Burningman 2008
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Camp Name Address
667:The Neighbors of the Beastwithin Terminal City
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza at 11:30
A Bordello of Dust Allante and 6:30
Above The Limit4:30 and Impala
Abstininthe7:30 and Dart
A Camp With No Name9:00 and Fairlane
ACIREMA9:30 and Allante
Advice Booth Camp3:00 Portal
Aetherville StripMaul8:00 and Allante
Airport - BRC Port of EntryAirport
AKAirwayswithin Disorient
ALBINO!3:00 Portal
Altar-nation4:30 and Fairlane
Alternative Energy Zone VillageDart and 6:30
Altitude LoungeEsplanade and 2:00
Ambivert's Wild West Saloon10:00 and Corvair
American Dream CatchersBonneville and 9:00
American DreamersFairlane and 6:00
american excess campFairlane and 3:00
American IdleFairlane and 9:00
American Jungle of Earthly Delights7:30 Portal
American Steel and Steve23 for MayorEsplanade and 4:30 Portal
American Suburban Gladiators7:30 and Dart
American Wet Dream CampBonneville and 7:30
Amerikesh7:30 and Edsel
...and then there's only LOVE.Esplanade and 9:00
Andy's Wonder Factory9:00 and Gremlin
Angels and ShamansCenter Camp Portal East
Anonymous VillageFairlane and 6:00
AOXOMOXOACorvair and 4:30
Apocalypse Lounge7:30 and Edsel
APOKILIPTIIKAwithin Terminal City
Apre's Ski BRCEdsel and 9:00
ArachnophobiaEsplanade and 6:30
ArconautsHummer and 4:30
ArcticaThe Wheel at 7:15
Area 47 - Space Virgins, DV8, ++Esplanade and 7:00
Art Car CampCorvair and The Wheel
ArtEastBonneville and 9:00
ARTeryThe Wheel at 10:30
Art Model Campwithin Alternative Energy Zone
A Shack of Sitwithin Snowflake Village
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)Bonneville and 7:30
Asshole Spotlight CampCorvair and 9:00
Astral HeadwashEdsel and 4:30
Astral LoungeEsplanade and 7:30
Astropups within Avalon Village
Asylum: Main Street USA7:30 and Allante
Austria - no stars, just stripesBonneville and 9:00
Automatic Subconsciouswithin The Boston Hive
Avalon VillageDart and 8:30
Avant YardEsplanade and 6:30
Awakened Mind TantraFairlane and 4:30
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza at 7:30
Baggage CheckAllante and 7:30
Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistrowithin Wheeeee!Ville
bass camp2:00 and Fairlane
Bat CountryEsplanade and 9:30
Bavarian Illuminati M/CAllante and 4:30
Beaver Knows BestBonneville and 3:00
beeCHARGE!!!Fairlane and 7:30
Bell Camp5:30 and Bonneville
Between Now and HereFairlane and 3:00
Biergarten - The All American9:30 and Allante
Big Love DefeetCenter Camp at 1:30
Big Mother is Listening8:30 and Allante
Big Puffy Yellow Camp7:00 and Allante
Bike Rock CityCenter Camp at 6:30
Billion Bunnies: Bunny Nation!The Wheel at 10:00
BioluminatiThe Wheel at 9:00
Birds of PlayadiseEdsel and 7:30
Black Forest Bars Gypsy Punk DreamThe Wheel at 10:00
Blacklight Aquarium, TheAllante and 7:30
Black Mamba's Imaginarium6:30 and Allante
Black Rock Arts FoundationThe Wheel at 11:00
Black Rock Beacon9:00 Plaza at 7:00
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp at 4:30
Black Rock Brews and ShoesBonneville and 3:00
Black Rock Bureau of HospitalityAllante and 7:00
Black Rock Burning Bingo4:30 and Corvair
Black Rock City Canoe Clubwithin And Then There's Only Love
