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Burningman 2009
Camps by location

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Camp Name Address

Opulent TempleEsplanade and 2:00
I'm OK, You're OK CorralAdapt and 2:00
South of All Borders2:00 and Biology
Transformation Beyond Zion2:00 and Biology
StateSide Dubstep2:00 and Chaos
Mission Country Club2:00 and DNA
Cult of Coitus2:00 and Extinct
Castle Anomalous2:00 and Fossil
Crazy Horse2:00 and Fossil
MonkeyNutz2:00 and Genome
Winterland2:00 and Genome
kan'der2:00 and Hominid
Yabba Dabba Dome2:00 and Inherit
Lava Lounge2:00 and Jurassic
Opulent DETH Temple2:00 and Jurassic
Temple Camp2:00 and Kinship
Voted Best Camp2:00 and Kinship

Lustre Village
→ Cosmic Recess
→ Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet
Esplanade and 2:30
Playa Go RoundEsplanade and 2:30
Tribal ThunderEsplanade and 2:30
Petting ZOOAdapt and 2:30

Automatic SubconsciousEsplanade and 3:00
Department of Tethered AviationEsplanade and 3:00
Destiny LoungeEsplanade and 3:00
HookahdomeEsplanade and 3:00
JellyBellyEsplanade and 3:00
TransmorphagonEsplanade and 3:00
Gedi Prime3:00 Portal
Gender Blender3:00 Portal
Hokey Pokey Camp Man or Monkey3:00 Portal
Oobleck3:00 Portal
People's Art Congress (PAC)3:00 Portal
The Poisoned Palace3:00 Portal
Wishing Star3:00 Portal
Altitude LoungeAdapt and 3:00
Black Rock BrewsAdapt and 3:00
Camp Matty MoAdapt and 3:00
Den of IniquityAdapt and 3:00
FandangoAdapt and 3:00
MetamorphAdapt and 3:00
Pee Funnel CampAdapt and 3:00
PLAYA MAGICAdapt and 3:00
Terminal City
→ Empress Rosa's Wedding Palace
→ Playawastes Raider Camp
→ Sex Filth Avenue Boutique
→ The Booby Bar
Adapt and 3:00
The Liquid Latex LoungeAdapt and 3:00
Two Lanterns CampAdapt and 3:00
CampfireBiology and 3:00
EE Camp: Magic Circus Band CampBiology and 3:00
First Transdimensional Bank+ChurchBiology and 3:00
Fusion ValleyBiology and 3:00
GenesisBiology and 3:00
Great Balls of FireBiology and 3:00
HippocampusBiology and 3:00
Mage CampBiology and 3:00
Moonbow CampBiology and 3:00
Pod of BlissBiology and 3:00
S'mores n AmourBiology and 3:00
Cereal Thrillers3:00 Plaza at 10:00
PPR: The Prod Pump and Rest3:00 Plaza at 11:00
Camp Unofficial3:00 Plaza at 1:00
