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Sheet music is available from a place in the UK, and cost between 11 and 25 pounds sterling.
As in the bookAs found on the Internet 2002-Jan-08
International Music Publications Ltd
Southend Road,
Woodford Green.
Essex IG8 8HN

Tel: 020 8551 6131
International Music Publications
Griffin House 161, Hammersmith Rd
London W6 8BS

Tel: 020 8222 9200 (in the UK)
Tel: +44 20 8222 9200 (internationally)
Note: it has been reported that the old number does not work. My guess is they moved.

Here are the books I have found:

Many music shops can order these for you.


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It wouldn't take me long,
to tell you how to find it

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View some chords of some of her music.

Music made for pleasure,
Music made to thrill

Due to details of online music licensing that BMI email'd me about, in that I had references on this page which enabled a visitor to click on, that sent them to directly to places to download music files from other sites, and as I do I want to get into licensing fees from links that point at MIDI files stored away from, I have simply made the links below no longer work.
It's not like this page ever played music for a visitor (eg as ambient music in the background), visitors had to click to go elsewhere. If hosted the music files (or if my page played ambient music) I could understand their request for me to pay a licensing fee, but that is not the case. But whatever, I'm not going to battle any lawyers, so if you want the music, then please search for these files elsewhere.
If you need further explanation to online music licensing, I thank Christine Iglesias of BMI, who informs me that these sites contain details of online licensing of music:

Update: As of 2011/07/02 the domain expired.
[sorry - no longer] Listen to some MIDIs:
A place which used to have some demos in MP3 format.

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