Black Rock City Community CenterCorvair and 9:00
Black Rock City Fallout ShelterEsplanade and 8:30
Black Rock City Fitness CenterGremlin and 4:30
Black Rock City Hardware ShoppeCenter Camp at 6:15
Black Rock City Post Office9:00 Plaza at 7:30
Black Rock Diner4:30 and Allante
Black Rock Fun Jetwithin Snowflake Village
Black Rock JCCAllante and 3:00
Black Rock LemonadeHummer and 7:30
Black Rock Roller DiscoThe Wheel at 2:15
Black Rock SolarThe Wheel at 11:00
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryCenter Camp at 9:45
Black Rock University Heights, Inc6:00 and Fairlane
Black Rock Yacht ClubHummer and 9:00
Black Rock YearbookThe Wheel at 8:15
Black Rose City Halluci-NationFairlane and 8:00
Blazin Raisin CampFairlane and 3:30
BLDDart and The Wheel
Bling BlingDart and 4:30
BLOOP!6:30 and Fairlane
Blue OasisAllante West and The Wheel
bmanbutton camp3:30 and Fairlane
BMIR 94.5 FMCenter Camp Portal East
BohemiaDart and 8:00
Bomb Bay Tea CompanyCorvair and 5:30
Boonville CabaretFairlane and 7:30
Boozy BUNKOFairlane and 7:30
Boston Container Campwithin the hive
Box Canyon BurnersBonneville and 3:00
BOXXUS NEXUSDart and 7:30
Brain Freeze / Got Stickers CampAllante and 4:30
Brand-UR-Ass 'N More4:30 and Dart
BRC Animal Control7:30 and Edsel
BRC Photo Studio - April MassirioEdsel and 7:30
BRCPO/BMCPOCenter Camp at 9:00
BrigitAllante and 3:00
Broken and Dirty5:30 and Allante
Brooklyn, Ca2:00 and Bonneville
Bubble Loungewithin Mal-Mart
Bubble Wrap Trap3:30 and Fairlane
BuddhaCamp@theLotusDomeAllante and 4:30
Bumblepusswithin Nectar Village
Bunny CampAllante and 6:30
Burner Scout Camp4:30 and Dart
Burners without BordersEsplanade and 3:30
Burning Dream Foreclosures and ReposBonneville and 3:00
Burning Green eXpress7:30 and Hummer
Burning LoveEdsel and 4:30
Burning MaryThe Wheel at 5:00
Burning Sam CampCorvair and 5:30
BurningSky6:00 and Dart
Burntown 2 Electric BoogalooEsplanade and 8:30
Burntown9:00 Plaza at 2:30
Bus Depot campThe Wheel at 6:00
Busted!The Wheel at 5;30
BYBCorvair and 3:00
Byron Bay Beach Bungalow6:00 and Center Camp
Camp 54Hummer and 4:30
Camp Armageddon3:00 and Gremlin
Camp Blankwithin The Hive
Camp CarribeanEdsel and 9:00
Camp ChippatoothAllante and 7:00
Camp Dustification6:30 and Dart
CampfireFairlane and 3:00
Camp FishyCorvair and 7:30
Camp Fuck Yeah!7:30 Plaza at 2:00
Camp Gallavantwithin Redirection Connection
Camp Green ZoneDart and 6:00
Camp Hanging Chadwithin Martini Village
Camp Herewithin The Hive
Camp Herring 1:1 Scalewithin Terminal City Village
camp hookupFairlane and 4:30
Camp I AmEsplanade and 4:00
Camp ... in Bed / Philthy SanchezEdsel and 7:30
Camp Incendiary Nation2:00 and Corvair
Camp Insex3:00 and Gremlin
Camp Jello ShotDart and 6:30
Camp kickstandEdsel and 9:00
Camp KleptoAllante and 3:30
Camp Little Bitty4:30 Portal
Camp MahnaMahna3:00 Plaza at 1:00
Camp Make Good ChoicesDart and 7:30
Camp Makin' BaconCorvair and 4:30
Camp Montagewithin Avalon Village
Camp My Way!Edsel and 7:30
Camp No Evilwithin Asylum Village
Camp NomadiaEdsel and 4:30
Campo Alegre3:00 and Edsel
Camp of Doom (of DOOM!)Allante West and The Wheel
Camp Organized ConfusionEdsel and 7:30
Camp Questionmark (CAMP?)Bonneville and 4:30
