Guild9:00 Plaza at 1:30
Body Temple CampHabitat and 7:30
Bohemian Blacksmith of Space.....7:30 and Arctic
Booby BarBoreal and 3:00
Boogie Universal ARTS CollectiveEsplanade and 9:00
Bouncy Bouncy Club, TheArctic and 4:30
Boxxus NexusCoral Reef and 9:00
Black Rock Arts FoundationEsplanade and Evolution
BRAIN FREEZE/ GOT STICKERS CAMPwithin The Devil's Workshop & Day Spa
BRAINS - A Concentration Camp7:30 and Intertidal
Brand-UR-Ass 'N MoreFreshwater and 4:30
BRC Bike Messenger Assoc.Boreal and 4:30
BRC Endangered Species CouncilBoreal and 7:30
BRC FPD9:00 and Grassland
BRCAC (aka BRC Animal Control)Coral Reef and 4:30
BRC's Bike Recovery CampCoral Reef and 4:30
BRCVFD, Fire Camp (Station #3)3:00 and Coral Reef
Brenda's Top O' the Playa3:00 and Estuary
Brigit3:00 and Desert
Broom ClosetGrassland and 4:30
Bubble LoungeCenterCamp and 10:15
Buddha Belly10:00 and Estuary
Buddha Camp @the Lotus DomeArctic and 3:00
Burners Without BordersEsplanade and 3:30
Burning Roadshow CampEsplanade and 3:30
BurningSkyCoral Reef and 6:00
Burnstream CourtFresh Water and 3:00
Burntown9:00 and Desert
Busted!Coral Reef and 7:30
BYBBoreal and 3:00
C.O.L.D.Arctic & 4:30
Caberet de Ernst7:30 and Estuary
Cafe Village5:30 and Coral Reef
Camp ... in BedFresh Water and 9:00
Camp Armageddon3:00 and Grassland
Camp BA-BAH-BU-BAH!Coral Reef and 5:00
Camp Beavertonwithin Freedomcommunity Village
Camp Blankwithin The Hive
Camp CactiBoreal and 9:00
camp carribeanEstuary and 9:00
Camp Do Nothing7:30 and Habitat
Camp FishyHabitat and 7:30
Camp Freedomwithin Freedomcommunity Village
Camp GallavantCoral Reef and 3:00
Camp Gratitude3:30 and Estuary
Camp Green ZoneEstuary and 6:00
Camp Herewithin The Hive
Camp Herring Scale:Burnerswithin Booby Bar
Camp High FiveArctic and 4:30
camp hookup7:30 plaza at 7:00
Camp I AmEsplanade and 2:30
Camp Junto7:00 and Estuary
Camp Kinky Queerwithin Freedomcommunity Village
Camp ManifestationIntertidal and 4:30
camp Mist7:30 and Coral Reef
Camp MysticHabitat and 4:30
Camp over thereEstuary and 9:00
Camp P.E.R.I.N.E.U.M.7:30 and Arctic
Camp PLAYABOY10:00 and Arctic
Camp PumpArctic and 4:00
Camp Shrunken HeadsEstuary and 5:30
Camp Suckie FuckieArctic and 6:30
Camp SunscreenDesert and 9:00
Camp TrampCoral Reef and 4:30
Camp TV Free Burning ManEvolution and Esplanade
camp understanding7:30 Plaza at 8:30
Camp Unofficial / Monk Hug3:00 plaza at 3:30
Camp WabiGrassland and 3:00
Camp Withering TightsGrassland and 7:30
CAMP?(questionmark)4:30 and Arctic
Campo AlegreFreshwater and 9:00
CampoSanto10:00 and Desert
CarboFuckiNation9:00 and Arctic
Carbon DioxideJungle and 4:30
Cardboardhouse ProjectBoreal and 8:30
Cartoon CommuneFreshwater and 7:30
Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)10:00 and Desert
Cave of the Echo People re-Deux3:00 plaza at 8:30
Cereal ThrillersCoral Reef and 3:00
Chia Pussy CampBoreal and 9:00
