Burningman 2008
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Camp Name Address

Altitude LoungeEsplanade and 2:00
Opulent Temple2:00 and Esplanade
Nexus2:00 and Allante
Zookeeperz Camp2:00 and Bonneville
Brooklyn, Ca2:00 and Bonneville
Camp Incendiary Nation2:00 and Corvair
Emerald City2:00 and Dart
Inca Roads Kamp2:00 and Dart
Camp rEVOLution2:00 and Edsel
Planet Euphoria2:00 and Edsel
bass camp2:00 and Fairlane
Cyphertown Village2:00 and Fairlane
Energy Riders2:00 and Hummer
MOONBASS2:00 and Hummer
DETH GILD TOO2:00 and Impala
Get Lost2:00 and Jeep
Voted Best Camp2:00 and Jeep

coitus maximusEsplanade and 2:30
Easel ParkEsplanade and 2:30
Lego LandEsplanade and 2:30
Playa Go RoundEsplanade and 2:30
Petting ZOO2:30 and Allante

Cirque de FlambeEsplanade and 3:00 Portal
→ Damn Fuckin Texans
Esplanade and 3:00
HookahdomeEsplanade and 3:00
Playa SurfersEsplanade and 3:00 Portal
Advice Booth Camp3:00 Portal
ALBINO!3:00 Portal
Destiny Lounge3:00 Portal
Havana Vieja3:00 Portal
Narc! Narc!3:00 Portal
Poisoned Palace3:00 Portal
Smoochdome3:00 Portal
Z-Transform3:00 Portal
Black Rock JCCAllante and 3:00
BrigitAllante and 3:00
Den of IniquityAllante and 3:00
Kroanesian EmpireAllante and 3:00
Liquid Latex LoungeAllante and 3:00
Terminal City
→ 667:The Neighbors of the Beast
→ The Booby Bar
→ Camp Herring 1:1 Scale
→ M*A*S*H 4207th
→ Sex Filth Avenue Boutique
→ Shuttlecraft Galileo
Allante and 3:00
The Get Lit AsylumAllante and 3:00
Two Lanterns CampAllante and 3:00
First Transdimensional Bank3:00 Plaza at 9:30
Camp Unofficial3:00 Plaza at 10:00
The Red Eye3:00 Plaza at 11:00
Camp MahnaMahna3:00 Plaza at 1:00
Hokey Pokey Sunshine Hotel3:00 Plaza at 2:00
Red Rubber Tattoo3:00 Plaza at 2:00
Beaver Knows BestBonneville and 3:00
Black Rock Brews and ShoesBonneville and 3:00
Box Canyon BurnersBonneville and 3:00
Burning Dream Foreclosures and ReposBonneville and 3:00
Dr. Fate's Potion PalaceBonneville and 3:00
Gedi PrimeBonneville and 3:00
High StrungBonneville and 3:00
non-ProphetsBonneville and 3:00
Playa InternationalBonneville and 3:00
S'mores n AmourBonneville and 3:00
Stalker CampBonneville and 3:00
Time of Your Life!Bonneville and 3:00
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza at 3:30
Hundredth Monkey Camp3:00 Plaza at 4:00
Ice cubed3:00 Plaza at 5:00
Space Camp3:00 Plaza at 5:00
Truthiness3:00 Plaza at 7:00
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza at 7:30
Radio Free Burning Man3:00 Plaza at 8:00
Cave of the Echo People a` Trois3:00 Plaza at 8:30
BYBCorvair and 3:00
ESD Station 3/Fire Camp3:00 and Corvair
FusionValleyCorvair and 3:00
Leisure Sport CampCorvair and 3:00
Ranger Outpost Berlin3:00 and Corvair
Redirection Connection
→ Camp Gallavant
→ Lenny Camp
→ Northwest Mist
→ Risa
Corvair and 3:00
UBER TUBERSCorvair and 3:00
CoolTownDart and 3:00
EE CampDart and 3:00
FreedeliciousDart and 3:00
Ganesh's Playa Maya US3:00 and Dart
Gypsy Witch CampDart and 3:00
Honi Soit Croquet ClubDart and 3:00
Mint ConditionDart and 3:00
PoppycockDart and 3:00
VW Bus CampDart and 3:00
Campo Alegre3:00 and Edsel
deBOCCEry3:00 and Edsel
DeMentha Camp3:00 and Edsel
Flattery CampEdsel and 3:00
Lonely Half InchEdsel and 3:00
Math Camp @ Group WEdsel and 3:00
NecropolisEdsel and 3:00
Pee Funnel CampEdsel and 3:00
Pleasure IslandEdsel and 3:00
RealityEdsel and 3:00
SurlyCampEdsel and 3:00
american excess campFairlane and 3:00
Between Now and HereFairlane and 3:00
CampfireFairlane and 3:00
Church of Respect3:00 and Fairlane
Cosmic GiggleFairlane and 3:00
Harbor of Lost Souls aka W.Y. CampFairlane and 3:00
InJustUsFairlane and 3:00
Kamp KammaniwannalayaFairlane and 3:00
Kentucky Fried Camp3:00 and Fairlane
LothlorienFairlane and 3:00
Oobleck3:00 and Fairlane
The Wanderer's Camp aka PreBurnersFairlane and 3:00
THEME CampFairlane and 3:00
You Are Here3:00 and Fairlane
Camp Armageddon3:00 and Gremlin
Camp Insex3:00 and Gremlin
Disaster AreaGremlin and 3:00
Kung Fu Sock MonkeyGremlin and 3:00
Mission Country ClubGremlin and 3:00
Opposable ThumbsGremlin and 3:00
PixelstadGremlin and 3:00
SubzeroGremlin and 3:00
The Twenty-first Amendment 3:00 and Gremlin
Titicaca3:00 and Gremlin
eastern sierra burners3:00 and Hummer