Camp rEVOLution2:00 and Edsel
Camp Shrunken Heads6:30 and Dart
Camp Spectacular5:30 and Allante
Camp Stellawithin Avalon Village
Camp Tramp Stamp Bonneville and 4:30
Camp Unofficial3:00 Plaza at 10:00
Camp Upsie-DasiumThe Wheel at 7:00
Camp WelcomeThe Wheel at 2:45
Camp World B FreeBonneville and 4:30
Camp: Zoltar fortune tellerAllante West and The Wheel
Canadian Wet DreamDart and 5:30
Carbon DioxideDart and 8:00
Carny CampCenter Camp Portal East
Cartoon CommuneEdsel and 7:30
Castra Roto Thema Thematis-C.R.T.TEsplanade and 7:30
Cave of the Echo People a` Trois3:00 Plaza at 8:30
Celestial Bodieswithin Avalon Village
Chai and Empathy Barwithin Nectar Village
Chai-HanaFairlane and 9:00
Cheese Bag Pipe The Wheel at 2:30
Chop ShopAllante and 9:00
Chorus of Dreamswithin The Fifth Dimension
Church of ChillEsplanade and 9:00
Church of Respect3:00 and Fairlane
Church of the Pink Sockwithin Asylum Village
Circus Boot Camp7:30 and Edsel
Circus MaximusDart and 7:30
Cirque de FlambeEsplanade and 3:00 Portal
Citizen EarthAllante and 7:30
Clan DestinyEdsel and 4:30
Clevian Circularitywithin Snowflake Village
Club BamBam9:00 and Dart
Club Verboten4:30 and Edsel
Coffee Zombies4:30 and Bonneville
Cohesion7:30 Portal
coitus maximusEsplanade and 2:30
Comfort and JoyFairlane and 7:30
Conexus Radiance Factory6:30 and Corvair
Consensual Art CampFairlane and 4:30
Contact CampFairlane and 4:30
Contraptionists7:30 and Corvair
Cool Aid OasisCorvair and 9:00
CoolTownDart and 3:00
Cosmic GiggleFairlane and 3:00
Cosmic Recess within Lustre Village
Costco Soulmate Trading Outletwithin Nectar Village
CouchSurfing CampDart and 6:00
Cougar Melon Camp7:30 Portal
Crazy HorseEsplanade and 10:00
Crown Collective8:00 and Fairlane
Cyphertown Village2:00 and Fairlane
Damn Fuckin Texanswithin Gigsville
Death Guild / ThunderdomeEsplanade and 4:30 Portal
Debase Camp7:30 and Dart
deBOCCEry3:00 and Edsel
Deep Heaven: Living the DreamEsplanade and 7:00
DeMentha Camp3:00 and Edsel
Den of IniquityAllante and 3:00
Department of Dreamland SecurityAllante and 9:30
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade and 4:00
Desert Queen9:00 and Edsel
Destiny Lounge3:00 Portal
DETH GILD TOO2:00 and Impala
Deviant Playground9:00 Portal and Allante
Dilated Peoples Eye SpaGremlin and 7:30
Dirty Love CampThe Wheel at 3:00
Disaster AreaGremlin and 3:00
DisgracelandAllante and 9:00
Disorient4:00 and Dart
Diva Boot CampEsplanade and 9:30
DMVThe Wheel at 12:30
DodgePodge9:00 and Gremlin
Don't Ask A TexanBonneville and 9:00
Don't Poke The10:00 and Impala
doot doot BOOM!Allante at 9:00
D Pink Wwithin Kidsville
DPW GhettoAllante and 4:30
Dr. Carl's Dept. of CollectionsEsplanade and 6:30
Dr. Fate's Potion PalaceBonneville and 3:00
Dr Le Taudrie's Freak Show7:30 and Bonneville
Dust City Diner Dart and 4:00
DUSTFISHAllante and 9:30
DysmoniaEdsel and 4:30
Earth GuardiansThe Wheel at 1:15
Easel ParkEsplanade and 2:30
eastern sierra burners3:00 and Hummer
EcosutraDart and 4:30
EE CampDart and 3:00
Electric Dayglo LOVEpark4:30 and Allante
Ellipsis10:00 and Fairlane
Elven NationBonneville and 4:30
Emerald City2:00 and Dart
Energy Riders2:00 and Hummer
Entheon VillageAllante and 4:00
Epstein Barr and Lip-Sync Lounge4:30 Plaza at 8:30