Children of ChaosHabitat and 4:30
Chill Zone, TheHabitat and 4:30
Chinchillaswithin Wheeeee!Ville
Church of Stop Shopping10:00 and Boreal
Circus Maximus3:00 and Habitat
Cirque de FlambeEsplanade and 5:00
Clan DestinyIntertidal and 4:30
Clevians (Speed Dating dome)within Snowflake Village
Club Verboten3:00 and Arctic
Clusterfork7:30 and Arctic
Coalition of the ChillingIntertidal and 3:00
Cocoon Campwithin Kidsville
Coda2:00 and Arctic
Coffee Zombies4:30 and Arctic
Coff-It-Up CafeIntertidal and 4:30
Colibri9:00 & Esplanade
Collective RegenerationDesert and 3:00
Comfort & Joy9:00 and Estuary
Conexus3:00 and Fresh Water
Contact CampDesert and 4:30
Contraptionists7:30 and Desert
Cool TuneDesert and 3:00
CoolTownDesert and 3:00
Cosmic Elves Inner City CommuneBoreal and 2:30
Cosmic GiggleHabitat and 3:00
Cosmic Recesswithin Lustre Village
Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet4:30 and Desert
Couch Surfing CampEstuary and 6:00
Crazy Horse10:00 and Freshwater
Crazy-Baldhead Dub Sound SystemEstuary and 9:00
Cult of Levitating Plywoodwithin AEZ
Curmudgeons Campwithin Kidsville
Cyphertown2:00 and Habitat
Cypress Lounge Bingo4:30 Plaza at 2:00
DADA motelGrassland and 3:00
Dance Dance ImmolationEsplanade and 5:00
Dayzed & aMazedEsplanade and 9:00
DeathGuild ThunderdomeEsplanade and 4:00
Deep End, The9:00 and Grassland
Deep Heaven: Green at HeartEsplanade and 7:00
DeMaTerialArctic and 4:30
DeMentha CampEstuary and 3:00
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade and 3:00
Destiny Lounge3:00 and Arctic
Deviant Playground4:30 Plaza at 1:00
Devil's Workshop & Day Spa, TheEsplanade and 5:00
Dhyan's Green MonkeyEvolution and Esplanade
Dilly Dali Camp4:30 and Estuary
Disco Headhunters: A 10-year-oldLandfill and 9:00
Disgraceland9:00 Plaza at 2:45
DisorientEsplanade and 8:30
Displacement4:30 and Intertidal
Diva Boot CampEsplanade and 9:30
DivaNationCoral Reef and 5:00
DMVEsplanade and 6:30
DonutLovewithin Wheeeee!Ville
Dos Leches CampArctic and 7:30
Double D Bike Decor & More4:30 and Boreal
Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections4:30 and Arctic
Dr. Le Taudrie's Freak Show7:30 and Coral Reef
Duck PondHabitat and 9:00
Dump, TheCoral Reef and 5:30
DUSTFISHEsplanade and 9:30
Dusty PalmsFresh Water and 7:30
Dusty WheelBoreal and 7:30
Earth GuardiansEsplanade and Evolution
Earth TribeArctic and 10:00
Edge of the World2:00 and Coral Reef
El Circo2:00 and Boreal
Elders, TheIntertidal and 4:30
Electra FMBoreal and 7:30
Energy Riders10:00 and Jungle
Entheon Village2:30 and Arctic
Espresso Camp3:00 Plaza at 10:30
EuphoriaEsplanade and 3:00
EverWOWArctic and 9:30
ExaltedEstuary and 9:00
EZRA Presents: Recycled Game CampHabitat and 9:00
Fallout Shelter4:30 Plaza at 4:00
False Profit, LLCEsplanade and 4:30
Fandangocoral reef and 8:00
Faux Fort Cabaret and FabulariumCoral Reef and 6:00
Fern GrottoEsplanade and 4:30