Nose Fish3:00 Plaza at 2:00
ROBOTRONIA3:00 Plaza at 2:00
The Red Eye3:00 Plaza at 3:00
Red Rubber Tattoo3:00 Plaza at 4:00
Ice Cubed3:00 Plaza at 5:00
Free Photography Zone3:00 Plaza at 7:00
Bad Idea Theater3:00 Plaza at 8:00
The MidNite Popcorn Palace3:00 Plaza at 8:00
Unnatural History Museum3:00 Plaza at 9:00
BYBChaos and 3:00
Emergency Services Station 33:00 and Chaos
Ranger Outpost Berlin3:00 and Chaos
The Grilled Cheese IncidentChaos and 3:00
WhiteTrashSuperstars F**K yr couchChaos and 3:00
Ganesh's Transmutation Station3:00 and DNA
Jingleheimer3:00 and DNA
non-Prophets, Discorporated3:00 and DNA
Zenbobway3:00 and DNA
CoolTownExtinct and 3:00
deBOCCEry3:00 and Extinct
DeMentha3:00 and Extinct
Flattery CampExtinct and 3:00
Martini Village
→ Big Bang Lounge
→ F.U.N. Camp
→ Lollipop Shot Camp
→ The Shallow End (of the gene pool)
Extinct and 3:00
Redirection Connection
→ Camp Gallavant
→ Gallavant Goddesses & Lost Boys
→ Lenny Camp
→ Northwest Mist
→ Risa
Extinct and 3:00
Space Camp3:00 and Extinct
Barbarian Camp3:00 and Fossil
Callahan's Cross-Playa Saloon3:00 and Fossil
Camp CondomFossil and 3:00
Church of Respect3:00 and Fossil
Conscious Monkey ClanFossil and 3:00
Kentucky Fried Camp3:00 and Fossil
Otter ReEvolution #9Fossil and 3:00
Skinny Kitty Teahouse
→ Tropical Crocodile
Fossil and 3:00
The Lost BoysFossil and 3:00
Advice Booth Camp3:00 and Genome
Black Rock French Maid BrigadeGenome and 3:00
Camp Armageddon3:00 and Genome
Campo Alegre3:00 and Genome
Earth Tribe Gone BRZRKRGenome and 3:00
Kamp KammaniwannalayaGenome and 3:00
Math Camp @ Group WGenome and 3:00
Mutation/CreationGenome and 3:00
PixelstadGenome and 3:00
The Portal PatchGenome and 3:00
STAMP CAMPGenome and 3:00
Surly CampGenome and 3:00
Temple of the Hand3:00 and Genome
The Garden ChilliciousGenome and 3:00
The Fun CultHominid and 3:00
Time of Your Life!3:00 and Hominid
VW Bus CampHominid and 3:00
Breakaway Republic3:00 and Hominid
Conexus DiscoveryHominid and 3:00
Fiz Juice!Hominid and 3:00
Furniture Car Rally CampHominid and 3:00
Gay Rd VillageHominid and 3:00
introspectacle3:00 and Hominid
PoppycockHominid and 3:00
Random and Unnecessary Camp, TheHominid and 3:00
Stalker CampHominid and 3:00