EquilibriumCorvair and 9:00
Equipment yard Support ServicesThe Wheel at 7:30
ESD Main MedicalThe Wheel at 1:00
ESD Station 3/Fire Camp3:00 and Corvair
ESD Station 9/ Med Camp9:00 and Corvair
EXCESSGremlin and 9:00
E.Z.R.A. Presents: LIT UPGremlin and 9:00
Fairy Landwithin Avalon Village
FALLOUT SHELTER4:30 Plaza at 4:00
False Profit, LLCEsplanade and 4:30
Family of FriendsCorvair and 4:30
FandangoDart and 6:00
FiascoDart and 7:30
Fickleodeonwithin Wheeeee!Ville
Fiery Fractals4:30 Plaza at 11:00
Fifth DimensionEsplanade and 8:00
Fire Conclave ConvergenceThe Wheel at 10:15
First Republic of SlackingHummer and 4:30
First Transdimensional Bank3:00 Plaza at 9:30
fixxxation station8:00 and Dart
Flaming SinEsplanade and 9:30
FLARETOPIA4:30 Plaza at 1:00
Flattery CampEdsel and 3:00
Fort KanuckistanThe Wheel at 4:15
FreedeliciousDart and 3:00
FreedomcommunityDart and 3:30
Freedom loungeGremlin and 9:00
Free Photography Zone4:30 Portal
FreeStyle Palace9:00 Portal
FrogmaFairlane and 4:30
FrozoneAllante East and Center Camp
Fu*king Unicorn CampEsplanade and 9:00 Portal
Funky Town10:00 and Fairlane
Fur BarDart and 7:30
Furniture Car Rally CampDart and 9:00
FusionValleyCorvair and 3:00
Fuurther4:30 Plaza at 9:30
Ganesh's Playa Maya US3:00 and Dart
Garage Mahal10:00 and Dart
Garden of Hedon9:00 and Hummer
Gedi PrimeBonneville and 3:00
Geisha House9:00 and Fairlane
Genital Portrait StudioBonneville and 4:30
Get Lost2:00 and Jeep
Get Nailed Salon10:00 and Bonneville
Gifted campGremlin and 9:00
GigsvilleEsplanade and 3:00
God BoxGremlin and 4:30
Golden Cafe7:30 Portal
Grail de GrafenbergCorvair and 7:30
Gravitypoint10:00 and Allante
Great American Wienie CampBonneville and 9:00
Green Gorilla Lounge10:00 and Allante
Green Tortoise CampDart and The Wheel
Greeters Camp6:00 and The Wheel
Groovlite4:30 Plaza at 12:30
Gypsy Art CampAllante and 3:30
Gypsy Witch CampDart and 3:00
Hallowicked10:00 and Bonneville
Hammock HangoutCorvair and 4:30
Hang-OutEdsel and 7:30
Harbor of Lost Souls aka W.Y. CampFairlane and 3:00
Hardly Davidson Cafe4:30 Portal
Havana Vieja3:00 Portal
Heaven's GhettoCenter Camp Portal East
Hedonic Sensuous MassageGremlin and 4:30
HeeBeeGeeBee Healerswithin Nectar Village
High StrungBonneville and 3:00
HippocampusFairlane and 4:30
Hissy FitAllante West and The Wheel
Historical Marker #65The Wheel at 3:45
Hodown Camp4:30 Plaza at 7:00
Hokey Pokey Sunshine Hotel3:00 Plaza at 2:00
"Home Sweet Home" CampDart and 4:30
home9:00 Plaza at 1:00
HomeEsplanade and 9:00
Honi Soit Croquet ClubDart and 3:00
Hoo Ha Effigy CampAllante and 3:30
HookahdomeEsplanade and 3:00
hookah homesteadDart and 6:30
Horny CampCorvair and 9:00
Hot Monkey Soxwithin Kidsville
HOT WHEELZ CAMPCenter Camp at 7:00
Hundredth Monkey Camp3:00 Plaza at 4:00
Hung Far Low8:00 and Fairlane
HushvilleDart and 7:00
Hut of the GlamTech Warriorwithin Disorient
Ice-99:00 Plaza at 4:30
Ice cubed3:00 Plaza at 5:00
I (heart) the American DreamDart and 7:30
illumination villageEsplanade and 5:30
Image NodeEsplanade and 9:00
I'm OK You're OK CorralFairlane and 5:30
Inca Roads Kamp2:00 and Dart
InComp-e-Care HMOBonneville and 4:30
InebriatiCenter Camp Portal West
InJustUsFairlane and 3:00