Burners without BordersEsplanade and 3:30
Jub Jub's Plastic Circus
→ Yellow Bike Repair Camp
Esplanade and 3:30
Lustre Village
→ Cosmic Recess
Esplanade and 3:30
Save the ManEsplanade and 3:30
The Bomb SquadEsplanade and 3:30
Camp KleptoAllante and 3:30
Gypsy Art CampAllante and 3:30
Hoo Ha Effigy CampAllante and 3:30
nevada barbariansAllante and 3:30
Sacred SpacesAllante and 3:30
FreedomcommunityDart and 3:30
Moonbow CampDart and 3:30
→ Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro
→ Fickleodeon
3:30 and Dart
Blazin Raisin CampFairlane and 3:30
bmanbutton camp3:30 and Fairlane
Bubble Wrap Trap3:30 and Fairlane
Nipple Dip/Grilled Cheese IncidentFairlane and 3:30
StrayaFairlane and 3:30
The Pepper ConduitFairlane and 3:30

Camp I AmEsplanade and 4:00
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade and 4:00
Lost Penguin Cafe (The)Esplanade and 4:00
OBOPEsplanade and 4:00
VegCampEsplanade and 4:00
Entheon VillageAllante and 4:00
Pod Cluster Camp4:00 and Allante
Pyronauts CampAllante and 4:00
Temple CampAllante and 4:00
→ AKAirways
→ Hut of the GlamTech Warrior
→ Pornj Diamond Cloud
→ Space Bass
4:00 and Dart
Dust City Diner Dart and 4:00
Otter (R)Evolution #9Fairlane and 4:00
Skinny Kitty Teahouse4:00 and Fairlane