Burners Without BordersEsplanade and 3:30
Center of gravityEsplanade and 3:30
Space CowboysEsplanade and 3:30
The Lost Penguin CafeEsplanade and 3:30
TSUNAMI CAMPEsplanade and 3:30
AquaZone3:30 and Adapt
Relaxomatic PlushitoriumAdapt and 3:30
Toon Town Disco3:30 and Adapt
Camp NambiBiology and 3:45
Barbie Death Village
→ Black Rock City Body & Paint
→ Boosh Camp:Canadian Splinter Squad
→ Eden
DNA and 3:30
Camp of the Living DeadFossil and 3:30
Tiki Fuckos3:30 and Fossil

Death Guild/ThunderdomeEsplanade and 4:00
False Profit, LLCEsplanade and 4:00
Jub Jub's Plastic CircusEsplanade and 4:00
Ardent Heavy IndustriesAdapt and 4:00
Burn Academy4:00 and Adapt
IncendiaryIntentAdapt and 4:00
The PhageAdapt and 4:00
→ Damn Fucking Texans
4:00 and DNA

American StealEsplanade and 4:30
BloopEsplanade and 4:30
DisorientEsplanade and 4:30
SHIFTEsplanade and 4:30
Bacchanal Carnival4:30 Portal
Camp :D4:30 Portal
Cohesion4:30 Portal
Deus Ex Detective Agency4:30 Portal
Hardly Davidson Cafe4:30 Portal
HiLuxury4:30 Portal
Sake Watering Hole4:30 Portal
Bacon Without BordersAdapt and 4:30
Black Rock Diner4:30 and Adapt
Carbon Dioxide CampAdapt and 4:30
Deviant PlaygroundAdapt and 4:30
Dirty Love CampAdapt and 4:30
DPW GhettoAdapt and 4:30
Mothers of InVENTionAdapt and 4:30
Velvet SoulmineAdapt and 4:30
Volcano WoshippersAdapt and 4:30
Apocalypse Lounge4:30 and Biology
BodymodBiology and 4:30
BRC Animal ControlBiology and 4:30
Cantina ZipoliteBiology and 4:30
Decadent OasisBiology and 4:30
Kamp Suckie Fuckaye4:30 and Biology
Ministry of the Magical MustacheBiology and 4:30
Mystikal Misfits4:30 and Biology
Sparkle Pony CorralBiology and 4:30
Board-Board CampChaos and 4:30
Camp InsexChaos and 4:30
Dr. Carl's Dept. of CollectionsChaos and 4:30
PolyParadiseChaos and 4:30
Spaced Science LabChaos and 4:30
Spank the Monkey's Darwin LoungeChaos and 4:30
SPIN ART CAMP4:30 and Chaos
White Dragon Noodle BarChaos and 4:30
884:30 and DNA
Brand-UR-Ass N More4:30 and DNA
BuddhaCamp@theLotusDomeDNA and 4:30
Camp Cul-de-SacDNA and 4:30
camp hookupDNA and 4:30
Cirque du Cliche'DNA and 4:30
Darwin Fish TankDNA and 4:30
EvoLOTIONDNA and 4:30
Home Free DomeDNA and 4:30
KaPilinaDNA and 4:30
Kimchi CampDNA and 4:30
Samba Stilt Circus4:30 and DNA
TrashistanDNA and 4:30
Astral HeadwashExtinct and 4:30
Camp GratitudeExtinct and 4:30
Camp Titicaca4:30 and Extinct
Club Verboten4:30 and Extinct
Consensual Art CampExtinct and 4:30
DysmoniaExtinct and 4:30
Elk Lodge: Flora & FaunaExtinct and 4:30
God Box4:30 and Extinct
Leopardy LairExtinct and 4:30
Secret BoutiqueExtinct and 4:30
→ SunSets
Extinct and 4:30
Things That Swing4:30 and Extinct
Camp Pump4:30 and Fossil
Free Movement ZoneFossil and 4:30
FrogmaFossil and 4:30
Playa Del Fuego Country ClubFossil and 4:30
"R&R" with Divas on the PlayaFossil and 4:30
Sore Nipple CampFossil and 4:30
Space Monkey Mafia: The Theme CampFossil and 4:30
Spirit Dream Interpretation CafeFossil and 4:30
The Tittyman CampFossil and 4:30
The Wander's CampFossil and 4:30
Pro Leisure Tour4:30 Plaza at 1:00
eubie lemming's dive bar4:30 Plaza at 2:00
Lovelution (I)4:30 Plaza at 4:00
Tramp Stamp Camp4:30 Plaza at 4:00
Burning Phone Camp4:30 Plaza at 5:00
New Jersey4:30 Plaza at 7:00
FALLOUT SHELTER4:30 Plaza at 8:00
Shady Waffle4:30 Plaza at 9:00
Persian Excursion4:30 Plaza at 10:00
Bad Advice Bears- DevolutionGenome and 4:30
Camp Questionmark (CAMP?)Genome and 4:30
Gnome CampGenome and 4:30
Hammock Hangout & RV[IP} LoungeGenome and 4:30
Happy HourGenome and 4:30
Storybooks in AlleywaysGenome and 4:30
WindbingeGenome and 4:30
Papa LegbaHominid and 4:30

Illumination Village
→ Biscuit
Esplanade and 5:00
Red Lightning
→ Green Shamballah Camp
Esplanade and 5:00
Sacred Spaces VillageEsplanade and 5:00
SakenomaAdapt and 5:00
→ taoscamp
DNA and 5:00
PyroPirates of the Playa5:00 and Kinship

Playa SurfersEsplanade and 5:30
SS equipment yard campEsplanade and 5:30
L.E.D.'ers of the rEvolution5:30 and Adapt
Ranger Camp MoscowChaos and 5:30
Box CampDNA and 5:30
→ Department of Pink Works DPinkW
5:30 and DNA
ZondernaamDNA and 5:30
The BlackHoleFossil and 5:30