FiascoFresh Water and 7:30
Fiesta de los MuertosIntertidal and 7:30
FigMint Cafe'9:00 and Fresh Water
FimbulvinterCoral Reef and 9:00
Fire Conclave ConvergenceEsplanade and Evolution
Fixxxation station8:30 and Coral Reef
FLARETERIACoral Reef and 5:00
Flattery CampCoral Reef and 5:00
Flight To Mars9:00 and Esplanade
Flow Camp3:00 and Grassland
Flufferwithin Avalon Village
FlufferNutter CampBoreal and 9:00
FlyByNyte CampBRC Airport
Forbidden TechnologiesCoral Reef and 9:00
Free Photography ZoneEvolution and Arctic
Freedom Community Collegewithin Freedomcommunity Village
Freedomcommunity-OuroborosIntertidal and 7:30
FreeStyle Palace9:00 and Habitat
Freezing ManArctic and 4:00
Fried Green BurnersGrassland and 4:30
fringecampArctic and 9:30
FrogmaJungle and 3:00
Frozen Wet Spotwithin Asylum
FrozoneCoral Reef and 5:30
Full Shade and ClimbingEsplanade and 9:00
Funkee Monkey CampHabitat and 9:00
Funky Town10:00 and Grassland
furniture car rally camp9:00 and Arctic
Fusion ValleyBoreal and 3:00
Ganeshos Afternoon OasisGrassland and 3:00
Gang Green3:00 and Habitat
Garage MahalFreshwater and 10:00
Garden of the Holy MomentGlassland and 7:30
Gedi PrimeBoreal and 3:00
Geisha HouseArctic and 3:00
Genital Portrait StudioDesert and 9:00
Get Lost2:00 and Intertidal
Get Nailed9:00 and Freshwater
gigsvilleCoral Reef and 4:00
Glittercampwithin Lustre Village
Glow Fuck YourselfEstuary and 4:30
GlowFurnatics10:00 and Boreal
Gnome Camp7:30 and Coral Reef
God BoxFresh Water and 4:30
GoddesswishcampEstuary and 4:30
Golden CafeEstuary and 7:30
Grand Plan of F.L.U.F.F.Y., The3:00 and Intertidal
Gravitypoint10:00 and Arctic
Green Glass Man CampEsplanade and 4:30
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 and Habitat
GREEN MANHOODBoreal and 3:30
Green Moon2:00 and Fresh Water
Green Note Tarot and TeaHabitat and 7:30
Green Queens9:00 Plaza at 2:15
Green Society VillageHabitat and 7:30
Green Tortoise CampBoreal and 6:30
GREEN vs. GREEDCenter Camp and 10:45
Greentable Evangelism10:00 and Grassland
Greeters CampEvolution and Arctic
Groove LabsBoreal and 4:30
Gypsy MonkeysFresh Water and 7:30
Gypsy Nomads4:30 and Intertidal
Gypsy Witch CampIntertidal and 3:00
H.A.T.S. 2.0 Heads are the shitCenter Camp at 11:15
Habitchual RitualFreshwater and 4:30
Hang-OutBoreal and 7:30
HARE-itics LoungeEvolution and Esplanade
Havana Room3:00 Plaza at 4:00
Heavenly Swing7:30 Plaza at 1:00
Heaven's Ghetto7:30 and Arctic
Hedonic Sensuous MassageFresh Water and 7:30
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers4:30 and Desert
HexCampFresh Water and 3:00
HippocampusDesert and 4:30
Hive, TheEsplanade and 8:00
HO*OP Camp7:30 Plaza at 10:00
Hokey Pokey Camp Re-Fried Beings3:00 plaza at 8:00
Hoo Ha Effigy CampDesert and 4:30
hOodvillewithin AEZ
Horny ToadsIntertidal and 3:00
Hot Monkey SoxEstuary and 5:30
HOT WHEELZ CAMPEvolution and Arctic