False Profit, LLCEsplanade and 4:30
SHIFTEsplanade and 4:30
Space Carp OrphansEsplanade and 4:30
American Steel and Steve23 for MayorEsplanade and 4:30 Portal
Death Guild / ThunderdomeEsplanade and 4:30 Portal
Camp Little Bitty4:30 Portal
Free Photography Zone4:30 Portal
Hardly Davidson Cafe4:30 Portal
Paranoia News Network4:30 Portal
pARTicipate4:30 Portal
Rigged to Flip4:30 Portal
Tsunami4:30 Portal
Bavarian Illuminati M/CAllante and 4:30
Black Rock Diner4:30 and Allante
Brain Freeze / Got Stickers CampAllante and 4:30
BuddhaCamp@theLotusDomeAllante and 4:30
DPW GhettoAllante and 4:30
Electric Dayglo LOVEpark4:30 and Allante
Relaxomatic PlushitoriumAllante and 4:30
Sake Watering HoleAllante and 4:30
Spock Mountain Research LabsAllante and 4:30
SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousAllante and 4:30
TOTEM Massage and ChillAllante and 4:30
True ProphetAllante and 4:30
Velvet Soul MineAllante and 4:30
Volcano Worshippers Take FlightAllante and 4:30
Camp Questionmark (CAMP?)Bonneville and 4:30
Camp Tramp Stamp Bonneville and 4:30
Camp World B FreeBonneville and 4:30
Coffee Zombies4:30 and Bonneville
Elven NationBonneville and 4:30
Genital Portrait StudioBonneville and 4:30
InComp-e-Care HMOBonneville and 4:30
Kamp Suckie Fuckaye4:30 and Bonneville
Misfit Nation4:30 and Bonneville
SunvalleyBonneville and 4:30
Temple of the 7th RayBonneville and 4:30
The Tittyman CampBonneville and 4:30
Water Works4:30 and Bonneville
AOXOMOXOACorvair and 4:30
Black Rock Burning Bingo4:30 and Corvair
Camp Makin' BaconCorvair and 4:30
Family of FriendsCorvair and 4:30
Hammock HangoutCorvair and 4:30
Melting Pot Massage/Body PaintingCorvair and 4:30
NAKED CITYCorvair and 4:30
Nice Nice4:30 and Corvair
Party Naked Tiki BarCorvair and 4:30
Potato CampCorvair and 4:30
pro leisure tourCorvair and 4:30
Waffling WaystationCorvair and 4:30
Wontonamo BayCorvair and 4:30
"Home Sweet Home" CampDart and 4:30
Bling BlingDart and 4:30
Brand-UR-Ass 'N More4:30 and Dart
Burner Scout Camp4:30 and Dart
EcosutraDart and 4:30
John Cougar Melon Camp and Alpha 7Dart and 4:30
Kimchee CampDart and 4:30
Martini Village
→ Camp Hanging Chad
→ Lollipop Shot Camp
Dart and 4:30
Spin-Art Camp4:30 and Dart
Astral HeadwashEdsel and 4:30
Burning LoveEdsel and 4:30
Camp NomadiaEdsel and 4:30
Clan DestinyEdsel and 4:30
Club Verboten4:30 and Edsel
DysmoniaEdsel and 4:30
RhythmWaveEdsel and 4:30
Sub Primal4:30 and Edsel
Tabula RasaEdsel and 4:30
Tierra del Fuego4:30 and Edsel
Vertical Camp4:30 and Edsel
Voodoo BistroEdsel and 4:30
Altar-nation4:30 and Fairlane
Awakened Mind TantraFairlane and 4:30
camp hookupFairlane and 4:30
Consensual Art CampFairlane and 4:30
Contact CampFairlane and 4:30
FrogmaFairlane and 4:30
HippocampusFairlane and 4:30
Kingdom of LoafingtonFairlane and 4:30
People's Art Congress (PAC)4:30 and Fairlane
Roarshack and The Lorax LoungeFairlane and 4:30
S.P.E.C.Fairlane and 4:30
Fuurther4:30 Plaza at 9:30
Shady Waffle4:30 Plaza at 10:00
Fiery Fractals4:30 Plaza at 11:00
Groovlite4:30 Plaza at 12:30
FLARETOPIA4:30 Plaza at 1:00
Ka Pilina4:30 Plaza at 2:00
Black Rock City Fitness CenterGremlin and 4:30
God BoxGremlin and 4:30
Hedonic Sensuous MassageGremlin and 4:30
Merkin DreamGremlin and 4:30
Salon SoleilGremlin and 4:30
Spirit Dream Interpretation CafeGremlin and 4:30
WigTownGremlin and 4:30
FALLOUT SHELTER4:30 Plaza at 4:00
New Jersey Camp4:30 Plaza at 5:00
Monoplaya4:30 Plaza at 6:30
Hodown Camp4:30 Plaza at 7:00
Epstein Barr and Lip-Sync Lounge4:30 Plaza at 8:30
ArconautsHummer and 4:30
Camp 54Hummer and 4:30
First Republic of SlackingHummer and 4:30
Taste-E-Vin CampHummer and 4:30
Uli Baba and the Horny Thieves4:30 and Hummer
You Know You Want it, Want itHummer and 4:30
Above The Limit4:30 and Impala