Garden of DeLightsCenter Camp Portal
BMIR 94.5 FMCenter Camp Portal
Camp WhateverCenter Camp Portal
GEEKLANDIA: Virtually Gated CommunCenter Camp
Playa InfoCenter Camp at 12:30
Pickle JointCenter Camp at 1:15
Science Vs Superstition: ChessKampCenter Camp at 1:15
Playa Jazz CafeCenter Camp at 2:00
Black Rock City Hardware ShoppeCenter Camp at 2:15
OMCCCenter Camp at 3:00
ArachnophobiaCenter Camp at 3:15
Cafe VillageBiology East and Center Camp
Black Rock City Post OfficeCenter Camp at 3:30
Black Rock BoutiqueCenter Camp at 4:15
LamplightersCenter Camp at 5:00
Bubble LoungeCenter Camp at 6:00
Greeters Camp6:00 and Center Camp
Recycle CampCenter Camp at 6:00
Black Rock YearbookCenter Camp at 7:15
Evolutn Obscura@Children of ChaosCenter Camp at 7:30
Tango'd Up In BluesCenter Camp at 7:30
Mind Shaft SocietyCenter Camp at 8:00
ArcticaCenter Camp at 8:15
Picasso CampCenter Camp at 9:00
Census CampCenter Camp at 9:30
Media MeccaCenter Camp at 10:00
Burning Man EarthCenter Camp at 10:30
DMV -Department of Mutant VehiclesEvolution at 12:30
Ranger HQEvolution at 1:00
Medical Clinic Center CampEvolution at 1:15
Earth GuardiansEvolution at 1:45
Psychic TaxiEvolution at 2:15
Journey'sEvolution at 2:30
Camp WelcomeEvolution at 2:45
BioluminatiEvolution at 3:00
asana-maniaEvolution at 3:30
Black Rock City Public LibraryEvolution at 3:45
Tabula Rasa (II)Evolution at 4:00
Pan's GardenEvolution at 4:15
Art Car CampEvolution at 4:30
Black Rock BeaconEvolution at 5:30
Home Brew 4A Home BrewEvolution at 6:00
rEVOLVE Your BallsEvolution and 6:00
Black Rock Roller DiscoEvolution at 7:15
Nowhere Omnibus DepotEvolution at 7:30
Camp of Doom (of DOOOM!)Evolution at 8:00
The DumpEvolution at 8:45
Blue OasisEvolution at 9:15
Black Rock Spatial DeliveryEvolution at 9:30
Yellow Gorilla LoungeEvolution at 9:45
The Culture Lab (Outreach Network)Evolution at 10:15
ARTeryEvolution at 10:30
The Mansonian InstituteEvolution at 10:45
Bus Depot campDNA and 6:00
Everywhere LandDNA and 6:00
FickleodeonDNA and 6:00
Pandora's Lounge & FixIt ShoppeDNA and 6:00
Silicon Village
→ Hair of the Dog
→ Semuta Lounge
DNA and 6:00
VinlandDNA and 6:00
Anonymous Village6:00 and Fossil
Camp Sietch Grabrear6:00 and Fossil
Green ZoneFossil and 6:00

Academy of FoolsEsplanade and 6:30
Deep HeavenEsplanade and 6:30
PrometheatricsEsplanade and 6:30
and then there's only LOVE...
→ Black Rock City Canoe Club
Adapt and 6:30
EVILution ~ City Of Fallen Angels6:30 and Adapt
Iron Rose6:30 and Adapt
K-Svert 106.5FM Radio & StageAdapt and 6:30
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship CrewBiology and 6:30
Green Tortoise Village6:30 and Chaos
Local 33.333 Sound Camp6:30 and Chaos
Alternative Energy Zone Village
→ Cult of Levitating Plywood
→ From Silks to Medicine Sticks
DNA and 6:30
Entheon Village6:30 and DNA
FERN CAMP6:30 and Fossil

Astral LoungeEsplanade and 7:00
Mischief CampEsplanade and 7:00
Radio Electra 89.9 FMEsplanade and 7:00
Sin City
→ Black Rock City Airbrush
→ Club BamBam
→ N.I.P.S.
→ Party Naked Tiki Bar
→ "Playfully Yours"
→ Pussy Hut
→ Sin City DJ
Esplanade and 7:00
Camp PhotonAdapt and 7:00
kink'osAdapt and 7:00
MoistAdapt and 7:00
Super 8 SasquatchAdapt and 7:00
The Oakltopia OaktopussAdapt and 7:00
camp goatheadBiology and 7:00
Electric BarbarellaBiology and 7:00
StarGroveBiology and 7:00
Rubber Chicken CampChaos and 7:00
→ Burning Roadshow Camp
→ Spock Mountain Research Labs
DNA and 7:00
Love Potion CampDNA and 7:00