Inspiratum7:30 and Bonneville
Interaction CafeDart and 7:30
Iron RoseAllante and 5:30
Island of the Lost CupcakesDart and 8:00
iUniverse7:30 and Bonneville
John Cougar Melon Camp and Alpha 7Dart and 4:30
JourneysAllante East and The Wheel
Joy Scout Boarder Services7:30 Plaza at 7:30
Jub Jub's Plastic CircusEsplanade and 3:30
Kamp KammaniwannalayaFairlane and 3:00
Kamp Suckie Fuckaye4:30 and Bonneville
Kaos within The Hive
Ka Pilina4:30 Plaza at 2:00
Kegel Kamp and Jewelry ExchangeDart and 7:30
Kentucky Fried Camp3:00 and Fairlane
KidsVille5:30 and Dart
Kimchee CampDart and 4:30
Kingdom of LoafingtonFairlane and 4:30
King Of Americawithin Asylum
kinkos postcardsEsplanade and 6:30
Kostume Kultwithin NYrvana
Kroanesian EmpireAllante and 3:00
K-Svert 106.5FM radioEsplanade and 5:00
Kung Fu Sock MonkeyGremlin and 3:00
LAFers Bonneville at 9:00
Lamplighter ChapelCenter Camp at 5:15
Lamplighter VillageThe Wheel at 5:15
Lance LandThe Wheel at 7:15
Laughing MonkeyDart and 9:00
Law Officer Oversight Project-LOOPCenter Camp Portal East
LeapManEsplanade and 8:00
Lego LandEsplanade and 2:30
Leisure Sport CampCorvair and 3:00
LE KAFE8:30 and Allante
Lenny Campwithin Redirection Connection Village
Lepidodgera7:30 Portal
Life Thongs, Pursuit of Happiness8:30 and Allante
Liminal LabsThe Wheel at 8:30
Lip ServiceGremlin and 9:00
Liquid Latex LoungeAllante and 3:00
Local 33.33335:30 and Dart
Lollipop Shot Campwithin Martini Village
Lonely Half InchEdsel and 3:00
Lost Penguin Cafe (The)Esplanade and 4:00
LothlorienFairlane and 3:00
Love Potion CampAllante and 6:30
Love Puddle PlaygroundEdsel and 7:30
Love to BoneAllante and 9:00
Lustre VillageEsplanade and 3:30
Mad FlavaBonneville and 9:00
Mal-Mart7:30 and Allante
ManyFest Destiny7:30 and Bonneville
Martini VillageDart and 4:30
M*A*S*H 4207thwithin Terminal City
Math Camp @ Group WEdsel and 3:00
Media Mecca Center Camp at 10:30
Mellow MountainFairlane and 7:30
Melting Pot Massage/Body PaintingCorvair and 4:30
Merkin DreamGremlin and 4:30
Midnight RidazzDart and 9:00
Mile High ClubCorvair and 7:30
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp at 7:30
Mint ConditionDart and 3:00
Mischief CampEsplanade and 7:30
Misfit Nation4:30 and Bonneville
Mission Country ClubGremlin and 3:00
Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica9:00 Portal
Monoplaya4:30 Plaza at 6:30
MOONBASS2:00 and Hummer
Moonbow CampDart and 3:30
Mooncake RebellionGremlin and 7:30
Moonshine Tavern9:00 Plaza at 3:30
MootopiaGremlin and 9:00
Mothership 11:117:30 Plaza at 5:00
Mutant Audio OutpostCenter Camp at 8:00
Mystic, CampAllante and 5:00
NAKED CITYCorvair and 4:30
Narc! Narc!3:00 Portal
Narration StationEdsel and 7:30
Native American DreamAllante at 9:00
NecropolisEdsel and 3:00
Nectar Village5:00 and Dart
Neo AntiquityEsplanade and 7:30
nevada barbariansAllante and 3:30
New Jersey Camp4:30 Plaza at 5:00
Nexus2:00 and Allante
N-Gon Inc. 2008Fairlane and 7:30
Nice Nice4:30 and Corvair
Nipple Dip/Grilled Cheese IncidentFairlane and 3:30
non-ProphetsBonneville and 3:00
Northwest Mistwithin Redirection Connection
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza at 3:30
NYC Container Campwithin NYrvana
NYrvana VillageEsplanade and 8:00