K-Svert 106.5FM radioEsplanade and 5:00
Red Nose DistrictEsplanade and 5:00
Spanky's Wine BarEsplanade and 5:00
the art of such n suchEsplanade and 5:00
The Hookah LoungeAllante and 5:00
Mystic, CampAllante and 5:00
Nectar Village
→ Bumblepuss
→ Chai and Empathy Bar
→ Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet
→ HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
→ Steambath Project
5:00 and Dart

illumination villageEsplanade and 5:30
Plug4Esplanade and 5:30
Broken and Dirty5:30 and Allante
Camp Spectacular5:30 and Allante
Iron RoseAllante and 5:30
SakenomaAllante and 5:30
Bell Camp5:30 and Bonneville
Bomb Bay Tea CompanyCorvair and 5:30
Burning Sam CampCorvair and 5:30
Canadian Wet DreamDart and 5:30
→ D Pink W
→ Hot Monkey Sox
5:30 and Dart
Local 33.33335:30 and Dart
Sumcamp5:30 and Dart
The DumpDart and 5:30
Tot LoungeDart and 5:30
Universitas ScholariumDart and 5:30
I'm OK You're OK CorralFairlane and 5:30

Secret Exchange CampCenter Camp at 1:15
Big Love DefeetCenter Camp at 1:30
Sa-hanna-tanaCenter Camp at 2:00
Wishing Star CampCenter Camp at 2:30
Spike's Vampire BarCenter Camp at 3:00
Angels and ShamansCenter Camp Portal East
BMIR 94.5 FMCenter Camp Portal East
Carny CampCenter Camp Portal East
FrozoneAllante East and Center Camp
Law Officer Oversight Project-LOOPCenter Camp Portal East
Heaven's GhettoCenter Camp Portal East
Playa Info
→ The V-SPoT
Center Camp Portal East
The Necklace FactoryCenter Camp at 3:45
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp at 4:30
Lamplighter ChapelCenter Camp at 5:15
Byron Bay Beach Bungalow6:00 and Center Camp
Recycle CampCenter Camp at 6:00
Black Rock City Hardware ShoppeCenter Camp at 6:15
Bike Rock CityCenter Camp at 6:30
Vedges and Gimps CampCenter Camp at 6:45
HOT WHEELZ CAMPCenter Camp at 7:00
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp at 7:30
Mutant Audio OutpostCenter Camp at 8:00
BRCPO/BMCPOCenter Camp at 9:00
InebriatiCenter Camp Portal West
Strip JeopardyAllante West and Center Camp
picasso campCenter Camp Portal West
OMCCCenter Camp at 9:30
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryCenter Camp at 9:45
Playa Jazz CafeCenter Camp at 10:15
Media Mecca Center Camp at 10:30
DMVThe Wheel at 12:30
Ranger HQThe Wheel at 12:45
ESD Main MedicalThe Wheel at 1:00
Earth GuardiansThe Wheel at 1:15
Zombie UnicornThe Wheel at 1:45
Black Rock Roller DiscoThe Wheel at 2:15
Cheese Bag Pipe The Wheel at 2:30
Camp WelcomeThe Wheel at 2:45
Dirty Love CampThe Wheel at 3:00
Psychic TaxiThe Wheel at 3:15
Playa ChooChooThe Wheel at 3:30
Historical Marker #65The Wheel at 3:45
The Black Rock Country ClubThe Wheel at 4:00
Fort KanuckistanThe Wheel at 4:15
VinlandThe Wheel at 4:30
Persian ExcursionThe Wheel at 4:45
Burning MaryThe Wheel at 5:00
Lamplighter VillageThe Wheel at 5:15
Busted!The Wheel at 5:30
The Pickle JointThe Wheel at 5:45
Bus Depot campThe Wheel at 6:00
Greeters Camp6:00 and The Wheel
paint a mural camp6:00 and The Wheel
O(h)mlandThe Wheel at 6:15
Oasis 47The Wheel at 6:45
Camp Upsie-DasiumThe Wheel at 7:00
ArcticaThe Wheel at 7:15
Lance LandThe Wheel at 7:15
Equipment yard Support ServicesThe Wheel at 7:30
TransmorphagonThe Wheel at 8:00
Black Rock YearbookThe Wheel at 8:15
Random Pizza ExperienceThe Wheel at 8:15
Liminal LabsThe Wheel at 8:30
BioluminatiThe Wheel at 9:00
Yogi and Delta's Asana-ManiaThe Wheel at 9:15
Tarotist Training CampThe Wheel at 9:30
Pandora's Lounge and Fix It ShoppeThe Wheel at 9:45
Billion Bunnies: Bunny Nation!The Wheel at 10:00
Black Forest Bars Gypsy Punk DreamThe Wheel at 10:00
Fire Conclave ConvergenceThe Wheel at 10:15
TV Free Burning ManThe Wheel at 10:15
ARTeryThe Wheel at 10:30
The Man - a museum IIThe Wheel at 10:45
Black Rock Arts FoundationThe Wheel at 11:00
Black Rock SolarThe Wheel at 11:00
Regional Network CenterThe Wheel at 11:00
JourneysAllante East and The Wheel
Pan's GardenAllante East and The Wheel
Blue OasisAllante West and The Wheel
Camp of Doom (of DOOM!)Allante West and The Wheel
Camp: Zoltar fortune tellerAllante West and The Wheel
Hissy FitAllante West and The Wheel
Art Car CampCorvair and The Wheel
BLDDart and The Wheel
Green Tortoise CampDart and The Wheel
BurningSky6:00 and Dart
Camp Green ZoneDart and 6:00
CouchSurfing CampDart and 6:00
FandangoDart and 6:00
RECLINERSDart and 6:00
American DreamersFairlane and 6:00
Anonymous VillageFairlane and 6:00
Black Rock University Heights, Inc6:00 and Fairlane
Sanctuary Support CampFairlane and 6:00
ZONDERNAAM6:00 and Fairlane