Camp TetrionEsplanade and 7:30 Portal
CRTT (Castra Roto Thema Thematis)Esplanade and 7:30
Tree Ring CircusEsplanade and 7:30
!Zoom!Esplanade and 7:30 Portal
Camp Upsie Dasium7:30 Portal
Golden Cafe7:30 Portal
Heaven's Ghetto7:30 Portal
Spider Melon Camp7:30 Portal
Whiskey and Whores Saloon7:30 Portal
XPAT ALIEN7:30 Portal
Avant Yard7:30 and Adapt
Camp DisappointmentAdapt and 7:30
Cartoon CommuneAdapt and 7:30
Entropy North - Tantric AwakeningAdapt and 7:30
Genital Portrait StudioAdapt and 7:30
Kozmik DustAdapt and 7:30
Meanderthals7:30 and Adapt
NYC Container CampAdapt and 7:30
SchweinKampAdapt and 7:30
Sparky's House of Phlame
→ A Cavallo
Adapt and 7:30
Spearmint Dino BarAdapt and 7:30
The Buddha Bunny CampAdapt and 7:30
The Immaculate Temple of KreationAdapt and 7:30
Tissue and a PlanAdapt and 7:30
Yummy RUMInationsAdapt and 7:30
Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)7:30 and Biology
Camp BeavertonBiology and 7:30
Camp StellaBiology and 7:30
Celestial Bodies7:30 and Biology
Dr Le TawdryBiology and 7:30
Interaction CafeBiology and 7:30
Midnight Poutine7:30 and Biology
Mudskipper CafeBiology and 7:30
Mutant Mo's Last Chance SaloonBiology and 7:30
Playaneer EmporiumBiology and 7:30
Quixotes Presents The Man and Monkey Pub7:30 and Biology
Suspended AnimationBiology and 7:30
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp (VICC)Biology and 7:30
AstropupsChaos and 7:30
Big Puffy YellowChaos and 7:30
Black Rock Center for UnlearningChaos and 7:30
Boonville CabaretChaos and 7:30
Burning ManischewitzChaos and 7:30
Camp Montage7:30 and Chaos
Fixxxation Station7:30 and Chaos
Love Puddle PlaygroundChaos and 7:30
Medusa7:30 and Chaos
N-Gon Fishin' 2009Chaos and 7:30
Oden's Eye Apple CiderChaos and 7:30
Still StingsChaos and 7:30
THE HIVE/ BEECHARGE!!!Chaos and 7:30
ZanZibar Lounge & BarChaos and 7:30
ArrakisDNA and 7:30
Bob's Rainforest7:30 and DNA
Camp BedrockDNA and 7:30
Carny CampDNA and 7:30
Contraptionists7:30 and DNA
Gathering of the SphereDNA and 7:30
monkey campDNA and 7:30
Outpost23DNA and 7:30
Safer Sex CampDNA and 7:30
Sukkat ShalomDNA and 7:30
The G-SpotDNA and 7:30
Whisky and Dust @ Mile High ClubDNA and 7:30
Yes! Have SomeDNA and 7:30
Bonehead Beach ClubExtinct and 7:30
Camp Inspiratum7:30 and Extinct
First Republic of SlackingExtinct and 7:30
Humboldt Beauty BarExtinct and 7:30
Idle Hands7:30 and Extinct
LAFer CampExtinct and 7:30
Octopia!7:30 and Extinct
Pi CampExtinct and 7:30
Playa Practice Poi CampExtinct and 7:30
Primate Playground & BRC_GPS7:30 and Extinct
Sweaty Betty's Misting ParlorExtinct and 7:30
The BrainExtinct and 7:30
The Karma ChickensExtinct and 7:30
Whiskey LoungeExtinct and 7:30
ZOMBEEZExtinct and 7:30
alQmy CampFossil and 7:30
Camp Makin Bacon7:30 and Fossil
Camp Natural SelectionFossil and 7:30
Campo SantoFossil and 7:30
Dusty DiceFossil and 7:30
Knarly CarnivalFossil and 7:30
Sandbox CampFossil and 7:30
The EldersFossil and 7:30
Dilated Peoples Eye Spa7:30 Plaza at 4:00
Potato Camp7:30 plaza at 4:30
RockStar Orphans7:30 plaza at 7:30
Overmind7:30 Plaza at 8:30
Bounce!7:30 plaza at 10:00
Pigamilions: Opposable Hooves9:00 Plaza at 10:30
VAMP CAMP7:30 Plaza at 10:30
Pyramid Scheme the sequel.7:30 Plaza at 1:00
abstininthe7:30 plaza at 1:30
BurnSecretGenome and 7:30
Camp Big Sur RealGenome and 7:30
Camp PendantGenome and 7:30
Dover School BoardGenome and 7:30
sober Free societyGenome and 7:30
Spin CycleGenome and 7:30
The Modern ReligionGenome and 7:30
The TreehouseGenome and 7:30
UBER TUBERSGenome and 7:30
Adult SuperVisionHominid and 7:30
AnimaliaHominid and 7:30
Ascension TribeHominid and 7:30
Baggage CheckHominid and 7:30
Camp Cats!Cats!Cats!Hominid and 7:30
CoelaCampHominid and 7:30
Expansion MansionHominid and 7:30
FiascoHominid and 7:30
Image NodeHominid and 7:30
Kegel Kamp and Jewelry ExchangeHominid and 7:30
Primitive TechnologiesHominid and 7:30
PUREPLAYAHominid and 7:30
Salon SoleilHominid and 7:30
Sinister MinisterHominid and 7:30
Soulicious7:30 and Hominid
Storm PilotsHominid and 7:30
TarwaterHominid and 7:30
The wombInherit and 7:30