Oaktopia Oaktopusswithin Asylum
Oasis 47The Wheel at 6:45
OBOPEsplanade and 4:00
O(h)mlandThe Wheel at 6:15
OMCCCenter Camp at 9:30
Oobleck3:00 and Fairlane
Opposable ThumbsGremlin and 3:00
Opulent Temple2:00 and Esplanade
Orgasmateria Pleasure Labwithin Asylum
Orgasmic Carrot Camp7:30 and Fairlane
Otter (R)Evolution #9Fairlane and 4:00
Outpost23Edsel and 7:30
paint a mural camp6:00 and The Wheel
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza at 9:30
Pandora's Lounge and Fix It ShoppeThe Wheel at 9:45
Pan's GardenAllante East and The Wheel
Paranoia News Network4:30 Portal
pARTicipate4:30 Portal
Party Naked Tiki BarCorvair and 4:30
Pee Funnel CampEdsel and 3:00
People's Art Congress (PAC)4:30 and Fairlane
Persian ExcursionThe Wheel at 4:45
Petting ZOO2:30 and Allante
Phantoccino Theatre9:00 Plaza at 5:00
Philadelphia Experimentwithin Fifth Dimension
Phoenix Circle VillageEsplanade and 7:00
Photogartho9:00 Plaza at 1:30
picasso campCenter Camp Portal West
Pink Mammoth8:30 and Fairlane
Pink Pussy Cats10:00 and Gremlin
PixelstadGremlin and 3:00
Pixel ZombiesAllante and 7:30
Planetarium Camp9:00 and Hummer
Planet Euphoria2:00 and Edsel
Planet Pink10:00 and Hummer
Playaball Hoops MadnessEdsel and 9:00
Playa Book of Records7:30 and Edsel
Playa ChooChooThe Wheel at 3:30
Playa Go RoundEsplanade and 2:30
Playa InfoCenter Camp Portal East
Playa InternationalBonneville and 3:00
Playa Jazz CafeCenter Camp at 10:15
Playa SurfersEsplanade and 3:00 Portal
Playatech: Black Rock Timeshareswithin Silicon Village
"Playfully Yours"Corvair and 7:30
PLEASair8:30 and Dart
Pleasure Gardenwithin Snowflake Village
Pleasure IslandEdsel and 3:00
Plug4Esplanade and 5:30
Pod Cluster Camp4:00 and Allante
Point Being8:30 and Fairlane
Poisoned Palace3:00 Portal
PolyParadiseAllante and 7:30
PoppycockDart and 3:00
PORN and EGGSFairlane and 9:00
Pornj Diamond Cloudwithin Disorient
Post-Apocalyptic Dust PiratesGremlin and 7:30
Potato CampCorvair and 4:30
Primitive Technologies7:30 Plaza at 10:00
pro leisure tourCorvair and 4:30
PrometheatricsEsplanade and 7:30
PseudoFeds of the PlayaGonEsplanade and 9:30
Psychic TaxiThe Wheel at 3:15
Psychonautswithin Asylum
Purple Palace Camp10:00 and Corvair
Putt-Putt Playawithin The Fifth Dimension
Pygmalions: We're Still Friends9:00 Plaza at 10:30
PYRAMID SCHEME7:30 Plaza at 2:00
Pyronauts CampAllante and 4:00
Quick Fix CampFairlane and 7:30
Quixote's Cabaret Club and Barwithin Avalon Village
Radio Electra 89.9 FMEsplanade and 7:30
Radio Free Burning Man3:00 Plaza at 8:00
Raging Madnesswithin The Hive
Random Pizza ExperienceThe Wheel at 8:15
Ranger HQThe Wheel at 12:45
Ranger Outpost Berlin3:00 and Corvair
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 at Corvair
RealityEdsel and 3:00
RECLINERSDart and 6:00
Recycle CampCenter Camp at 6:00
Redirection ConnectionCorvair and 3:00
Red Nose DistrictEsplanade and 5:00
Red Rubber Tattoo3:00 Plaza at 2:00
Regional Network CenterThe Wheel at 11:00
ReGroove.A.NationDart and 7:30
Relaxomatic PlushitoriumAllante and 4:30
RhythmWaveEdsel and 4:30
Rigged to Flip4:30 Portal
Risawithin Redirection Connection Village
Roarshack and The Lorax LoungeFairlane and 4:30
Robot He(art)10:00 and Edsel