Hotel ZombieGrassland and 7:30
Houston Art Car CampWithin Art Car Camp
Humanifesto3:30 and Estuary
HushvilleCoral Reef and 7:00
Hut of the GlamTech Warriorwithin Disorient
Ice 99:00 Plaza at 4:45
Ice PatrolHabitat and 7:30
Ice33:00 plaza at 7:00
ILL NA NACoral Reef and 7:30
Illumination Village, TheEsplanade & 5:00
I'm OK, You're OK CorralHabitat and 3:00
Image NodeEsplanade and 3:00
Imagine-NationBoreal and 3:30
Independent Bitches CampFreshwater and 9:00
Insex3:00 and Fresh Water
Interaction CafeCenter Camp at 9:30
Iron Rose4:30 Plaza at 7:00
IRONICAArctic and 5:00
Itakeosa Village4:30 Plaza and 8:00
J.C.M.C.'s Lost City of FlatlantisEstuary and 3:00
Jaded Campwithin Asylum
JourneysCoral Reef and 5:30
Jub Jub's Plastic Circus2:00 and Kelp Forest
Ka Pilina CampHabitat and 4:30
Kamp Go Fuck Yourself3:30 and Coral Reef
Kamp KammaniwannalayaJungle and 4:30
Kamp Kaoswithin The Hive
Kanuckistan 2.0Intertidal and 9:00
KathanikaBoreal and 3:00
KidsVilleCoral Reef and 5:30
Kinetic Sculpture Racing Camp4:30 and Coral Reef
King Of Americawithin Asylum
KioskFreshwater and 7:30
Knarly carnivalArctic and 7:30
Konsortium VillageEsplanade and 8:30
Kostume Kultwithin Konsortium Village
Krishna CampEstuary and 9:00
K-Svert 106.5FM Community RadioEsplanade and 5:30
LabworksEsplanade and 3:00
Lacertilia9:00 Plaza at 9:45
LAFC CampCoral Reef and 7:30
LAFers7:00 and Arctic
Lahontan Korpswithin Gigsville
Lamp Lighter VillageEvolution and Boreal
Lamp Lighter Chapel & Work SpaceCenter Camp at 3:45
LapdanceIntertidal and 7:30
LaplacetopusBoreal and 9:00
Last Blast, The2:00 and Desert
Latex and LimesDesert and 3:00
Lavender LoungeBoreal and 7:30
LE KAFEwithin Konsortium Village
Lemuria2:00 and Grassland
Libido LoungeEstuary and 9:00
Liminal LabsArctic and 5:30
Lip ServiceIntertidal and 9:00
Little Black Dress, TheGrassland and 4:30
LittleMissMayaMonster'sMagicForestwithin Kidsville
Loose Nutswithin Wheeeee!Ville
LostHabitat and 9:00
Lost Boys, TheHabitat and 3:00
Lost Colony, TheArctic and 9:00
Lost Penguin Cafe, TheEsplanade and 4:30
Love Puddle PlaygroundEstuary and 7:30
Luna SanctuaryBoreal and 9:00
Lustre VillageEsplanade and 4:00
M*A*S*H 4207thArctic and 3:00
Mad-Scientists-Collective, TheEsplanade and 3:00
Magic Forest4:30 and Esplanade
Magique BazaarHabitat and 9:00
Mangusta/LAFCO VideoScreening ParkDesert and 7:30
Manifest Station, TheEsplanade and 7:30
Math Camp @ Group WIntertidal and 7:30
Media MeccaCenter Camp at 6:45
MedicalCenter Camp at 4:45
Messiah Complex, The4:30 Plaza at 11:00
Metaporch : Purtico Verde5:00 and Coral Reef
MezzanineEstuary and 5:00
Midwest Mayhem10:00 and Arctic
Mikes Garage and KaraokeBoreal and 3:00
Mile High Club4:30 and Habitat
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp and 8:15
MisfitIsland7:30 and Arctic
Misonaught9:00 and Esplanade
Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica9:00 and Arctic