ArachnophobiaEsplanade and 6:30
Avant YardEsplanade and 6:30
Dr. Carl's Dept. of CollectionsEsplanade and 6:30
kinkos postcardsEsplanade and 6:30
A Bordello of Dust Allante and 6:30
Black Mamba's Imaginarium6:30 and Allante
Bunny CampAllante and 6:30
Love Potion CampAllante and 6:30
Conexus Radiance Factory6:30 and Corvair
Alternative Energy Zone Village
→ Art Model Camp
Dart and 6:30
Camp Dustification6:30 and Dart
Camp Jello ShotDart and 6:30
Camp Shrunken Heads6:30 and Dart
hookah homesteadDart and 6:30
Silicon Village
→ Playatech: Black Rock Timeshares
→ Semuta Lounge
Dart and 6:30
Yummy RUMInationsDart and 6:30
BLOOP!6:30 and Fairlane

Area 47 - Space Virgins, DV8, ++Esplanade and 7:00
Deep Heaven: Living the DreamEsplanade and 7:00
Phoenix Circle VillageEsplanade and 7:00
Snowflake Village
→ Black Rock Fun Jet
→ Clevian Circularity
→ Pleasure Garden
→ Shack of Sit
→ Videogasm
Esplanade and 7:00
Subterranean PsychedellicEsplanade and 7:00
Tribal ThunderEsplanade and 7:00
Big Puffy Yellow Camp7:00 and Allante
Black Rock Bureau of HospitalityAllante and 7:00
Camp ChippatoothAllante and 7:00
The ExploratoriumAllante and 7:00
→ Taosynergy
Dart and 7:00