robot ranglersEsplanade and 9:30
Root Society10:00 and Esplanade
Rubber Chicken Campwithin Asylum Village
Sacred SpacesAllante and 3:30
Sacred SpaceHummer and 9:00
Safer Sex CampFairlane and 7:30
Sa-hanna-tanaCenter Camp at 2;00
SakenomaAllante and 5:30
Sake Watering HoleAllante and 4:30
Salon SoleilGremlin and 4:30
Sanctuary Support CampFairlane and 6:00
Save the ManEsplanade and 3:30
Schaweet and NoiceCorvair and 7:30
SCULwithin The Hive
Secret Exchange CampCenter Camp at 1:15
Semuta Loungewithin Silicon Village
Sex Filth Avenue Boutique within Terminal City Village
Shadebearers' Temporate ZoneEsplanade and 8:30
ShadyvilDart and 9:00
Shady Waffle4:30 Plaza at 10:00
Shaye for President Headquarters8:30 and Esplanade
SHIFTEsplanade and 4:30
Shipwreck tiki loungeEsplanade and 9:00 Portal
Shuttlecraft Galileowithin Terminal City
Silicon VillageDart and 6:30
Skinny Kitty Teahouse4:00 and Fairlane
Skyline Campwithin NYrvana
Slumber MarshallsEdsel and 7:30
Slutgarden9:00 and Fairlane
Smoochdome3:00 Portal
S'mores n AmourBonneville and 3:00
SmurfNutzAllante and 7:30
Snack Food Glory HoleAllante and 9:00
Snowflake VillageEsplanade and 7:00
Snow Koan SolarCorvair and 7:30
Snuggletown!Edsel and 9:00
sober Free societyEdsel and 7:30
Sophisticated Dare Delivery7:30 and Fairlane
Sore Nipple CampAllante and 7:30
Soulicious7:30 and Bonneville
Space Basswithin Disorient
Space Camp3:00 Plaza at 5:00
Space Carp OrphansEsplanade and 4:30
Space Elevator10:00 and jeep
Spanky's Wine BarEsplanade and 5:00
Sparky's House of PhlameBonneville and 7:30
S.P.E.C.Fairlane and 4:30
Spike's Vampire BarCenter Camp at 3:00
Spin-Art Camp4:30 and Dart
Spirit Dream Interpretation CafeGremlin and 4:30
Spock Mountain Research LabsAllante and 4:30
SpudvilleDart and 7:30
Stalker CampBonneville and 3:00
Stardust LoungeAllante at 8:30
Star Factory9:00 Portal
Starlight ExpressGremlin and 7:30
Steambath Projectwithin Nectar Village
StiffyLube / Penetration VillageGremlin and 7:30
StrayaFairlane and 3:30
Strip JeopardyAllante West and Center Camp
Sub Primal4:30 and Edsel
Subterranean PsychedellicEsplanade and 7:00
SubzeroGremlin and 3:00
Sukkat ShalomCorvair and 7:30
Sumcamp5:30 and Dart
Sunrise Coffee CampEdsel at 9:00
SunvalleyBonneville and 4:30
SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousAllante and 4:30
SurlyCampEdsel and 3:00
Suspense CampBonneville and 7:30
Sweaty Betty's Misting ParlorBonneville and 9:00
Tabula RasaEdsel and 4:30
Taosynergywithin Hushville
Tarotist Training CampThe Wheel at 9:30
Taste-E-Vin CampHummer and 4:30
Tasty CampDart and 7:30
Temple CampAllante and 4:00
Temple of the 7th RayBonneville and 4:30
Tennis CampEdsel and 9:00
Tequila Shack9:00 and Hummer
Terminal CityAllante and 3:00
That Bloody CampFairlane and 9:00
The Americas' Immigrant CampAllante and 9:00
the art of such n suchEsplanade and 5:00
The Black Rock Country ClubThe Wheel at 4:00
The Bomb SquadEsplanade and 3:30
The Booby Barwithin Terminal City
The Bouncy Bouncy Club.within Fifth Dimension
The Deep End9:00 and Fairlane
The Duck Pond9:00 and Edsel
The DumpDart and 5:30
The EldersFairlane and 7:30
The ExploratoriumAllante and 7:00
The Get Lit AsylumAllante and 3:00
The Gold Fever GangGremlin and 9:00