Circus MetropolusEsplanade and 8:00
Philadelphia Experiment Village
→ Camp Chillax
→ Museum of Unnatural History
→ Putt-Putt Playa
Esplanade and 8:00
Snowflake Village
→ Black Rock Fun Jet Airlines
→ Clevian
→ Extreme Frequencies
→ Pleasure Garden
→ Videogasm
Esplanade and 8:00
Cock 'n WaffleAdapt and 8:00
Sake To MeAdapt and 8:00
Nectar Village
→ Bumblepuss
→ HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
→ Leopard Martini Lounge
→ Shaman Dome
→ Snow Koan Solar
→ Steam Bath Project
DNA and 8:00

Burntown EvolvesEsplanade and 8:30
DUSTFISHEsplanade and 8:30
Phoenix Circle VillageEsplanade and 8:30
Spanky's Village
→ Camp Mystic
→ Chrysalis
Esplanade and 8:30
Twilight Spaghetti TheatreEsplanade and 8:30
DarWeenie CampAdapt and 8:30
Fantasy Funhouse & Wheel of KarmaAdapt and 8:30
Ocean's SereneAdapt and 8:30
Stardust LoungeAdapt and 8:30
Camp I AmBiology and 8:30
Save the ManBiology and 8:30
Black Rose CityDNA and 8:30
PleasairDNA and 8:30
Comfort & JoyExtinct and 8:30