Astral LoungeEsplanade and 7:30
Castra Roto Thema Thematis-C.R.T.TEsplanade and 7:30
Mischief CampEsplanade and 7:30
Neo AntiquityEsplanade and 7:30
PrometheatricsEsplanade and 7:30
Radio Electra 89.9 FMEsplanade and 7:30
UrbanArtFarm/BlackRockCityBalletEsplanade and 7:30 Portal
!Zoom!Esplanade and 7:30 Portal
American Jungle of Earthly Delights7:30 Portal
Cohesion7:30 Portal
Cougar Melon Camp7:30 Portal
Golden Cafe7:30 Portal
Lepidodgera7:30 Portal
The Pink Spot7:30 Portal
Tissue and a Plan7:30 Portal
Asylum: Main Street USA
→ Camp No Evil
→ Church of the Pink Sock
→ King Of America
→ Oaktopia Oaktopuss
→ Orgasmateria Pleasure Lab
→ Psychonauts
→ Rubber Chicken Camp
→ Whiskey and Whores Saloon
7:30 and Allante
Baggage CheckAllante and 7:30
Blacklight Aquarium, TheAllante and 7:30
Citizen EarthAllante and 7:30
→ Bubble Lounge
7:30 and Allante
Pixel ZombiesAllante and 7:30
PolyParadiseAllante and 7:30
SmurfNutzAllante and 7:30
Sore Nipple CampAllante and 7:30
The Knarly CarnivalAllante and 7:30
Wedding Camp (aka Heavenly Swing)Allante and 7:30
ZENER Camp / The Tuck RepublicAllante and 7:30
American Wet Dream CampBonneville and 7:30
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)Bonneville and 7:30
Dr Le Taudrie's Freak Show7:30 and Bonneville
Inspiratum7:30 and Bonneville
iUniverse7:30 and Bonneville
ManyFest Destiny7:30 and Bonneville
Soulicious7:30 and Bonneville
Sparky's House of PhlameBonneville and 7:30
Suspense CampBonneville and 7:30
"Playfully Yours"Corvair and 7:30
Camp FishyCorvair and 7:30
Contraptionists7:30 and Corvair
Grail de GrafenbergCorvair and 7:30
Mile High ClubCorvair and 7:30
Schaweet and NoiceCorvair and 7:30
Snow Koan SolarCorvair and 7:30
Sukkat ShalomCorvair and 7:30
Where's Waldo? CampCorvair and 7:30
ZanzibarCorvair and 7:30
Abstininthe7:30 and Dart
American Suburban Gladiators7:30 and Dart
BOXXUS NEXUSDart and 7:30
Camp Make Good ChoicesDart and 7:30
Circus MaximusDart and 7:30
Debase Camp7:30 and Dart
FiascoDart and 7:30
Fur BarDart and 7:30
I (heart) the American DreamDart and 7:30
Interaction CafeDart and 7:30
Kegel Kamp and Jewelry ExchangeDart and 7:30
ReGroove.A.NationDart and 7:30
SpudvilleDart and 7:30
Tasty CampDart and 7:30
Amerikesh7:30 and Edsel
Apocalypse Lounge7:30 and Edsel
Birds of PlayadiseEdsel and 7:30
BRC Animal Control7:30 and Edsel
BRC Photo Studio - April MassirioEdsel and 7:30
Camp ... in Bed / Philthy SanchezEdsel and 7:30
Camp My Way!Edsel and 7:30
Camp Organized ConfusionEdsel and 7:30
Cartoon CommuneEdsel and 7:30
Circus Boot Camp7:30 and Edsel
Hang-OutEdsel and 7:30
Love Puddle PlaygroundEdsel and 7:30
Narration StationEdsel and 7:30
Outpost23Edsel and 7:30
Playa Book of Records7:30 and Edsel
Slumber MarshallsEdsel and 7:30
sober Free societyEdsel and 7:30
beeCHARGE!!!Fairlane and 7:30
Boonville CabaretFairlane and 7:30
Boozy BUNKOFairlane and 7:30
Comfort and JoyFairlane and 7:30
Mellow MountainFairlane and 7:30
N-Gon Inc. 2008Fairlane and 7:30
Orgasmic Carrot Camp7:30 and Fairlane
Quick Fix CampFairlane and 7:30
Safer Sex CampFairlane and 7:30
Sophisticated Dare Delivery7:30 and Fairlane
The EldersFairlane and 7:30
To Serve BunniesFairlane and 7:30
Primitive Technologies7:30 Plaza at 10:00
Whiskey and Insults7:30 Plaza at 11:00
VAMP CAMP7:30 Plaza at 1:00
Camp Fuck Yeah!7:30 Plaza at 2:00
PYRAMID SCHEME7:30 Plaza at 2:00
Dilated Peoples Eye SpaGremlin and 7:30
Mooncake RebellionGremlin and 7:30
Post-Apocalyptic Dust PiratesGremlin and 7:30
Starlight ExpressGremlin and 7:30
StiffyLube / Penetration VillageGremlin and 7:30
Mothership 11:117:30 Plaza at 5:00
XpAt Alien7:30 Plaza at 6:30
Joy Scout Boarder Services7:30 Plaza at 7:30
White Dragon Noodle Bar7:30 Plaza at 8:00
Black Rock LemonadeHummer and 7:30
Burning Green eXpress7:30 and Hummer