The HiveEsplanade and 8:30
The Hookah LoungeAllante and 5:00
The Knarly CarnivalAllante and 7:30
The Man - a museum IIThe Wheel at 10:45
The ManifeStationwithin Church of Chill
THEME CampFairlane and 3:00
THE MISTING DOMEAllante and 9:00
The Necklace FactoryCenter Camp at 3:45
The Pepper ConduitFairlane and 3:30
The Pickle JointThe Wheel at 5:45
The Pink Spot7:30 Portal
The Red Eye3:00 Plaza at 11:00
The Reno Housewives9:00 and Fairlane
The Rue Morgue9:00 Plaza at 8:00
The Time Colony8:30 and Dart
The Tittyman CampBonneville and 4:30
The Tuna GuysBonneville and 9:00
The Twenty-first Amendment 3:00 and Gremlin
The V-SPoTwithin Playa Info
The Wanderer's Camp aka PreBurnersFairlane and 3:00
Tierra del Fuego4:30 and Edsel
TikiFuckosAllante at 8:30
Time of Your Life!Bonneville and 3:00
Tissue and a Plan7:30 Portal
Titicaca3:00 and Gremlin
ToneAge - American Dreamz8:00 and Dart
To Serve BunniesFairlane and 7:30
TOTEM Massage and ChillAllante and 4:30
Tot LoungeDart and 5:30
TransmorphagonThe Wheel at 8:00
Tribal ThunderEsplanade and 7:00
True ProphetAllante and 4:30
Truthiness3:00 Plaza at 7:00
Tsunami4:30 Portal
TV Free Burning ManThe Wheel at 10:15
Two Lanterns CampAllante and 3:00
UBER TUBERSCorvair and 3:00
Uli Baba and the Horny Thieves4:30 and Hummer
Uncharted Territorieswithin Avalon Village
Unicornios SatanicosGremlin and 9:00
Universitas ScholariumDart and 5:30
Untied Nations Embassywithin NYrvana
UrbanArtFarm/BlackRockCityBalletEsplanade and 7:30 Portal
VAMP CAMP7:30 Plaza at 1:00
Vedges and Gimps CampCenter Camp at 6:45
VegCampEsplanade and 4:00
Velvet Soul MineAllante and 4:30
Venus Casbah8:30 and Allante
Vertical Camp4:30 and Edsel
Videogasmwithin Snowflake Village
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Campwithin Avalon Village
VinlandThe Wheel at 4:30
Volcano Worshippers Take FlightAllante and 4:30
Voodoo BistroEdsel and 4:30
Voodoo Shooting Gallery9:00 Portal and Allante
Voted Best Camp2:00 and Jeep
VW Bus CampDart and 3:00
Waffling WaystationCorvair and 4:30
Want ItAllante and 9:00
Water Works4:30 and Bonneville
Wedding Camp (aka Heavenly Swing)Allante and 7:30
Wheeeee!Ville3:30 and Dart
Wheel of KarmaEsplanade and 8:30
Where's Waldo? CampCorvair and 7:30
Whiskey and Insults7:30 Plaza at 11:00
Whiskey and Whores Saloonwithin Asylum
White Dragon Noodle Bar7:30 Plaza at 8:00
WigTownGremlin and 4:30
Wishing Star CampCenter Camp at 2:30
Wontonamo BayCorvair and 4:30
World Revolution DiscoBonneville at 9:00
XpAt Alien7:30 Plaza at 6:30
Yellow Bike Repair Campwithin Jub Jub's Plastic Circus
yes pleaseFairlane and 8:00
Yogi and Delta's Asana-ManiaThe Wheel at 9:15
You Are Here3:00 and Fairlane
You Know You Want it, Want itHummer and 4:30
Yummy RUMInationsDart and 6:30
Yurt CafeEdsel and 9:00
ZanzibarCorvair and 7:30
ZENER Camp / The Tuck RepublicAllante and 7:30
Zombie UnicornThe Wheel at 1:45
ZONDERNAAM6:00 and Fairlane
Zookeeperz Camp2:00 and Bonneville
!Zoom!Esplanade and 7:30 Portal
Z-Transform3:00 Portal

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Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/placement08.html on Jul 31, 2008 (it's possible they might update it).

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