Moishe MobileCoral Reef and 5:00
Monkey PuzzleArctic and 3:00
Montagewithin Avalon Village
MonticelloArctic and 8:30
Moonbass2:00 and Estuary
Moonbow CampIntertidal and 3:00
Mooncake Rebellion7:00 and Arctic
Moonshine Tavern9:00 Plaza at 5:15
MootopiaHabitat and 9:00
MumblevilleArctic and 4:00
Mutant Audio Outpost3:00 Plaza at 11:00
Mutts BuroghCoral Reef and 6:00
Mystical Misfits7:30 and Boreal
NautileoEstuary and 10:00
Necklace Factory, TheCenter Camp at 12:30
neverlandIntertidal and 9:00
New Jersey4:30 Plaza at 5:00
Nexxus MobilEsplanade and 9:00
N-Gon but Not ForgottenEstuary and 7:30
Ninjas Anonymous/ BonanzalandHabitat and 4:30
No Moop No Drama!Habitat and 9:00
Northwest MistCoral Reef and 3:00
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza at 10:00
NYC Container Campwithin Asylum
Oasis 47Desert and 9:00
Object Manipulation Concentration4:30 and Arctic
OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)Esplanade and 3:00
Official Evil Empire of BurningMan10:00 and FRESH WATER
Olive's Guardians6:30 & Arctic
Omusubi Engine CampArctic and 9:00
Oobleck3:00 and Fresh Water
open rangeGrassland and 7:30
Operation Camp7:30 Plaza at 11:00
Opulent TempleEsplanade and 2:00
Oral Moistening at Gaia ResolutionDesert and 9:00
Orgasmateria Pleasure Labwithin Asylum
Orgasmic Carrot CampCoral Reef and 7:30
Otter OasisGrassland and 4:30
Outpost 8Habitat and 3:00
Outpost23Boreal and 9:30
Paddy Mirage, The10:00 and Boreal
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza at 11:15
Pandemonium by SynaesthesiaCorral Reef and 3:00
Pandora's Lounge & Fix It Shoppe9:00 and Habitat
Pan's GardenIintertidal and 4:30
Paradox Lounge Corner Store4:30 and Freshwater
Party Naked Tiki BarEstuary and 9:00
PartytimeArctic and 9:30
Pee Funnel CampBoreal and 3:00
People's Art Congress (P.A.C.)3:00 and Arctic
PEX-The Philadelphia ExperimentEsplanade and 7:30
Photogartho9:00 Plaza at 10:15
PICASSO CAMPCenter Camp and 2:45
Pickle Joint, TheCenter Camp and 5:00
Pigmalions: Earth 2nd. Bacon 1st!4:30 and Habitat
pinhole9:00 Plaza at 4:00
Pink Chair Initiative9:00 Plaza at 7:15
pink elephants10:00 and Landfill
Pink Purlwithin Kidsville
PINK PUSSY CATS10:00 and Jungle
Pink Spot, The9:00 and Grassland
Pirates of the CarbonGreen6:30 and Esplanade
PISS CLEAR newspaper officesEvolution and Esplanade
Pizza SmutArctic and 9:00
Playa Book of Records7:30 and Boreal
Playa Go RoundEsplanade and 2:30
Playa InfoCenter Camp at 6:15
Playa Q4:30 and Boreal
Playa Security Agency8:30 and Estuary
Playa SurfersEsplanade and 5:30
Playaball Hoops Madness9:00 and Estuary
PlayaHero MegaStarsArctic and 7:30
Playfully YoursArctic and 7:30
Pleasure Garden7:30 and Desert
Pod ClusterIntertidal and 7:30
PolarisBoreal and 2:00
PolyParadiseGrassland and 9:00
Poppycock9:00 and Intertidal
PorndogFresh Water and 9:00
Pornj Lane Gangwithin Disorient