Fifth Dimension
→ The Bouncy Bouncy Club
→ Chorus of Dreams
→ Philadelphia Experiment
→ Putt-Putt Playa
Esplanade and 8:00
LeapManEsplanade and 8:00
NYrvana Village
→ Kostume Kult
→ NYC Container Camp
→ Skyline Camp
→ Untied Nations Embassy
Esplanade and 8:00
Aetherville StripMaul8:00 and Allante
BohemiaDart and 8:00
Carbon DioxideDart and 8:00
fixxxation station8:00 and Dart
Island of the Lost CupcakesDart and 8:00
ToneAge - American Dreamz8:00 and Dart
Black Rose City Halluci-NationFairlane and 8:00
Crown Collective8:00 and Fairlane
Hung Far Low8:00 and Fairlane
yes pleaseFairlane and 8:00

Black Rock City Fallout ShelterEsplanade and 8:30
Burntown 2 Electric BoogalooEsplanade and 8:30
Shadebearers' Temporate ZoneEsplanade and 8:30
Shaye for President Headquarters8:30 and Esplanade
The Hive
→ Automatic Subconscious
→ Boston Container Camp
→ Camp Blank
→ Camp Here
→ Kaos
→ Raging Madness
Esplanade and 8:30
Wheel of KarmaEsplanade and 8:30
Big Mother is Listening8:30 and Allante
LE KAFE8:30 and Allante
Life Thongs, Pursuit of Happiness8:30 and Allante
Stardust LoungeAllante at 8:30
TikiFuckosAllante at 8:30
Venus Casbah8:30 and Allante
Avalon Village
→ Astropups
→ Camp Montage
→ Camp Stella
→ Celestial Bodies
→ Fairy Land
→ Quixote's Cabaret Club and Bar
→ Uncharted Territories
→ Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp
Dart and 8:30
PLEASair8:30 and Dart
The Time Colony8:30 and Dart
Pink Mammoth8:30 and Fairlane
Point Being8:30 and Fairlane