Lego LandEsplanade and 9:00
MonticelloEsplanade and 9:00
NYrvana Village
→ Kostume Kult
→ Squid Row
→ True Mirror Palace
Esplanade and 9:00
Shipwreck tiki LoungeEsplanade and 9:00
Camp Narc!9:00 Portal
FreeStyle Palace9:00 Portal
Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica9:00 Portal
RevoFuckinLution9:00 Portal
Want It9:00 Portal
Crown CollectiveAdapt and 9:00
Insomniac CafeAdapt and 9:00
Le KafeAdapt and 9:00
Pleasure IslandAdapt and 9:00
RELOVUTIONAdapt and 9:00
Scotch & HopAdapt and 9:00
YOU ARE HEREAdapt and 9:00
Planet Earth9:00 Plaza at 3:30
Cool Aid Oasis9:00 Plaza at 4:30
ice-99:00 Plaza at 5:30
PHOTOGARTHO9:00 Plaza at 6:30
Black Rock City Post Office 2.09:00 Plaza at 7:30
Rue Morgue9:00 Plaza at 8:30
Pancake Playhouse9:00 Plaza at 9:30
7 Sins Lounge9:00 Plaza at 11:30
Above The Limit9:00 Plaza at 2:30
Cosmic GiggleBiology and 9:00
Mad Flava!Biology and 9:00
MoonrockBiology and 9:00
That Bloody CampBiology and 9:00
camp be seenChaos and 9:00
CampolineChaos and 9:00
Emergency Services Station 99:00 and Chaos
EquilibriumChaos and 9:00
evoLLLution: the Lively Loving LotChaos and 9:00
Horny Camp!Chaos and 9:00
Ranger Outpost Tokyo9:00 and Chaos
Dark SparkleDNA and 9:00
Duck Pond (I)9:00 and DNA
Garage MahalDNA and 9:00
Miracle Fruit CampDNA and 9:00
obno X iousDNA and 9:00
Pink MammothDNA and 9:00
Rave'Ns NestDNA and 9:00
ShadyvilDNA and 9:00
Sunrise Coffee Camp9:00 and DNA
Yurt CafeDNA and 9:00
Apres Ski ChaletExtinct and 9:00
Bike & BoozeExtinct and 9:00
Biloba Wow!Extinct and 9:00
Black Rock City Welding And RepairExtinct and 9:00
B-man Button CampExtinct and 9:00
Bojon Swashbuckler SunsetExtinct and 9:00
Camp CaribbeanExtinct and 9:00
Gypsy Witch CampExtinct and 9:00
Honi Soit Croquet ClubExtinct and 9:00
Laughing MonkeyExtinct and 9:00
The Boobs and the Bees9:00 and Extinct
ToneAge - rEvolution9:00 and Extinct
Viking Ski CampExtinct and 9:00
Camp Delicioso & CreperieFossil and 9:00
Chop ShopFossil and 9:00
Ezh CampFossil and 9:00
Midnight RidazzFossil and 9:00
Naked NinjasFossil and 9:00
→ The Time Colony
9:00 and Fossil
Rock Bottom9:00 and Fossil
SuperMonkeysFossil and 9:00
World Evolution DiscoasisFossil and 9:00
A Camp With No NameGenome and 9:00
Black Rock Lemonade9:00 and Genome
CARNIE GAMES!Genome and 9:00
Evolution #9 Cafe'Genome and 9:00
Garden of HedonGenome and 9:00
HoneyComb DomeGenome and 9:00
MootopiaGenome and 9:00
PANGEAGenome and 9:00
Reno HousewivesGenome and 9:00
Slutgarden9:00 and Genome
The Misting DomeGenome and 9:00
Twilight Over AtlantisGenome and 9:00
Yes PleaseGenome and 9:00
Black Rock Rock Yacht ClubHominid and 9:00
E.A.R.volutionHominid and 9:00
Freedom loungeHominid and 9:00
Get Nailed ~ Nail Painting SalonHominid and 9:00
Paradise MotelHominid and 9:00
Planetarium CampHominid and 9:00
Tequila ShackHominid and 9:00
Unintelligent Design SocietyHominid and 9:00
Where's Waldo? CampInherit and 9:00

Back To HeavenEsplanade and 9:30
Bat CountryEsplanade and 9:30
RobosapiensEsplanade and 9:30
Space Virgins / Area 47
→ UberPod
Esplanade and 9:30
Genesis: The Creationist BarAdapt and 9:30

Root SocietyEsplanade and 10:00
Duck Pond (II)10:00 and Adapt
Purple Palace Camp10:00 and Adapt
Balyx Boutique10:00 and Biology
El Circo and The Do Lab10:00 and Biology
Brass Tax Boombox10:00 and Chaos
Camposanto10:00 and DNA
NEXUS10:00 and Extinct
Zookeeprz Camp10:00 and Fossil
Funky Town10:00 and Genome
Robot Heart10:00 and Genome
Quantum Beats10:00 and Hominid
Energy Riders10:00 and Inherit
Planet Pink10:00 and Jurassic
The Bush10:00 and Jurassic
Space Elevator10:00 and Kinship

BRC Airport/Port of Entry Village
→ Black Rock Travel Agency
BRC Airport
Greeters StationSweetthang

Color coding:
Center Camp
These colors were chosen so the closest street to The Man (ie Esplanade) represented flames, heat, ie red, then going through the rainbow until the outermost street.

This has a side-effect of enabling easy navigation as you travel along the (circular) streets: just keep referring to the same color.

Camps and location information obtained from http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/placement09.html on Aug 3, 2009 (it's possible they might update it).

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