Primitive TechnologiesArctic and 7:30
PrometheatricsEsplanade and 3:00
Psychic TaxiCenter Camp at 9:15
psychonautilus mutantes of theDEEPDesert and 9:30
Psycircle - Greenman10:00 and Intertidal
Punani Trim ParlorDesert and 4:30
Putt-Putt PlayaEsplanade and 8:00
Pyronauts of GizaEsplanade and 2:30
Qube Qamp9:00 Plaza at 3:30
Quixotes Presents The Green Manwithin Avalon Village
Radio Free Valhalla4:30 Plaza at 10:00
Raggedy AnneXFreshwater and 7:30
Rainforest Refugee Camp RRCDesert and 9:00
Random Reality CampFreshwater and 7:30
Random; the anti theme3:00 Plaza at 9:30
Ranger Camp Berlin3:00 and Coral Reef
Ranger Camp TokyoCoral Reef and 9:00
Ranger HQCenter Camp at 4:15
Ranger Outpost Berlin3:00 plaza at 6:30
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 plaza at 6:30
Red FlowerEsplanade and 2:00
Red Nose DistrictEsplanade and 9:30
Refugewithin Disorient
Regional Info CenterEsplanade and Evolution
Relaxomatic Plushitorium, TheGrassland and 7:30
Reno Housewives9:00 and Fresh Water
RhythmWaveEstuary and 4:30
Right Foot RedGrassland and 7:30
RisaArctic and 3:00
RLD4:30 and Coral Reef
Roar ShackJungle and 9:00
Root SocietyEsplanade and 10:00
Rose/ Sake Watering HoleArctic and 4:00
Rounds of RidiculumDesert and 7:30
Running ManArctic and 8:30
Sacred Sound and VisionHabitat and 3:00
Sacred SpaceCoral Reef and 9:00
Sacred Water TempleEsplanade and 3:30
Safer Sex Camp9:00 and Intertidal
SagradaEsplanade and Evolution
SakanomaEstuary and 4:30
Salon Soleil7:30 and Arctic
SCARABCoral Reef and 7:30
Secret ExchangeCenter Camp and 1:45
Sensorium4:00 and Arctic
Sensory Experience3:00 Plaza at 12:30
sexodomeEstuary and 9:00
Shady AsylumEstuary and 5:00
SHIFTEsplanade and 5:00
Shine BrothersGrassland and 4:30
Shoe Spray Shack7:30 Plaza at 9:30
Shuttle Bus Ticket Booth/Bus StopEvolution and Coral Reef
Shuttlecraft "Galileo"Arctic and 3:00
Silicon VillageCoral reef and 6:30
Silk CityArctic & 4:30
Slumber MarshalsIntertidal and 7:30
SlutgardenFreshwater and 9:00
Smitewithin Wheeeee!Ville
SmoochdomeArctic and 3:00
S'mores N AmourEstuary and 3:00
SmurfNutzIntertidal and 7:30
Snack Food Glory HoleGrassland and 3:00
Snow Koan SolarDesert and 7:30
Snowballs in Hell3:00 and Jungle
Snowflake VillageEsplanade and 7:00
Sophisticated Dare DeliveryFreshwater and 7:30
SouliciousArctic and 8:00
Space Basswithin Disorient
Space CowboysEsplanade & 4:00
Space Elevator10:00 and Habitat
Space VirginsEsplanade and 7:30
Spike's InfernoEvolution and Arctic
Spike's Vampire BarCenter Camp and 8:30
Spirit Dream Interpretation CafeEstuary and 9:00
Spoon Return CenterEvolution and Esplanade
Starfactory's Garden of HedonBoreal and 3:00
Starlight Express7:30 Plaza at 4:00
Static/Dynamic Band Camp3:00 and Estuary
Station 9 Medical Station and Camp9:00 and Coral Reef
Steam Bath Project8:30 and Arctic
Stellawithin Avalon Village
StiffyLube/Penetration Village9:00 and Freshwater