...and then there's only LOVE.
→ Black Rock City Canoe Club
Esplanade and 9:00
Church of Chill
→ The ManifeStation
Esplanade and 9:00
HomeEsplanade and 9:00
Image NodeEsplanade and 9:00
Fu*king Unicorn CampEsplanade and 9:00 Portal
Shipwreck tiki loungeEsplanade and 9:00 Portal
FreeStyle Palace9:00 Portal
Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica9:00 Portal
Star Factory9:00 Portal
Deviant Playground9:00 Portal and Allante
Voodoo Shooting Gallery9:00 Portal and Allante
Chop ShopAllante and 9:00
DisgracelandAllante and 9:00
doot doot BOOM!Allante at 9:00
Love to BoneAllante and 9:00
Native American DreamAllante at 9:00
Snack Food Glory HoleAllante and 9:00
The Americas' Immigrant CampAllante and 9:00
THE MISTING DOMEAllante and 9:00
Want ItAllante and 9:00
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza at 9:30
Pygmalions: We're Still Friends9:00 Plaza at 10:30
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza at 11:30
home9:00 Plaza at 1:00
Photogartho9:00 Plaza at 1:30
Burntown9:00 Plaza at 2:30
American Dream CatchersBonneville and 9:00
ArtEastBonneville and 9:00
Austria - no stars, just stripesBonneville and 9:00
Don't Ask A TexanBonneville and 9:00
Great American Wienie CampBonneville and 9:00
LAFers Bonneville at 9:00
Mad FlavaBonneville and 9:00
Sweaty Betty's Misting ParlorBonneville and 9:00
The Tuna GuysBonneville and 9:00
World Revolution DiscoBonneville at 9:00
Moonshine Tavern9:00 Plaza at 3:30
Ice-99:00 Plaza at 4:30
Phantoccino Theatre9:00 Plaza at 5:00
Black Rock Beacon9:00 Plaza at 7:00
Black Rock City Post Office9:00 Plaza at 7:30
The Rue Morgue9:00 Plaza at 8:00
Asshole Spotlight CampCorvair and 9:00
Black Rock City Community CenterCorvair and 9:00
Cool Aid OasisCorvair and 9:00
EquilibriumCorvair and 9:00
ESD Station 9/ Med Camp9:00 and Corvair
Horny CampCorvair and 9:00
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 at Corvair
Club BamBam9:00 and Dart
Furniture Car Rally CampDart and 9:00
Laughing MonkeyDart and 9:00
Midnight RidazzDart and 9:00
ShadyvilDart and 9:00
Apre's Ski BRCEdsel and 9:00
Camp CarribeanEdsel and 9:00
Camp kickstandEdsel and 9:00
Desert Queen9:00 and Edsel
Playaball Hoops MadnessEdsel and 9:00
Snuggletown!Edsel and 9:00
Sunrise Coffee CampEdsel at 9:00
Tennis CampEdsel and 9:00
The Duck Pond9:00 and Edsel
Yurt CafeEdsel and 9:00
A Camp With No Name9:00 and Fairlane
American IdleFairlane and 9:00
Chai-HanaFairlane and 9:00
Geisha House9:00 and Fairlane
PORN and EGGSFairlane and 9:00
Slutgarden9:00 and Fairlane
That Bloody CampFairlane and 9:00
The Deep End9:00 and Fairlane
The Reno Housewives9:00 and Fairlane
Andy's Wonder Factory9:00 and Gremlin
DodgePodge9:00 and Gremlin
E.Z.R.A. Presents: LIT UPGremlin and 9:00
EXCESSGremlin and 9:00
Freedom loungeGremlin and 9:00
Gifted campGremlin and 9:00
Lip ServiceGremlin and 9:00
MootopiaGremlin and 9:00
The Gold Fever GangGremlin and 9:00
Unicornios SatanicosGremlin and 9:00
Black Rock Yacht ClubHummer and 9:00
Garden of Hedon9:00 and Hummer
Planetarium Camp9:00 and Hummer
Sacred SpaceHummer and 9:00
Tequila Shack9:00 and Hummer

Bat CountryEsplanade and 9:30
Diva Boot CampEsplanade and 9:30
Flaming SinEsplanade and 9:30
PseudoFeds of the PlayaGonEsplanade and 9:30
robot ranglersEsplanade and 9:30
ACIREMA9:30 and Allante
Biergarten - The All American9:30 and Allante
Department of Dreamland SecurityAllante and 9:30
DUSTFISHAllante and 9:30

Crazy HorseEsplanade and 10:00
Root Society10:00 and Esplanade
Gravitypoint10:00 and Allante
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 and Allante
Get Nailed Salon10:00 and Bonneville
Hallowicked10:00 and Bonneville
Ambivert's Wild West Saloon10:00 and Corvair
Purple Palace Camp10:00 and Corvair
Garage Mahal10:00 and Dart
Robot He(art)10:00 and Edsel
Ellipsis10:00 and Fairlane
Funky Town10:00 and Fairlane
Pink Pussy Cats10:00 and Gremlin
Planet Pink10:00 and Hummer
Don't Poke The10:00 and Impala
Space Elevator10:00 and Jeep

Airport - BRC Port of EntryAirport

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Color coding:

Center Camp
These colors were chosen so the closest street to The Man (ie Esplanade) represented flames, heat, ie red, then going through the rainbow until the outermost street (ie Kcar).

This has a side-effect of enabling easy navigation as you travel along the (circular) streets: just keep referring to the same color.

Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/placement08.html on Jul 31, 2008 (it's possible they might update it).

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