Strip JeopardyBoreal and Evolution
Summer CampFreshwater and 4:30
Summer of LoveCoral Reef and 9:00
Sunrise Coffee CampIntertidal and 9:00
SunvalleyCoral Reef and 3:00
SurlyCamp5:00 and Coral Reef
TahopiaDesert and 10:00
TangoBeso9:00 Plaza at 8:45
Tarwater6:30 and Arctic
Tell Mewithin Snowflake Village
Temple CrewCoral Reef and 10:00
Temple of All Godswithin Silicon Village
Tequila ShackLandfill and 9:00
The Man - A MuseumEspanade and Evolution
Tierra del Fuego4:30 and Estuary
Tiki Fuckoswithin Gigsville
Tillie's Service Stationwithin Asylum
TiticacaDesert and 3:00
Tittyman Camp, TheEstuary and 4:30
TOTEM Massage & Chillwithin Red Nose District
Toxic MartiniBoreal and 7:30
TransmorphagonEsplanade and 7:30
Trashistan is a Clockwork Monkeywithin Dr. Carl's Department of Collections
Tree Huggers CampHabitat and 7:30
Tribal Thunder7:30 and Esplanade
Tribe Tree, The7:30 and Boreal
True ProphetBoreal and 4:30
Tsunami4:30 and Esplanade
Turning Inspiration WorkshopCenter Camp and 3:15
Turqs and Cocoswithin Disorient
Turtle Island / Tiki Bar CampDesert and 4:30
Twilight of Time10:00 and Esplanade
Two LanternsArctic and 2:30
UBER TUBERSArctic and 4:00
Ultra Stunt Danger Academy4:30 and Arctic
Uncharted Territories, Thewithin Avalon Village
Unicornios Satunicos9:00 and Grassland
V-Spot, Thewithin Playa Info
VAMP CAMP7:30 Plaza at 2:30
Vedges & GimpsBoreal and 4:30
VegCamp7:30 and Esplanade
Velvet Soulmine4:30 and Arctic
Venice Beach Drum Circle Camp9:00 and Jungle
Vertical Camp4:30 & Boreal
Videogasmwithin Snowflake Village
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Campwithin Avalon Village
Volcano WorshipersHabitat and 4:30
Voodoo Shooting Gallery2:30 and Arctic
Voted Best Camp2:00 and Jungle
VW Bus CampIntertidal at 9:00
Wallace Camp - Solar Bearswithin The Devil's Workshop & Day Spa
Wattos Junk Yard3:00 and Arctic
We Come in PiecesIntertidal and 4:30
WHEEEEE!Villle3:30 and Coral Reef
Wheelie CampDesert and 9:30
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Tall Grass3:00 Plaza at 1:00
White Dragon Noodle Bar4:30 and Desert
WHO-VILLE4:30 and Freshwater
Why Clothes?Desert and 4:30
Wiggle Elf Enchanted ForestGrassland and 3:00
WigTownEstuary and 7:30
Wishing StarEvolution and Arctic
WonderloungeBoreal & 4:30
Yes PleaseEstuary and 9:00
Yes! Have SomeDesert and 9:00
You Are HereGrassland and 3:00
You Are That PigArctic and 5:30
You Know You Want It, Want It4:30 and Coral Reef
Yummy RUMInationsBoreal and 7:30
Yurt CafeEstuary and 7:30
ZanzibarBoreal and 7:30
Zen Methodist ChurchEstuary and 7:30
Zombies United10:00 and Estuary
ZooTownHabitat and 7:30

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Official Burningman map 2007

Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/placement07.html on Aug 3, 2007 (it's possible they might update it).

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